Gang Stalking – I’m sick and tired of having my computer hacked.

Have you noticed that my blog no longer looks the same? I did not change my blog color, nor the themes. It seems someone has been in my and changed everything around. The theme, the color, etc. This color, which I think is yellow and beige is not a color I would pick. It’s ugly, not interesting at all. And they got rid of my theme of Magnolia flowers.  This is what I have to put up with all the time. I have to put up with the hackers deleting what I type, making sure that they don’t add extra words that make no sense in a sentence. They like to add “k” and “y” to all  the words I use. I don’t know  what  the “k” and “y” are supposed to do. The majority of time, I catch the errors. Sometimes I don’t . Sometimes you get to read things which make no sense whatsoever.  I have to type through triple lines they add to my blog. Believe me, typing this blog is not easy. But I’m not complaining. It’s made me a better computer user. I now know things I didn’t know about computers before. I can now knock the idiots off my blog, before I couldn’t. I didn’t know how. Now I do. So in some ways, I’ve learned more about computers than I ever thought I would. But still, coming in to the library, I never know what I’ll find in  the computer. What extra thing did they add to make it harder for me to get in? Did thkey change my password again? Did they change in any way? Am I in WordPress, or did they do a  phishing job on me? There’s like a cover over what I tykpe. You see the “k” in type? I didn’t put it there, some hacker did. I’m leaving it in. When I sign in, I can see double lines in the library computer. It’s very, very obvious. I’ve told the librarians about it and thkey look and say they don’t see anything. It seems I’m not really  where I’m supposed to be.  I’ll figure a way to prevent the idiots from getting into the computer, so far I haven’t been able to. And there’s so many of them. It’s one against many. But I keep holding on. I’m not one to give up easily.

Sometimes, I just want to quit the blog, but I don’t.  I’d miss getting in touch with you readers. You readers keep me going on days that are really bad, so I thank you.

When are these criminals going to be put in jail? That’s where the hackers belong.

Oh, I hear them laughing. They must be reading my blog. They sound like idiots. Everything’s funny to an idiot.

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23 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I’m sick and tired of having my computer hacked.

  1. I know what the K-Y is. It is a reference to sodomy. Sodomy has been used for centuries to “dominate” people. It’s a threat, NE.
    A programmer can cause a keyboard to add letters to words and; block ‘pl4_src_clk0’ with type ‘pl4_src_clk’ could not be resolved is because some idiot didn’t check the spelling in his/her code. It can also be done intentionally. Turned off or on at will from a distance.
    And I have suggested this before… you provide your address… I’ll send you THIS at NO cost to you whatsoever:
    Dragon Touch® 7” Black Dual Core Y88 Google Android 4.1 Tablet PC, Dual Camera, HD 1024×600, 4GB, Google Play Pre-load, HDMI, 3D Game Supported (enhanced version of A13)[By TabletExpress]… then you can use Google Talk to make and receive phone calls or use SKYPE or have an instant messenger to stay in contact with your support group.
    Sleep with it under your pillow and take it wherever you go.
    Then you won’t have to mess with IDIOTS at the library.

    • John Nutter, they sent your comments to trash. I was lucky to get it. Well, the thing is, I can’t receive anything by mail. If you mail me anything, it will be opened and hacked before I even get it. That’s why I can’t even get a camera. I sent for a camera and when I got it, it was hacked. I can’t get anything from Parcel Post, FedEx or any delivery service, they’ll give it to a third party and they will open it, as has been my experience with packages I’ve received. So I’m kind of stuck. I would really like to get a camera to get the people who come in and out of my apartment as if they’re paying rent. I wish you hadn’t mentioned the name of the tablet, because they will buy it and hack it. That’s what they do. I get something from a company, the sales people right away tell the lowlifes what’s I’ve bought and it’s easy for them to hack into anything I get. I’m sure if you sent me the tablet, it would be hack in a minute. Thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it. I wish I could take you up on your offer. And I definitely wish I didn’t have to deal with the idiots at the library, but that’s the way things are. Again, thanks.

      • You are less than ONE tank of gas from me. Would you like for me to buy you one, unknown brand, and drive up and hand it to you?
        You’ll neither be the first nor the last.
        Your call, NE.

          • You can get a $30 phone at Dollar General or Family Dollar. Net10 phones and service is superb. I have unlimited text, talk for $49 per month. You can get it as cheap as unlimited for $35.
            I’ve been with them for years. NO hassles, NO trouble. Everything Verizon or T-Mobile has for 1/3 the cost.

            • You’re lucky. So far, every phone I’ve gotten they’ve hacked into. That’s why I gave up on phones. The perps used my phone to make phone calls, and when I needed to call someone, there was no time left.

              • Not lucky. Smart.
                Unlimited service means they can’t run down my minutes.
                NET10 gives 50,000 minutes in unlimited. There’s only 44,460 minutes in a 31 day month. Hacking my phone would be a total waste of time.
                And if you get the $35 unlimited plan, you’d be good to go.
                PLUS, NET10 will prosecute anyone using another persons number. Their mainframe watches for that as that was a common occurrence back in the 90’s.
                Technology is better. You won’t have the same experience. Really.

                    • Harley Davidson is on our side, too. The LGBT morons have them listed as hostile to homosexuality. And they refuse to indulge in multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance.
                      They’re on Obama’s shit list… but don’t seem to care as they are still selling a lot of loud-ass motorcycles.
                      So are Russian based company’s. Putin issued an international arrest warrant for any Rothschild and George Soros for trying to bankrupt the world.
                      There’s more folks “on our side” than most people are aware of.

  2. Forgot something: I don’t mean to overpost but have you checked into intenet cafes and other places where you can rent a computer in Vegas NOW and THEN to get a break from the perps at the library?

  3. To TIs seeking information, empathy, advice, support, commiseration, the color and fonts of your blog are meaningless:I would be pissed off if it were ME, Neverending.

    What’s most important is that you are helping other TIs and telling your semi-retarded perps to go F themselves,

    I know that some TIs post the names and addresses of their perps on their blogs, websites;In forums and on You Tube (can’t recall exactly which ones)-If you or a subscriber to your blog could check your state laws its very likely that you can start naming some of these m—thers on your blog from the @$%@$#@$#% librarian(s) to any perps at your apartment, ect.

    They’ve made you twist and suffer for years systematically destroying your life as they have all TIs here and across the world.

    The more you could possibly NAME some of these assholes and businesses who’re perping you on your blog the more embarrassed they’ll be-The more shame these turds will feel as the honest government would notify your perps that their names are on your blog.

    The layout of your blog is fine. This is not about aesthetics (look it up you dumb F perps)-Your honest, heartfelt message(s) means everything.

    • I don’t know any of their names, I know them by sight. I think most of them come from the Salvation Army in downtown Las Vegas. The others, just show and disappear after a while. I had a perp after me for 3 years. He finally gave up on me about 4 months ago. I heard him tell another perp that he was giving up on because I wouldn’t give in. I haven’t seen him since. One less perp.

  4. Dear Neverending,
    I became notified of your blog as of yesterday and read several from the past. I admire your attitude and commitment against the evil we face constantly. It would be a dishonor to everyone including yourself if you were to stop blogging about the horrendous acts we encounter daily. I find your blogs informative and inline to what I personally experience on a daily basis as well. I use your enthusiasm as an incentive to keep going, regardless of what is waiting ahead. The comments you receive from your blogs are just as inspiring, and will be an injustice to your followers and newcomers alike. I truly appreciate your courage and fortitude to continue writing what many of us targets do not.

  5. The version of the blog that you see isn’t what we see.  The background is bright green and the appearance hasn’t changed much.   The double/split lines is text document malware.  It can be removed.  The stupidware (malware that inserts random letters or grammer) can also be blocked.   Read up on community mobbing.  It’s a widespread phenomenon, part of gang stalking, that is now very common in workplaces, schools, and public places.   It’s also becoming rapidly accepted as a real, measurable and actionable problem, so much so that 25 states have put put administrative code adoption up for State Congression vote.  The slang term for the insideous use of community mobbing to systematically abuse and drive out coworkers is called ‘a toxic workplace’.   They are being investigated and tracked by the Federal agencies and these practices are illegal on Federal property.   Gap your index finger and thumb close together. We are that close to being able to bring the Feds to various communities to prosecure drug cartel backed community mobbing by ‘citizen police’ groups.  It’s domestic terrorism and it’s why the US is bringing it’s troops home, rather than continue to fight in the Middle East.

    • Well, I hope you’re right. We all need a break from what we’re going through. I have no control over the library computer. Every time I try to change anything, I’m told “it’s not allowed”.

  6. They should spend more time in a hostile country some would still laugh think laughter is just another hypnotist/mentalist tool for altering behavior must be a hobby for foolish enough surley dont need to be in that group.Well neverending quite sure that if they didnt target you youd be the competition.

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