Gang Stalking – Why don’t journalists report the truth of what’s happening to American citizens?

Did any of you read about the Muslims who are on the NSA list?   These 5 Muslims  are on the list of the government as being dangerous Muslims. Now this makes me angry. Why is it that newscasters can find out that 5 Muslims are under watch, but they can’t find out that there  are   thousands and thousands of Americans suffering the same fate? Somehow, they can find the Muslims and hear their side of the story, but can’t find 1 American who’s going through the same thing?

Are newscaster afraid of what the government will do to them if they expose what’s going on? Why don’t some of these newscasters and reporters get some balls?

That’s all I have to say on this subject.

Have a nice day everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Why don’t journalists report the truth of what’s happening to American citizens?

  1. Mister Osama Bin Laden was employed by the United States Intelligence Agency as a construction consultant/fact. was only rumoured that he had dinner with Honorable Presidents Bush family. Reasonably sure was problably actually killed so he couldnt turn.What a coincedence think i should play the lottery more ill hsve a better chance at wealth. Im off a bit but did perdict two tradegy when its quite in the news for awhile wait then add about six months then one of them acts out i was trained for a specific purpose to self destruct and one that cant be used so im sure there trying to off me Monarchs are programmed to have induced heart failure mine stopped three times but something happend lucky me stay strong targets

  2. Is scripted designed to keep you tuned in so you almost never figure it out. Is believed That Federal Emergency Management Agency has be sighted at almost every nation tradgey minimum a day prior to it. About thirty + fourty hours after 911 Attack i was in a hometown bar i had looked at Pentagon film and said were are the engines then i saw empty spools of cable that mimic ducted fan of aircraft engines the scene was cleaned immediatley so i said to everyone most EMS Gentleman do not be surprised when one day you here conspiracy they were ready to lynch me was already to door going to work.So my boss former investigator was speaken to Federal Bureau of investigations profiler in office was hauling bulk mail for post office as truck driver was getting my check said to them/Frank said if i can do anything for my country right now it would be to advise you to please get rid of all thr survialiance tapes please sir. So they were warned within two weeks from a target now what do we have a leaked tape of a missile not a aircraft. Most agents make closr to hundred thousand a year and couldnt say an air conditioner leaked on tapes and had to be destroyed but they want to have fun with mine stupid agents.

  3. I could not agree with you more, Neverending.

    But its the same story for every single occupation that is directly involved or could be involved (the news outlets for example):People want to keep their jobs, friends, societal standing, ect.
    I guarantee that a journalist who does not already know about OS/EH is told to not to write or speak about it the same as whistleblowers are so often warned of the consequences of doing the right thing.

    It goes far above the average TV-Cable/Newspaper/Magazine/Radio reporters and this includes most of the “alternative media” on the web: The entire world’s media is owned by five or six conglomoretes which is why every GD “news outlet” from national to local does NOT cover the stories that need to be covered since the corporate/govt scum;FCC, ect controlling the media don’t want people to realize how badly they’re being #%%#@ED and that’s “just’ gang stalking-There are a HOST of crimes that the media will not touch. Ever.

    Think of how hard it is to find good solid useful information if you’re a targeted individual on the internet-If you want to research UFOs,, the Kennedy and 9/11 conspiracies, mind control, FEMA camps, the NDAA there’s a TON of information.

    If you want data on alternative health as far as diet, supplements, water, ect-Most EVERYTHING is out there including old remedies that work.

    If you want to find out who is behind gang stalking, EH and workplace mobbing its all guesswork and some connecting of the dots:Those behind this terrorist crime KNOW how illegal it is, Neverending.

    As dumbed down, conditioned, brainwashed and stupid as too many people are, were they to have the crime of gang stalking and electronic torture shoved into their blank faces they’d wake up and they would be shocked, many pissed and questioning government for REAL.

    Think of the criminals involved-This is a very abbreviated list:

    Local to federal police including the FBI, Secret Service, CIA
    Branches of the military
    Major corporation who created these “toys”
    All branches of govt at all levels who have kept gang stalking a secret for decades
    Your neighbors, family, friends, strangers;Professional stalkers whose asses would be sued and/or serve HARD TIME for what they’ve done’
    Fusion centers who don’t protect shit
    Neighborhood community watch groups and those other cowards in Infraguard.

    The list goes on and on and the crimes involved in gang stalking break local, state, national and international laws-Would those running and enforcing the criminal justice system in the U.S. and other nations “accused and try themselves?” Of course not!

    Its a “Pandora’s Box” which can never be opened.

    Remember MKUltra and other federal govt programs that experimented on U.S. and Canadian citizens-TORTURED THEM and violated a S-load of their rights? NO ONE involved in those programs went to prison-Not even a F slap on the wrist.

    Same goes for the Nazis behind gang stalking and the Stasi:When everything was over the assholes behind the program did NOT get the serious ass-whopping and punishment they were more than due.

    My take is that if the United States actually punished the filth behind these torture programs it would have been in the legal record(s) and set a precedent, informing the public (who actually THOUGHT more at the time) and would have F’d up their future plans of going all out harassing TIs in the U.S. and across the world.

    Keep in mind that there HAVE been lawsuits successfully won against the authorities by TIs:I know this because its common sense statistically but these records would be sealed in a nice, criminal agreement.

    Neverending, its not my intention to be negative and fatalistic-I would love nothing more than to see those who’ve driven people to suicide, institutionalization, broken famalies, up, bankruptcy-I would LOVE to see these cowardly hypocrites get theirs BUT it has not happened in ANY nation with OS/EH in the public record because

    This is why journalists including CONTROLLED GOVT ASS SLAVES like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Amy Goodman, ect will not APPROACH gang stalking-The same reason the “liberal” ACLU won’t touch it;Everyone’s under orders, compartmentalized and wants to keep their job and lifestyles.

    Of COURSE this should be breaking news on the TV, print media and radio!

    But it is all controlled from top down. The old saying that “the inmates are running the asylum” is the truth. Its an ugly, painful, depressing truth but it is an undeniable truth nonethless.

    Were a brave journalist or editor, station manager ready and wiling to run a story or series on gang stalking and EH, they would be stopped long before it reached the public, fired, humiliated and would most likely become targets themselves as in the case of so many whistleblowers.

    • If a journalist broached the subject, I think he’d be killed. But still, that’s why they’re journalists, to report wha’s happening. What good are they if the mimic everyone else. And don’t worry about offending me, just write what you feel.

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