Gang Stalking – Lego Movie – about what freedom is and isn’t.

Today is Orange Day. Orange everywhere – orange umbrellas, orange t-shirts, orange pants, orange jackets, orange handbags, orange bikes, orange shoes, orange towels, oranges hats. Orange, orange, orange.

I really don’t get the orange thing. I have nothing in orange. I don’t particularly like the color, but it seems it must mean something to me. What? I don’t know.

Oh, I suddenly remember. I was looking at oranges in the fruit section.

Can you believe it? I can’t even look at an orange for them to mock me with the color?

What a bunch of idiots. They’re told to wear orange and they wear orange.

Unbelievable. American people can be such zombies.

It’s weird. I saw the “Lego Movie”. It was playing for free at the library, so I figured, why not? I’m not into Lego, but…I read reviews saying the movie  is very good, but still, a movie with Lego?

But it turned out to be a very good movie. I had to force myself to forget about the Lego.

The movie is about becoming zombie-like. The people who live in Lego land are all zombies. When they’re told to sit, they sit. When they’re told to stand, they stand. Whatever their boss tells them to do, they do. Doesn’t that sound like the zombies we have to deal with every minute of our lives? And, or course, there are the misfits who everybody thinks are losers. They do their jobs, mind their own business and don’t bother anyone. Live and let live is their philosophy. But this doesn’t sit well with those with whom they work.  The misfits are made fun of, and talked about behind their backs.

Well, I’ve told you more than I wanted to, but see the movie. I recommend it. It’s really about freedom. And what freedom is not.

I’m recommending a Lego movie; I can’t believe it. But see it.

The zombies clapped at the end of the movie, but I’m sure not one of them saw himself as the zombie he is.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Lego Movie – about what freedom is and isn’t.

  1. I saw ‘The Lego Movie’ and you’re spot on as far as the conformist, zombie crap goes.

    Since Hollywood and the Pentagon are known to work together its not a big stretch to realize that the creators of these movies are told to insert all kinds of social commentary, “new” technology (such as drones) and other sick conditioning in their movies for kids and adults alike.

    The Lego Movie was a MIRROR of our sad society: The shit that passes for music that people love;”Everything Is Awesome,” TV shows made for the mindless, CONTROL OBSESSED “leaders” and their retarded fascist minions (Bad Cop), how people overpay for commercialized shit like Starbucks and how the acquaintances of the main character tore him apart for not fitting into their meaningless, shallow empty world(s).

    I did not try to overanalyze the movie because my days of obsessing over conspiracies real or fear porn (see Alex Jones and others) are long, long over but I got the movie’s shitty “message” so thank you for recommending “The Lego Movie,” Neverending.

    Course’ the perp and non-perp happy conformists laugh their generic cookie cutter asses off at a movie that makes FUN of their need to conform (conditioned into us from birth).

    Pisses me off that they HAD to throw so many FORCED social changes into the “Lego Movie.”
    I wanted to be entertained, dammit!

    Just want to add that even if the hero of the movie wasn’t shocked into waking up like TIs and other truthers are, he would have eventually woken up realizing that there was something wrong with his world. Depressing that he had to read a “how to get people to like you” book.

    The messages of this movie are just another reminder why I am thankful beyond words that I am NOT one of these F—NG wastes of flesh.

    Most if not all people can NOT help themselves as far as conforming for the sake of conforming:I am not excusing piece of shit cowardly perps because that requires a fully conscious decision to try and make another person suffer but otherwise, from early on they indoctrinate our minds in every single aspect of our lives.

    These assholes thought that it was “cute” with their “Matrix” shit of the blue or red pill.
    Hundreds, maybe a couple thousand movies with messages from these power freaks, degenerates, perverts, cowards.

    • I’m glad you saw the movie. I never really expected it to be about being a zombie, but it was great to discover it was. I thought I was going to be entertained, too, but in a way I’m glad I wasn’t.

  2. I just resisted myself out of a job. Guess the niacin tablet thing really puts monkey wrench in the show must have let the cat out of the bag or i told them to validate my parken. Refering to when i drove head on into a mason. Smart but im still learning

  3. Sounds interesting! hypnotism just doesnt do it,movie might be alright. Seems ocassionaly im brought to a store crowded seems dangling children or babies in suggestive manners as key words in my past during some form of abuse it can initiate a panic attack or some kintestetic response/ flashback,flush,blushing,sweating. if you have ever felt wierd please try taken a niacin tablet when you feel you are being harrased it takes weeks of programing for them when niacin kicks in your face will be completely red might sweat also you will see people in confusion youll problably hear people say oh he already turned is cheap would only take small amount try half pill when you turn look in the mirrior dont buy no flush niacin you can hold your breath as well try to stay posetive Targets.

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