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Gang Stalking – Why don’t journalists report the truth of what’s happening to American citizens?

Did any of you read about the Muslims who are on the NSA list?   These 5 Muslims  are on the list of the government as being dangerous Muslims. Now this makes me angry. Why is it that newscasters can find out that 5 Muslims are under watch, but they can’t find out that there  are   thousands and thousands of Americans suffering the same fate? Somehow, they can find the Muslims and hear their side of the story, but can’t find 1 American who’s going through the same thing?

Are newscaster afraid of what the government will do to them if they expose what’s going on? Why don’t some of these newscasters and reporters get some balls?

That’s all I have to say on this subject.

Have a nice day everyone.

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Gang Stalking – Blame the government for all the killings.

Make Way For WAASS: H.R.658 Accelerates Drone ...

Make Way For WAASS: H.R.658 Accelerates Drone Deployment For Surveillance Of American Citizens (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Case O' Guns

Case O’ Guns (Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith)

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Severe Mental Illness

Severe Mental Illness (Photo credit: homelesshub)

Every time that someone gets killed, the mentally ill get the blame.  Some mentally ill person killed someone, or it’s some violent game that someone is playing, or guns.  But no one ever blames the government.  The government is causing more killings than either a person with mental illness,  people who play violent games, or gun owners.

The government has a program that targets innocent people.  People who committed no crimes.  But for some reason, the government  seems to feel free to make the life of these innocent people targets of  its harassment.

And these innocent people become  crazy because of  the constant government harassment.

The government hires  people to harass  these citizens. The government tells these people a lot of lies about other citizens. The government sets citizen against citizen. This is just how the holocaust began.

The government tells these people that  targets are very violent,  mentally ill,  on tranquilizers, lie, steal, cheat, want to overthrow the government.  The government tells these people any lie that they can get away with.

These people believe that the government is out to do good.  There’s no doubt in their minds that what the government tells them is the truth, because we live in a democracy and government doesn’t lie. No, the government would never lie.

So all these people get training by the government on how to harass these targets.  They’re told to make the targets’ lives as miserable as possible.  To watch everything these targets do and report back to the government on their activities.  They’re told to do everything in their power to prevent a target from having a normal life.  They’re told to follow targets everywhere.  They’re told to steal their things, break-in to their apartments/houses, kill their pets, steal their food, rip  their clothes, infest their apartments/houses with vermin, booby-trap their apartment/houses, mess with their electricity, etc.  Basically do whatever they can think of to make the targets’ lives a living hell.

And these people are also told not  to worry about anything happening to them because law enforcement will not do anything to them, so it’s a “go”  to do whatever horrible crime they want to commit. Of course, they’re also told that if they’re caught committing a criminal act, the government will not acknowledge their existence.

Now, that last part.  If what these people are doing is legal, why isn’t the government willing to back them up?  It should make the zombie-like people question the government. They should ask: why doesn’t the government back us up if what the government is doing is legal?  It should make them say “huh”.  But, of course, they don’t even think “huh”.  They just go out into the streets and do the government’s bidding.

I have no sympathy for these zombies who make our lives miserable.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  They don’t care, because the money the government pays them is more important than taking someone’s freedom away from them.

But these zombies should care, because it just might happen to them, and there’ll be no one to speak up for them, just as there’s no one to speak up for us targets now.

People should stop blaming guns, the mentally ill people, and game players.  Start blaming the ones they should blame, the government and its policies against innocent people who committed no crimes.

By the way, I know the truth of what I’m writing about.  I happen to be one of those targets harassed by the U.S. government.

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Gang stalking – Jesse Ventura and the truth.

English: Image of Gov Jesse Ventura

English: Image of Gov Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


truth (Photo credit: Erick-Pardus)

I”m back at the library.  I had my computer fixed(?)  It’s still hacked. At the library, someone keeps sending my cursor backwards, so if some things don’t make sense, it’s because of the idiot sitting next to me.  He has nothing better to do with his life. IDIOT!!!!!

So far last year ended on a bad note, and the new year is starting on a  bad note, too.

The hackers totally did a job on my internet access.  So now my computer’s okay, but my router doesn’t work.

I’m beginning to think that are no good people left.  Maybe they’re all hiding. Maybe they know  something we don’t know.

The government people don’t want you to read my blog because they know that I’m telling you the truth about what is really going on. I think they even fooled Jesse Ventura. Did you see his video on finding out what’s happening to some Americans?  He had government people on telling  him what supposedly is going on.  There’s a guy that used to be a government employee and he tells Jesse Ventura the truth. I can almost see him laughing at what he’s telling Jesse.  He’s not telling Jesse the truth.  That’s why he can come out and not be afraid of what the government will  do to him. He’s telling him about DEWs and other government programs.  But as I’ve always told you, they tell you all those things because you’ll think you can do nothing about it.  It’s nothing but third world things they’re doing to you.   And if you believe anything any government employee tells you, you’re being a fool.  Believe me, they’e not going to put their lives on the line.  They’ll only tell you lies. Lies that the government allows them to tell you.

The government does very simple things to you.  As I stated, third world kind of things that don”t cost too much money.  They wouldn’t need all the gang stalkers if DEWs were pointed at you.  They’re things that you can do something about, but the government wants to keep you thinking that they’re doing all these out of space things that you have no control over.  Not true!

Everything done to you is the job of the gang stalkers.  No DEWs! The gang stalkers spend all their time trying to drive you crazy.  That’s their job. And because you can’t figure out exactly what’s being done to you, you buy the government’s story of DEWs.

If I were not telling you the truth, what is the reason for their all “get her” mentality?  There’d be no reason for them to go after me. No reason whatsoever.  I’d be a harmless human being.  But since I am telling you the truth, they have to come after me.  They don’t want the real truth to get out.  That it’s stupid nonsense they’re doing to all the targets. Things that you can overcome. But the only reason they’re stronger, it’s because they  send so many gang stakers after us.  If it were one on one, we targets would win by a landslide. We’re so much smarter than the idiots they send after us.  But, of course, the sheep don’t know any better. I think half their brains are jelly.

So keep hanging in there. This will end some day.  And as I’ve previously told you, nothing lasts for ever. Nothing. Not even gang stalking.This will come out in the open, hopefully this year.  But if it doesn’t, it will come out eventually.

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Gang Stalking – Smoke and Mirrors; Magicians’ Tricks.

I know a lot of you targets out there believe in DEWs(Directed Energy Weapons), satellite surveillance, etc. But I have to tell you that most of the things the government does to you are low, low tech.  They’re third world gadgets.  They’re nothing but smoke and mirrors; magicians’ tricks. I know. I see it every day where I live. The maintenance man is always doing something that will make me feel more pain. The other day, I saw him digging up some dirt in front of my apartment. After the hole was dug, he put in two sternos (sternos are those  things you put under a pan to keep food warm) and then he covered them with dirt.  He told the gang stalkers upstairs to make sure no one touched the sternos,  referring to me, of course.  I was openly watching him.  I guess it’s supposed to attract electricity.   These are the sort of things they use to make a targeted individual’s life a living hell.

They’ll use electric lights at night, in the surrounding area, to attract electricity to where you are. They’ll darken the area around you and focus all the light in your direction, therefore, making you a target for any electricity that might be looking for a place to hit. They’ll put sensors in your electrical outlets. Sensors in the refrigerator.  With the sensors, they can track you in your apartment and always know where you are.  They’ll take the back of the refrigerator out and the front, also, to attract electricity. They’ll use your micro-wave to hit you. They’ll mess with your oven to make your apartment a sauna.  I don’t know how they do this with the oven, but every time my apartment gets hot, I turn off the switch and the apartment immediately cools down.  They’ll also use nearby fire hydrants to draw electricity to you. Look to see if your fire hydrant is running water at night.  If it is, they’re using the hydrant against you. Or  are there any irrigation control valves nearby?  They also will use the valves against you.

They’ll place batteries and pennies all over your apartment, even in your bed. Make sure you check your bed before you get in it.  They also use dot-size heat granules, or large, large hair  dryers.  The heat  granules and dryers are both used to heat  you and your  apartment.  The granules  look almost like dry detergent and have the same  feeling. The granules used by the  gang stalkers  heat up your body.   Feel your bed, if your bed  feels grainy, remove the sheets and shake the sheets to make  sure you remove the granules.  Don’t shake the granules by your bed.  Do it outside or in the hallway.  The  granules heat your body up and will make it impossible for you to sleep.  And these things work.  I had the experience of being hit by electricity from a nearby battery.  And if you have Voice to Skull (V2S) happening to you, just ignore the voices.  Most likely, they’ve recorded  the voices and have it hidden somewhere in your apartment, or your neighbor’s apartment, or outside your house somewhere, or in your car.  Just keep looking everywhere you think the recording might be and you might get lucky finding it.

Why do you think they need all those gang stalkers.  If the government could hit you by satellite or DEWs, they wouldn’t need all those gang stalkers.  The gang stalkers do all the dirty work.  Without them, you wouldn’t have to worry about DEWs, satellites, etc.  They probably laugh every time one of you mentions DEWs.  And believe me, they want you to keep thinking that it’s DEWs and satellites doing this to you.  Because then, you’ll feel helpless to do anything against such weapons.  But once you discover the truth, they know you’ll be fighting back.  And then it means problems for them.

So my advice to you is stop thinking DEWs, satellites and look in your own backyard, or the vicinity near you.  That’s where the action is actually happening. Keep your eyes open at  all  times. In time, you’ll begin to see that I was telling you the truth.  And for God’s sake, don’t trust any of your  neighbors.   Almost 99-3/4%  of them are involved in your harassment.

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