Gang Stalking – Another target commits suicide.

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R.I.P. (Photo credit: André Banyai)

Today, I found out that one of the targets on Facebook killed herself.  Her name was Alva. She was 38-years old. In the prime of her life.  She  befriended me about a year ago, and what a beautiful woman she was. She seemed to be full of spirit, like a wild stallion.  But I guess no matter her spirit, she probably got worn out and decided life was no longer worth living.  I can understand the part about not thinking life is worth living anymore.  I’m sure all of us targets find ourselves thinking that way sometimes.

She killed herself because she couldn’t handle the harassment anymore.  She had enough of the bullshit and she couldn’t see any way out except to kill herself.

I’m sure all the bastards who caused her death are probably celebrating.  And I’m sure they’re continuing to harass others without a second thought.

I’m affected by her death because Alva was the first target I knew who killed herself.  I’ve heard of a lot of  targets who’ve killed themselves, but I didn’t know them.

I hear about targets killing themselves all the time, but  she  is someone who was a  breathing, living human being and I knew her.   I knew what she looked like, how she thought, and how her life was going. Most of the time, she gave back as good as she got.  When I thought of someone killing herself, she wasn’t the one I thought would do it.  She seemed so strong.

But I guess all of us have our “tipping point.”  A point we reach where we feel that our life is so miserable that death is better.

So, I say to Alva, may you rest in peace.  I’m sure your life is better than it was on earth.

And if there’s such a life as reincarnation, I hope you come back and haunt every bastard who caused your death.

Good-bye, Alva (R.I.P.).

And to all the targets out there, don’t let them win. If you need help, try to get help.  I know it’s hard because we can’t trust anyone, but maybe there’s someone who has a soul who will be willing to help you.

Love to all you targets. Take care of yourselves.  You all matter,  and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And may all you miserable perp bastards go straight to HELL!

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another target commits suicide.

    Jan 24 •
    the gang stalkers may have Kid forcing or
    hacking suicide messages to fool the public if
    something happens to her Nichelle it wil be
    because of this group. She is only guilty of
    nothing.— at The United States Department
    of Justice.
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    Sabrina Taylor
    Jan 23 •
    And He shall wipe away every tear from
    their eyes; and there shall no longer be any
    death; there… Continue Reading
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    Sabrina Taylor
    Jan 23 •
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    Sabrina Taylor
    Jan 23 •
    Electronic harasser who said he wanted to kill
    me at Harbor Lights Shelter in Minneapolis
    Sgt. Strawberry said they want the mama and
    the daughter dead. Derrick C Kimmons
    assisted this group.
    this is one of the crimes posted on



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    brinamaxbrinamax says:
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    August 20, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Today in Brooklyn Center I had an officer who had driven 15 miles from mpls in order to ask if I was ok. I replied yes then he proceeded to ask was I geting on the bus because he claimed from an anonymous tip he was informed that I may have needed assistance I replied no so he the officer proceded to ask which bus I was going to board because I was at a bus stop. I replied I would rather not respond. He The Officer Metro Transit Police D. Cockrell then proceeded to take my state ID insisting on it after I offer a picture ID with my name . Metro Transit Police offercer D. Cockrell then proceeded to write down my State ID information the Liscense number , my birthdate etc…… I asked why did he do that when he had my card in hand whereby he could have easily orally tramited the ID in order to run it. I suspect this officer in helping the gang stalkers to tear down my ID by either getting a cellphone to impersonater myself or to use the info for fake ID or just plain Fackbook hijacking someway. These people in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities are so addicted to gang stalking that it seems like a matrix of demonically crazy gang stalking addicts that seek out new victims similar to the movie.
    Derrick known as Peanut says facebook killed Nichelle. THEY ARE FAKING THOSE SUICIDES OR SUBLIMALLY INDUCING THEM via subliminal v2k

    • It seems a little strange for an officer to show up and ask for your I.D.? Are you sure he was a police officer? Maybe he was one of those security guards who wear uniforms that make them look like police officers. Honestly, I wouldn’t have given him my I.D. You weren’t doing anything wrong.

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      • I think my ex husband started mine. I have recently learned something I can use to identify perps – just thought I’d let you know. I have a job still, because God has had the generosity to give me wonerful bosses who don’t buy crap. There are a lot of people in my town, dentist, people who work at IGA, etc. who always ask me if if I’m still working at ___. Every single time they see me. They never ask how I am or what I’ve been up to, Just, “Are you still working at ___?” I have had attempts by perps to make me lose my job the whole time I’ve worked there – 4 years. I know that these people are hoping I will say “no” You can hear it in their tone of voice. I decided today that next time one the perps asks me that, I’m going to say,

        “People who genuinely care about me ask me how I’m doing, or what I’ve been up to. Then they sometimes ask me if I still work at ___. They’re interested in things other than whether or not I’m still employed. That question is starting to show some people up.”

        I figure if some people suddenly start asking me how I am, or what I’ve been up to, and they never have before – just the job thing, I’ll know they are perps, too, and have been told that I’ve figured out one of the game strategies. 10 points for me!

        • Well, good for you. You have to pay attention to what someone says and does.That’s how I’ve learned about gang stalking. I’ve always been a listener more than a talker. I never realized it would come in handy. Also, pay attention to their body language. It tells you a lot. The body speaks volumes.

      • Thanks. Yeah, I’m sure his brother is involved. Definitelty his friends. The 3 main perps I lived near in England , I later found out were friends of his. His parents are dead.

  3. That is so is a tough road.i have been a target for25 tapping home invasions cameras in my home and in my car.parents are in on it. Family friend of 22 years was paid off and is working with the gangstalkers.i was fired from my job after 16 years of employment.its sick.i was told ” its a game they know and they dont care”.it would be nice to chat one on one with you,its a burden you carry alone and dont talk long have you been stalked? Do you know the oragin ? I know mine would love to share my story with you.did you know the cameras can read your stores any where therw is a camera they can watch you .my mind has been read 24 /7 for the past 15 months.pls reply would love to hear your thoughts. Sent from my MetroPCS Android Device

    • What you wrote is typical of what all targets go through. Yes, most of the people who gang stalk you know that you haven’t done anything. They all get paid to harass people. Some of them get apartments for free so they can live next to a target. And family, they make sure the whole family gets involved in the gang stalking. I don’t speak with any of my family anymore.

      My phone’s hacked and doesn’t work. I really can’t get in touch with anyone by phone.

      None of us really knows the origin of our gang stalking. We can guess, but most of us don’t know. It could be anybody – someone you argued with, boss, friend, lawyer, ex-husband, etc.

      Yes, I know about the camera. There’s one in my apartment. They watch everything I do. If you have mirrors, that’s how they do it, or camera can be placed anywhere.

      If you want your story to get out, start a blog. I blog on WordPress is a site I trust. And it doesn’t censor you.

      You can also just write me on the comment page and tell everyone your story.

      Sorry you lost your job after 16 years. It’s typical of what happens to most targets.

      Thanks for your response.

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