Gang Stalking -Oh, happy day! I feel like dancing…

Happy Arcadia

Happy Arcadia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today when I went into the office to pay my rent, none of the people I knew were around.  I asked the new girl what happened to everyone.  She told me that a new company was running the complex and everyone left two weeks ago.  Two weeks! And I wasn’t aware that anyone left.  I wasn’t aware that anyone left because my harassment is still the same.  So they are perps, too, which doesn’t surprise me at.

I can’t say that I miss the people who were running the complex before.  I especially don’t miss the man who was so happy telling me how much money he was making this year “perping” people.

I felt like jumping up and down when I heard the news about the takeover, but I kept my cool.  But inside I was jumping up and down.

We never know what is going to happen in our life.  The man who was bragging about making so much money was, I’m sure, counting all the money he was going to be making this year.  But, fate stepped in and gave him a curb.  I don’t want to sound too happy about his fate, but I can’t help but feel good about it.  It’s about time some perp got his “just deserts.”   For too long we targets have gotten a raw deal.  It’s good to see a perp get his; not only him but his co-workers, too.  Now they’ll have to go stand in the unemployment line.

Oh, happy day! I feel like dancing…

I know, I’ll probably get punished for rejoicing, but it’s worth it.

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking -Oh, happy day! I feel like dancing…

  1. Be happy about his fate. He deserves it! And all the others too. They get to spend their perping money til they can get another job so they can perp some more. That way they didn’t actually make any profit on you, and whoever else they hurt. I’m happy! It’s always good to hear of a perp getting what they deserve.
    Like when someone broke out the creep next door’s truck cab windows – he’s one of my perps – he loves that pick up very much and I was like “Yeah, it’s about time someone showed him what it’s like to have something you love callously vandalized!” If I could I’d reward the nice person $1,000,000 for having done it! You can’t replace the those kind of windows anymore because they don’t make them anymore. YES! 🙂
    He uses it to noise harass us. He knows we can’t go anywhere because we don’t want to leave the house at the same time since someone injured our bird so he leaves it running for hours. It’s really super loud. I guess someone compensates him for the gas. He left it running 7 1/2 hours straight once! I got to where I DEMANDED the police do something about it. They actually were very nice that day. They sent nice ones who weren’t perps and they told him to turn it off and he did, but he turned it back on after they left – THREE times! Finally he didn’t have a choice because it got to be 10PM and he couldn’t keep the neighbors awake. Was worse when we had an old door with a gap under it. His exhaust would come in and make us sick.
    If you know a perp is hurting, REJOYCE! Yeah, they’ll probably get you back for it, but hey, we deserve some moments of happiness. Well that’s how I see it, anyway.

    • That’s why I wrote never get an apartment near a parking lot. The perps used to do the running car gas thing to me. Put the car on and keep it running. They also liked to slam the door non-stop. I didn’t let the door slamming bother me much. I knew the idiots would eventually have to pay for all the car slamming. They’d have to replace the door. I bet no one else complained about him running his car non-stop. They’re all perps and know what’s going on. And the one who broke the perp’s windows, I bet it was a target. Good for him. I’m sorry about your bird. How sick they all are. Bastards!

      • No, no one else complained about the idiot doing it. They never do. Sometimes they do it themselves so yeah, I figured they must be perps. I see what you mean about the door replacing. Would serve them right! Mine don’t do much of that. It probably takes too much effort. I figured I probably wasn’t the only one the bastard bothers so you are probably right about the window breaker being harassed by him. Thanks for caring about my bird. He’s OK now, but he isn’t as loving as he was before that happened. I don’t blame him. How could he trust any human after somone grabbed him and pulled a clump of his feathers out – we’re guessing they used plyers. I still treat him the same way I used to, and he isn’t afraid anymore. Just not as affectionate. I think they did him permanent psychological damage.

        • So that’s what they did. Pulled his feathers out in clumps with pliers. What sick bastards! You’re lucky they didn’t do worse. I’ve heard really horrible stories about what they’ve done to animals. You’re lucky he’s still alive. It’s too bad you can’t take him with you when you go out. He’s probably traumatized by what happened to him. Maybe he’ll be his old self after a while. I hope so. Pardon my bad language, but lately I don’t feel like being too nice.

          • Oh, there’s nothing to forgive. I call them bastards too. and other things. Makes me feel better even though it doesn’t achieve anything else. Yeah, I am lucky he’s still alive. They have killed some of my past pets. A cat, a guinea pig, and my son’s hermit crabs. It’s too painful to give details, but yeah, that’s why we never have left him alone since then. He’s such a sweet creature. I can’t believe people can be so cruel – to an inocent animal! I mean, yeah, they may have a problem with us, but our pets? No. The animal did nothing to deserve the stuff they do. Worse, on rare ocasions they kill a target’s family members (I’ve seen a few other accounts of this) One of my sons was murdered last year. We are very sure that was related to the GS’ing even though we can’t really prove it. My Mom (bless her heart) agrees that it looks very much like an assassination. He was going to help us put in a security system and run a private domain and keep track of everything that connected to it so that we could have better security on and offline. When it was all completed and ready to install he was killed. All of the equipment he was planning to use was destroyed. The Police refused to investigate. Even though it was obvious who did it, they didn’t touch the guy. That looks very suspicious! Then he had the audacity to come to my son’s funeral! That’s got to be thrilling to a GS’er! Watch the family and friends of the victim in their grief. He was 21. I can tell you one thing – I am scared stiff that they will take my other son as well! They probably like that. They are truely bastards! I have a cat too, who thankfully is very cautious of people other than us, and they probably can’t catch her to do anything to her, but after these two pets are gone, I probably won’t get any more. Too much worry. I’m even hoping my son never has kids because of this. My parents lost a grandchild. I don’t want to.

            It’s good to have someone to tell these things to. I’ve kept it bottled up so long! Thank you! You are a gem. BTW, if you’d like to, you can look me up on FB. Ravenna Lea Sarver. I remember you having to unfriend a bunch of nasties at one time. I have a few other friends on FB who are targets. I had to get rid of one who I found was a perp (kept making derogatory comments about my mental staus) who I had met on a TI page (one of those creeps who infiltrate and make friends with TI’s just to put them down, I guess)

            • Oh, I’m so sorry about the loss of your son. It’s bad enough to lose a pet, but your son. I can’t even imagine it. And at 21. And the police officers did nothing! Typical. The police showed up at the funeral so they could watch what was going on and get more info on you. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a camera to take videos. Tell your son to be very careful. If they killed one son, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d hurt your other one.

              The gang stalkers are truly, truly nazis. How can anyone be so cold and uncaring?

              In 15 years, you’ve had a lot of bad things happen to you. You’re truly a strong woman. I don’t know how I would handle the loss of a son. I’m glad I don’t have any children.

              What’s the cause of your son’s death? If you don’t want to answer this, I can understand.

              I will look you up on Facebook. I still have to get rid of more perps on Facebook. I’m watching them closely.

              Take care and remain strong.

              • Thank you so much for your kind words. It was the guy who killed my son who went to the funeral, but he might as well have been a cop. Yeah, he might have had a small camera – or used his phone to take pics for others to see…I say he might as well have been a cop, because of the fact that after the guy called them (and told them he had committed suicide) they didn’t even lock his door when they left the appartment. So I know they were in on letting all that stuff get trashed. Normal looters would have stolen the equipment to sell. It was expensive stuff. Also, I read on a GS info site, that if the government is in on a murder, the local police won’t investigate it. The guy shot him in the head. We did find, from the coroner, that my son had no powder on his hands from the gun. The cops didn’t even check the murderer to see if he did.

                My son had graduated from Montana State University less than 2 weeks before, and was looking forward to starting a new building job the next day. He wasn’t going to kill himself. In fact, one of his best friends told us that she had been with him all that day, and he had been in a really happy mood. She said they had a great time. They were shopping for tools for the job. She went to pick him up the next morning and a neighbor told her he was dead. She’s a really sweet girl. She said, (about my younger son) “I guess he’s my little brother now. Collin would want me to look after him.” Since then, she’s had Shaun come and stay with her and her boyfriend sometimes, took him camping, fishing, etc. Her boyfriend (now her husband) is really nice too. Thank God for nice people, huh? I have told my other son to be careful who he trusts. I don’t know how much good it will do, but I hope God thinks losing one of them was enough, and will protect him.

                I agree those people are Nazis! Shortly after WW2, the US gov imported a bunch of them. I can’t believe it was just for a vacation! I don’t remember where I read that, but it sure made sense. According to another, they recruited one to help set up the NSA as well.

                I’m writing a story, in which one of the kings is a Nazi-type. He gets killed, though. The good king prevails. In the fictional world, things can turn out the way they should if you want them to. I know it’s a good story because they have given me endless trouble with it. (The hackers) They’ve stolen it a few times, off the computer and on disks I tried storing it on, and every time I edit it, they go through and mess with it and put mistakes in it. I can see why they don’t like it. It’s anti-nazi, anti-racist, and good people are the ones who get the respect. Their persistance has had the oposite affect they wanted. I’m persisting with it because I know if it was crap, they’d let me write it with no interference, and publish it just to make a fool out of myself.

                • They do the same thing to me when I write my blog; delete it, change photos, add naked women, etc. They’re disgusting.

                  Good luck on your book.

                  About your son, I’m sure he didn’t commit suicide. He was probably gang stalked, too. Did he ever complain to you about what was happening to him? It sounds very suspicious to me. Did they check his hands for gun powder? That’s what usually done. No investigation, very, very strange. I thought an autopsy’s done on everyone who doesn’t die a natural death. Very strange the whole thing.

                  I can’t believe what bastards these people are.

                  About your younger son, be very, very careful who he spends time with. Honestly, I wouldn’t let him spend all the time with your son’s friend. It’s good that they spend so much time with him, but it makes me suspicious of them. But that’s just my instincts kicking in. I want to recommend something. Every time he comes home from their house, ask him questions, just don’t be too obvious about it. And really find out if they’re good people. Be careful. Good luck to you.

                  • He was Gang Stalked, actually. He tried to ignore it. Someone even reformatted his computer once when he was working on the things I told you about, and he had to start over. Also, I didn’t know about any of this stuff before, but looking back, I know they zapped him with EH. He said he thought FEDs were watching him for the last 2 years of his life. I didn’t find out what GS’ing was until a month after his death, but if I had known, I would never have asked for his help! He was the only person who could help me, so he’s dead.

                    They did check his hands, and they were clean so the first thing they should have thought was that the guy who did it was a suspect, but of course they already knew that it wasn’t really suicide. What makes them look even worse, is the fact that the guy had several outstanding warrants in other states (a friend had him looked up) so that should have made them think…And I found out later that the guy had been cheating Collin in the PC repair business they had set up…It’s very obvious the cops were either in on it or told to ignore it. There was a toxicology report. They found a whole lot of drugs in his system. His friend said she thought the murderer had probably put them into the whisky he had been drinking. She had left before the guy came to visit. Collin wasn’t drinking the whisky when she left, either. Had Collin’s girlfriend been there, she wouldn’t have let him in. None of us liked him. We knew he was scum! I think he drugged him so he wouldn’t put up a fight so he could make the death look like suicide.

                    Oh yeah, and Collin had a really hard time sleeping (I do too. Now I know it’s them) but they used to send cops to pound on his door accusing him of “distubing the peace” when he had just gotten to sleep. I know the perps know when you’ve just fallen asleep through their surveillence. A Iot of times when I’ve just fallen asleep they have recordings call to tell me I’ve just won a contest, or do a survey, Sometimes my stupid neighbor goes out and starts his truck and turns it off – just to wake me up, then goes back in.

                    When I went to visit my son, they would still harass me there. Doing things to my car and leaving their “signatures” so I would know it wasn’t just local kids messing around, etc. They go on all of my trips with me. People wonder how the National debt got so high…Following and harassing Targets probably made a big contribution!

                    About my other son, I will take your advice. Thanks

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