Gang Stalking – Don’t make perps happy.

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As I walked toward the bus stop, I felt anger dwell up in me.  As the perps surrounded me, I felt pure hate.  As women passed me, I wanted to pull out their hair by its roots.  And as men passed me, I wanted to take my pointy boots and hit them over and over where it hurts.

I kept thinking of my friend who killed herself.   It was people  like the ones I was passing who caused her death.

Silently I repeated to myself, don’t make them happy, don’t make them happy, don’t make them happy.  If I’d lost my temper and told them how I felt, it would have made the perps happy.  They immediately would let    their monitor know and tell him what I’d said.  They like to see targets lose their tempers.  When we lose our tempers, they have something to report.  If we don’t lose our temper, they have nothing.  When the perps have something to report, a fuss is made over them.  They’re praised on what a good job they did on getting information.  It’s  information that they all can use on targets to harass us more.

My friend, who committed suicide, is not the only one who had death on her mind.  There are about three to four people in my Facebook page who are having a very difficult time with gang stalkers.  Some of them say things that scare me.  They talk about death being easier than the life they’re living.  There’s one man who really worries me.  I don’t really want to write about him committing  suicide.  I want him to stay alive.

Those of us who are on Facebook with him, try to do our best to change  his will to live. But as with my friend, we have so little control over someone’s life.  If someone wants to kill himself, we can try to help him, but ultimately it’s his choice to want to live or not.

We tell him not to give up.  That maybe something will happen that will stop all the gang stalking.

It’s hard to tell someone to hold on, when, really, we don’t believe what we’re saying.  We know nothing is going to change. Gang stalking is not going to stop any time soon.  Who knows if what we’re going through will ever stop.  Maybe in 20, 30 years?  Or will it be infinite?

We need someone in government, who knows about the gang stalking, to speak up for us.  So far, we’ve had no one who will listen.

We can’t get the police, government, ACLU, senators, representatives, etc. to help.  They all know what’s going on, and they all keep the secret.

I feel powerless.  I’ve done everything I can do to let people know about gang stalking, but it’s like talking to myself.  No one listens to what I say.  And no one listens to other targets, who are also doing their best to make people aware of what’s going on.

So I keep writing my blog hoping that  people will eventually wake up.  That’s all I can do.

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Don’t make perps happy.

  1. Nothing, NOTHING is worth taking your own life, most especially a bunch of nasty/ lowlife perps who wouldn’t last a day in our shoes. We need a National crisis hotline just for TI’s.

    • Yes, I agree. But I guess there are days where someone can be very down and go with the feeling. That’s a good idea to have a National hotline just for TIs, because we would never get help from perps. All they would do is try to make us feel worse. Thanks for your response.

      • You know what I think? I think the people who know about it and are in a position where they could get get some attention, and have something done about it – but can’t be bothered are perps by default. Not doing something when you could, is a form of participation. All of those people who won’t help us are perps too!

        • I agree that the people who know what’s going on are perps by default. But, really, this has to stop! These people cannot keep doing what they’re doing to us. Have you any ideas on what can be done? I’m looking for ideas. Thanks.

      • The only ideas I can come up with, is that some of us targets write a collective letter to my senator (He’s a good guy) and send it to congress through him…and maybe we could all separately ask on ACLA’s FB page why, though they engage in a lot of other good causes and fight for constitutional rights for some people, they ignore pleas for help from TI’s.

        • I think we have a problem convincing anyone about what’s happening, it’s because everyone’s been told about us. They’ve been told we’re all crazy, violent, etc. And, of course, they listen to them. They’re all supposed to be experts on who is violent, crazy, etc.

          I know there are quite a few groups that contacted ACLU, government, etc., but they’ve had as much success as we did.

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