Gang Stalking – Imagine living the life of a target.


Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Empty Family

The Empty Family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m still bothered by the suicide of one of the targets.  One day she’s here, next gone.  Life today seems to have so little meaning to some people.  Drive someone to kill herself and think nothing of it. Just keep going on with their life as if nothing happened.  I would really like to meet some of the freaks who pushed her over the edge.

I can understand why someone would want to kill her

Imagine (video game series)

Imagine (video game series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

self.  You, who read my blog, who are not targets, have absolutely no idea the hell all of us targets  go through every day.  Just imagine you  have not  a moment to yourself.  Just imagine having someone break into your house or apartment every single day.  Just imagine having your clothes torn.  Just imagine having your food poisoned.  Just imagine having things destroyed – photographs, paintings, family photos.  Just imagine everybody you meet thinking you’re crazy, alcoholic, violent, a thief, pedophile.

Now, if this happened to you every single day, how would you feel?  I bet you wouldn’t feel too good.  You’d start getting paranoid, not trusting anyone. Imagine this happening to you year after year. You would turn to the police for help, but you wouldn’t get any help, because they’re in on the harassment.  And the police would even accuse you of making things up. Perhaps you would turn to your family for help. No help from your family, either. They’re in on it, too.  You try the government. The government does nothing to help.  Everywhere you turn, you’re rebuffed.

This is our life.  A very miserable life.  I can understand why someone might want to end it.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Imagine living the life of a target.

  1. It is sad dont you wish you could turn the tables on them ? Funny I wouldnt even wish it on them.the people who do this couldnt even handle the abuse.they are weak people with no backbone. Sent from my MetroPCS Android Device

    • Oh, don’t I ever. I’d like to turn the tables on every one of them. I guess you’re nicer than I am. I wish everything on them. And it’s true, they wouldn’t be able to handle what’s happening to us.

      Thanks for your response.

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