Gang Stalking – No tranquilizers, please.

Least Weasel (Mustela nivalis) at the British ...

Today as I was returning from the store, some little weasel spit on me.  I saw the spit coming and moved out-of-the-way.  I wanted to run after the weasel and beat the weasel out of him.  I controlled myself, because that’s exactly what they want me to do.  They’d call the police, tell the police I’m crazy, and before I know it , I’ll be put into some mental institution and turned into a zombie.  They’d fill my body with tranquilizers, and I’ll be in such a haze, they’ll be able to do anything they want to me. It’s happened to a lot of the T.I.s I know.

I know a T.I. lady who lost her house, because of the gang stalking.  She was so upset at losing her house, she checked herself into the hospital. Of course, she ended up on tranquilizers and she’s still on them.  She’s not aware that what she did, is exactly what they hoped she do.  Now she’s happily tranquilized and nothing bothers her.  Usually, when they’re able to get you on tranquilizers, they cut back on the gang stalking.  They get the target tranquilized out of oblivion.  That’s all they need.  Then when a target complains about being gang stalked, they can say the target is on tranquilizers, and how can anyone believe someone who is taking tranquilizers. They will say the  person is crazy, of course.

So I’m warning anyone who is a target, don’t take any tranquilizers.  Or any kind of medication that zonks you out.  They like having you in a zoned out state.  It’s what they work toward.  So far, they haven’t gotten me to take tranquilizers, although they been trying.  They got my doctor to ask me if I want to go on tranquilizers because of what I’m going through.  I firmly told him no. He hasn’t bothered me since then, because he knows I won’t take them.

So, targets out there, if you can, STAY AWAY FROM TRANQUILIZERS! I’m just giving you a warning.  Please heed what I say.  It’s for your own good. But, of course, you have free will, and you can do what you want.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No tranquilizers, please.

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  4. Actually its the antipsychotics that zonk you out and can cause alot of bad long term health effects. Seroquel, Zyprexa etc.
    The corrupt shrinks usually wont even prescibe tranquilizers, benzos like xanax or valium, or the shorter acting ones that can help with sleep for TI’s. These can help with anxiety, but can be addictive and also have side effects, and can cause rebound anxiety. But used carefully, imo they can be helpful for a TI, esp for sleep.

    • Well, I’ve managed to remain drug free through the 3+ years I’ve been gang stalked. Believe it or not, I’ve learned to protect myself and I sleep through the night. Before I go to bed I have a routine I follow, and it works. The gang stalkers get fewer hours of sleep than I do. I still think it’s better to stay away from any kind of medication. The excuse that you use medication can’t be used against you. Thanks for your reply. Hope you’re doing okay.

  5. here they are going to crash
    falling from high and low, and very soon
    and for you too
    stay in touch and hold on
    if you want to visit Belgium, for free, do not hesitate, I have rooms
    and need a partner

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