Gang Stalking – It’s a lonely life…

A breeze in the curtains at Muleshoe Heritage ...

A breeze in the curtains at Muleshoe Heritage Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toni Worked On The Air Mattress

Harassment City
Harassment City (Photo credit: Olivander)no, not the city, the federal government.

harassment (Photo credit: -kÇ-)

Today, I got a response from simpleteenagethoughts who told me I should move from where I live.  I guess I’m not getting my message across.  I moved 6 times in one year.  How many more times do I have to move to be left alone?

She told me that I should just ignore what is happening to me.  I wish I could.  I would like nothing better than not to have to deal with the gang stalkers.  But how can I ignore something that’s done to me non-stop?  What’s occurring to me is not something that happens every week, month.  It is 24/7 harassment.  It just never stops. There is nothing I can do to get away from them.  It doesn’t matter where I move, where I go, where I eat, where I travel, they’re there.  The faces are different, but the harassment is the same.  People just don’t seem to understand how insidious what’s happening to me is.

I’m not allowed a minute to myself.  There is always someone following me around…trying to hit me, trying to make me lose my cool. That’s their main purpose, to drive me crazy.  I can’t even begin to mention all the people who, because of the gang stalkers, ended up in mental wards, lost their homes, their family, their jobs.  There are people who killed themselves because they prefer death over the harassment. Once this harassment happens to a person, there is no living life anymore. The gang stalkers are an ever-present evil.  Imagine the devil following you 24/7, that’s what our existence is like.

I wish  as simpleteenagethoughts wrote, I could put this gang stalking behind me and get on with my life.  I would like nothing better.  I would like my life back.

I dream of having a nice place to live –  to have pretty curtains on my window, colorful throw rugs all over my floor, a t.v., a couch where I can put my feet up, a bed, nice dishes, silverware, glasses, friends who can visit me, have a nice dinner at a table.  These are things I miss.  I don’t have any of these things anymore.

I sleep on a flattened air mattress, eat off  paper plates, have no curtains, walk on a dirty gray rug, have no t.v., no couch, no nice dinner dishes, and definitely have  no friends to visit me.  It’s a lonely life.

By the way, thank you simpleteenagethoughts for your reply.

P.S.  Today, the bastard who has taken over my computer, keeps trying to insert a woman whose breast are showing on my blog.  I keep deleting her, but he keeps adding her.  So I’m hitting Publish, I hope you don’t get what he’s trying to add.  Please let me know if you do.  Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It’s a lonely life…

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  4. Hi, Sorry not to be able to reassure you, except mentionning that we share a common problem.
    Before aknowledging the methods used by gang stalking that is denied by french police, I started writting anecdots to let know what everyday looks like .
    Part of those anecdots have been translated at, the following are in french –
    Whish you enough stamina to resist this ugly phenomenon

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