Gang Stalking – The scumbags wouldn’t last 1 day if they had to experience what we targets do.

It’s been a great 3 days.  For the last 3 days, they’ve been messing around my apartment. I have a walkway in front of my apartment. Every time I return home, the maintenance man is paining something around my apartment, fixing the front of the walkway by putting holes in it so that it’s easier for me to get hit with electricity. Putting holes in the walls outside my apartment, etc.  So I have to find new ways to protect myself. And when they can’t get to me, they go complaining to the monitor about how hard a time they’re having hitting me with electricity. And then the game starts all over again. Someone will come in start messing with the pipes, refrigerator, toilet, or doing some other useless thing. I’m amazed this complex hasn’t fallen down yet. They keep making holes everywhere around my apartment.

And also for the last 3 days, they’ve upped the noise level. There’s been non-stop police, EMT, cars blowing their horns, idiots  revving  up theirs car engines, cars zooming by so fast  they sound like planes passing because of how fast they’re going.  There’s also been planes passing over my apartment almost every 3 minutes. I don’t know how they can get so many planes to pass by every 3 minutes.  I’ve waited at the airport for my plane and I’ve never seen so many planes take off one after a another. I guess it’s a planned thing. One plane waits for another until they have enough planes in the air to go zooming by my apartment.

Oh, some idiot at the library is laughing hysterically. It’s supposed to get to me. But it’s not. I ignore them. I’m getting very good at ignoring the idiots at the library. If they laugh, make remarks about how I look, etc. I don’t say anything. I take a look back and see what they look like and start laughing. This really annoys the hell out of them. They can’t stand to have anyone laugh at them. As you targets probably know, they’re such delicate creatures.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. The scumbags wouldn’t  last 1 day if they had to experience what we experience every day.

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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The scumbags wouldn’t last 1 day if they had to experience what we targets do.

  1. I was pretty messed up, searching walls, pinholes, everywhere, for where that watching or electronic sensation came from, while the military/navy watched from the apartment across the way. Some of it turned out to be nature, with x-class flares from the sun, p-waves from before earthquakes, for the energy. Some of it turned out to be natural human influence, spiritual. The rest turned out to be the experimental project doctors for the BRAIN initiative and other neurological research, doctors at universities from other countries even. In particular, the images of military-style people wearing VR goggles of various brands.

    Once I get a face, and have a name and location, the irritating feelings reduce dramatically, until it’s, oh it’s just (face/name) from NSA, or DIA, or NRO, or FBI, or whatever group does the watching, or oh it’s just a fugitive from justice. As soon as I know, that feeling of being preyed upon disappears, and sometimes it’s a time for informing the authorities.

      • Something like due diligence, a civic duty. Even if you fail 20 times to get the point across to a corrupt system, then there is some record of you trying 20 times, which would alert some other internal investigation system. Like chipping away at an ice block, one day you might get through.

        • I’ve gone way over due diligence and civic duty, and nothing has gotten me anywhere. I’ve contacted the President, my representatives, ACLU, written letters to security experts who work for the government and protested in the street, worn a shirt with what’s happening to me, etc. Got nowhere,but I’m not giving up.

  2. Like I’ve written here before, Neverending. You are these “people’s” better. Their superior.
    You would never do something like this to another human being yet because gang stalking IS sanctioned by the state (government) the civilian perps do not hesitate to play “tag team” or work in numbers destroying someone who they usually do not know.

    Every perp I have had the misfortune to see and hear with NO exception has been someone with:

    Low self-esteem with a shitload of insecurities such as jealousy, cowardice, greed, immaturity, sadism, a mercenary -like attitude, conformists, authority-ass kissers, mentally ill, dependent, hate being alone because they’re such fucking babies and on and on.

    Of course most of these motherfuckers would not last very long if they were in this program.
    Isolated and tormented enough over an extended period (as we’ve been) I KNOW that my perps (past and present) would:

    Lash out at THEIR perps.
    Become raging alcoholics and /or drug addicts to take away the “pai” of isolation.
    RUN to the authorities begging for help to stop the DE and ground stalking harassment.
    Would in some cases, take their own lives.
    Would become so mentally ill that they would require institutionalization.

    If you think I am kidding, just vividly imagine one or more of your perps in YOUR situation and how they would react based on what kind of “people” they are.

    And since these chickenshit, conformist cowards have messed up your subscriber count I guarantee that you easily now have well over 1000 loyal readers if that’s any comfort to you, Neverending.

    Scott Snitzer, in Buffalo, NY. TI for 20 years.

    • I have imagined the perps being in my position and I know from what I’ve seen of their behavior, they wouldn’t last 2 hrs.

      I see you’re from New York, too. Upstate New York. You get a lot of snow up there. Just thinking of Buffalo in winter I feel cold. It must be better in winter with the perps with all the snow you have. And you beat me by 10 years. That’s a damn long time. But we’re strong people, as you stated, and we will outlast the bastards! Take care of yourself.

      • Just saw your comment here as these loser freaks who “need” to keep us isolated block replies from your blog, Neverending.

        Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, I get targeted on and off.

        The two “girls” who live in the huge corner house across the street are so into perping me that during the worst snow storm Buffalo saw in years, these deformed, ugly beasts came out of the house TWICE with their dogs with howling, freezing winds whipping up the biting snow.

        But you already know that perps are absolutely gone mentally. They call us crazy yet do bizarre, degrading, childish, sadistic petty shit that most TIs could not IMAGINE doing for money or any other reason.

        I’ve now know that I’ve been a TI for twenty years,
        but I’ve been AWARE that I’m a TI for about eleven months, Neverending.

        All this time, I thought that I was being harassed by people and LEO and other traitors, that I did something wrong and was maybe “crazy” and “dangerous” yet did not know how (they really mind F us).

        Gang stalking is so well hidden by the government and media that I had NO clue as to the shit I as going through and they DO prey on our weaknesses and insecurities in order to keep us in a constant state of anxiety and confusion.

        I have obsessive compulsive disorder in which the mind won’t quiet down and with that there’s a shitload of doubt, fear, insecurities, guilt, ect and the perps in “law” enforcement with their willing civilian ass slave coward losers played along.

        Didn’t mean to give you my biography, Neverending, but thought it would be OK to let you know a little of my targeting.

        Buffalo, NY has no shortage of perp filth.

        If you ever get the chance please tune into “Conversation And Support For TIs’ on Talkshoe radio on Sundays I think 2 PST.-Renata’s call is one of the top four TI web radio podcasts-No FFCHS bullshit or false hopes.

        Thanks again for having the courage to tell the perps to go F themselves, that you are not going to tolerate these crimes in silence.

        I can not understand what possible smear campaign they could use against a single girl who is obviously harmless but then again, as the Milgrom and so many other experiments and historical examples sadly show, stupid assholes fall to their knees and bow before authority figures believing and doing whatever these liars say with the help of their hi-tech smear campaign folders on every single targeted individual.

        Amazing how these spineless civilian motherf—-krs act tough knowing that the criminals in federal, state and local law enforcement are supplying them with information about us, encouraging them to target us, probably give pep talks at the neighborhood watch or community oriented policing or whatever and wherever these f—–ng criminals have their conspiratorial gatherings.

        • The perps hold meetings at the library. I’ve seen them come of the library all excited with their booklets and notes. The booklets and notes they take teach them how to hack computers and how to hit us electronically. They also hold meetings in church, Goodwill, Community Centers, schools, colleges, anywhere that they can. Thanks for the compliment.

          You’ve been a target for 20 years and you found 11 months ago what’s really happening to you. All I can say is, I take my hat off to you. When my targeting began, I found out almost immediately, because of what family members were doing to me. And then I went to the internet and discovered what was happening to me was happening to a lot of other people. So I knew I wasn’t crazy. How did you stay sane so long without knowing the truth? If I hadn’t known the truth, I think I would’ve gone crazy.

          And you’re right, they’re all spineless motherf–krs. They feel strong because of backup from government. They’re cowards!

          • Y’all were lucky. I was born into this program and have been on both sides. I actively chose to become a target in 1977 because I refused to abuse people for fun or profit.
            You kids are fun or profit. They literally HATE me. And it shows.
            That’s why I give up every technique I know of to help TI’s become aware and resist.
            The only way to stop this insanity is to LITERALLY kill them all. Top to bottom.
            Satanic Ritual Abuse is a psychotic and VERY addictive lifestyle.
            DON’T EVER… give up, give in, compromise or deal with this enemy. You may not die, but you’ll wish you had if they “turn you” to their side.
            NE1. The reason for all the sexuality in your environment is because when (if) you are turned, you’ll be a old porn star or a “service (read Temple Whore) animal” for any horny male or female. STAY STRONG!!! (you know I will rescue you if you need it)
            Anyone can tell me what’s in their environment and I can tell you what the final agenda for that person is.
            ALL OF YOU – – – DO NOT give up or give in. FIGHT. Even if it means physically harming your attacker.
            They are COMPUTER-CONTROLLED, relentless and LITERAL slaves of Satanism.
            575-Four-One-Five-7904 is my number if any of you need to talk or want more info. (the words stop bots from telemarketing me to hell and back).
            Any of you may call if you want/need to.

  3. u got that right. i doubt many can last a single day. no crazy drugs to cook themselves up on to forget how pathetic they are. constant eh hits. not sure if they’re gonna die today. im amazed they found a way to stay alive while being super sensitive retards. they must micro manage the heck out of their lives to pull that off lol.

    they’re batshit crazy with the fly bys here. even in tne early am hours, 1-5am, they’ll do loud fly bys. wake everyone up. it doesnt piss me off, it just amuses me. i also have headphones on a lot so i cant even hear them but they still do it, idiots. i dont have empathy for them, the world will be much better off w/o these useless idiots wandering around.

    • I also find all the noise amusing. Just think, everyone else has to listen to all that noise, too. But, of course, no one complains because they’re all involved. Maybe the noise will drive them crazy.

      • i find is crazy as hell that no one does anything about the loud fly bys, at least for the early am hours. even tho everyone in my town is involved, they’re not all gang stalkers, they have lives. they ahve to get up early for school or work or their kids or w/e. never ceazes to amaze me how much americans are willing to bend over and take it. they’re so fuckin scared, sheeesh. i do wonder how long they can put up with this. it was already bad when it started, and its only getting worse.

  4. I give as I get.
    When I play one of their themes back on them, they get hostile. But after hospitalizing 3 of their freaks, they keep a healthy distance now. NO ONE messes with me for free!
    I had that ‘hole” problem. Went to a hardware store and bought some steel screws. Super-glued them into the holes at an angle – makes microwaves and electronic signals go haywire. Disperses signals in every direction for some weird reason or other. (and they’re a pain-in-the-ass to remove)
    Then I bought aluminum screening (like for screen doors). Sewed it between two identical blankets. Ran a wire from the screen to the ground plug in an outlet. Then put screening under the mattress. Instant Faraday cage that grounds out ALL incoming signals.
    Aluminum screen is also used to stop Smart Meters from using their IR (Infra-Red) and broadcasting to other meters.
    Just some FYI.

    • I’m always afraid to mess with electricity. I’m afraid I’ll get electrocuted. But I think I can do this. I can’t glue the screws in because I face the street and everyone can see what I’m doing. But you’ve still given me an idea with the screws. I’m not saying here what it is. The perps read my blog. About the wire, just a regular piece of wire? Can I use a hanger wire? Great info. I think all targets can use this info. Thanks.

      And to beating up 3 freaks, good going. I don’t believe in giving the freaks a free pass, either. I do back what is done to me.

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