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Gang Stalking – The scumbags wouldn’t last 1 day if they had to experience what we targets do.

It’s been a great 3 days.  For the last 3 days, they’ve been messing around my apartment. I have a walkway in front of my apartment. Every time I return home, the maintenance man is paining something around my apartment, fixing the front of the walkway by putting holes in it so that it’s easier for me to get hit with electricity. Putting holes in the walls outside my apartment, etc.  So I have to find new ways to protect myself. And when they can’t get to me, they go complaining to the monitor about how hard a time they’re having hitting me with electricity. And then the game starts all over again. Someone will come in start messing with the pipes, refrigerator, toilet, or doing some other useless thing. I’m amazed this complex hasn’t fallen down yet. They keep making holes everywhere around my apartment.

And also for the last 3 days, they’ve upped the noise level. There’s been non-stop police, EMT, cars blowing their horns, idiots  revving  up theirs car engines, cars zooming by so fast  they sound like planes passing because of how fast they’re going.  There’s also been planes passing over my apartment almost every 3 minutes. I don’t know how they can get so many planes to pass by every 3 minutes.  I’ve waited at the airport for my plane and I’ve never seen so many planes take off one after a another. I guess it’s a planned thing. One plane waits for another until they have enough planes in the air to go zooming by my apartment.

Oh, some idiot at the library is laughing hysterically. It’s supposed to get to me. But it’s not. I ignore them. I’m getting very good at ignoring the idiots at the library. If they laugh, make remarks about how I look, etc. I don’t say anything. I take a look back and see what they look like and start laughing. This really annoys the hell out of them. They can’t stand to have anyone laugh at them. As you targets probably know, they’re such delicate creatures.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. The scumbags wouldn’t  last 1 day if they had to experience what we experience every day.

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Gang Stalking – Bye, bye constitutional rights.

Government a Threat?

Government a Threat? (Photo credit: Third Way)

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a follow-up to my blog of yesterday about property vs. personal rights.

If I’m not allowed to  use a video to tape what’s happening to me, then the property manager is responsible for anything that happens to me.  If someone breaks into  my apartment and rapes me, or beats me up, or kills me, he’s responsible.

I got up this morning and found my lock  partly unlocked.  It wasn’t open all the way.  I put so much tape around my door knob that they couldn’t unlock it all the way.  Plus, I had a ton of things keeping someone from opening my door.

I’m not allowed to video tape someone trying to open my door, but some creep in the middle of the night can try to get into my  apartment and do to me whatever he feels like doing.

Really, is it right that because someone owns an apartment building, he can put my life in danger?

I don’t think it’s right.

My right to protect myself is stronger than someone’s property rights in my opinion.  He has a right to do with his property whatever he wants, but not at the expense of my life.

And I feel my life is in danger.

Why reason does someone have to open my door unless he’s planning to do harm to me?

These creeps get away with so much.  They can do whatever they feel like doing, rape, kill, etc.

And where’s our right to protect ourselves from these creeps?  We can’t get help from the police, management office, government, no one.

We’re at the mercy of  these scumbags.

Whatever happened to our constitutional rights to protect ourselves?


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