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Gang Stalking – The scumbags wouldn’t last 1 day if they had to experience what we targets do.

It’s been a great 3 days.  For the last 3 days, they’ve been messing around my apartment. I have a walkway in front of my apartment. Every time I return home, the maintenance man is paining something around my apartment, fixing the front of the walkway by putting holes in it so that it’s easier for me to get hit with electricity. Putting holes in the walls outside my apartment, etc.  So I have to find new ways to protect myself. And when they can’t get to me, they go complaining to the monitor about how hard a time they’re having hitting me with electricity. And then the game starts all over again. Someone will come in start messing with the pipes, refrigerator, toilet, or doing some other useless thing. I’m amazed this complex hasn’t fallen down yet. They keep making holes everywhere around my apartment.

And also for the last 3 days, they’ve upped the noise level. There’s been non-stop police, EMT, cars blowing their horns, idiots  revving  up theirs car engines, cars zooming by so fast  they sound like planes passing because of how fast they’re going.  There’s also been planes passing over my apartment almost every 3 minutes. I don’t know how they can get so many planes to pass by every 3 minutes.  I’ve waited at the airport for my plane and I’ve never seen so many planes take off one after a another. I guess it’s a planned thing. One plane waits for another until they have enough planes in the air to go zooming by my apartment.

Oh, some idiot at the library is laughing hysterically. It’s supposed to get to me. But it’s not. I ignore them. I’m getting very good at ignoring the idiots at the library. If they laugh, make remarks about how I look, etc. I don’t say anything. I take a look back and see what they look like and start laughing. This really annoys the hell out of them. They can’t stand to have anyone laugh at them. As you targets probably know, they’re such delicate creatures.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. The scumbags wouldn’t  last 1 day if they had to experience what we experience every day.

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Gang Stalking – Oh, what a night!

Oh, what a night!

I was awaken at about a  little after midnight. The man next door kept coming to my front door and stomping his feet. The man upstairs walked noisily around his apartment and kept moving the machine he uses to hit me with electricity. Someone played loud music. Cars passed by my apartment blowing their horns.  I yelled to the someone who was blasting his music to lower it. The music kept playing. I’d had enough. I’ve been good 10 months. Have not uttered a word to any of the perps who live near me. I ignored them all. But there comes a time when it’s too much.

I got out of bed, opened the door and went in search of the loud music player. I yelled that I was going to call the cops (yeah, a lot that will do me). But they turned if off and I turned toward my apartment. I stood by the  railing watching the cars zoom by me and blow their horns. I took my little gadget and hit their lights. But they still kept coming. I kept hitting their lights. Pretty soon, the cars were going into the grass and turning around, or taking side streets to get back to where they came from. A few kept coming. But eventually they also left.

I stood by the railing and a young, blond-haired kid passed by me pulling at his hair. He looked homeless. He returned a minute later. I said, “Hey, what are you doing out this time of night?” He said, “Are you talking to me?” I said, “Yes.” He hurried away. He looked like one of those “lost” boys who people use for whatever purpose they feel like using them for. I felt sorry for him.

Black man who lives in apartment 210  came out, as he always does when I’m outside my apartment. He expected me to run back into my apartment, as I always do. But this time, I stayed put. He was not driving me into my apartment. I took out my little gadget and hit him. After a while, he went back into his apartment. A few minutes  later, he came out again. He stood by the railing. I kept looking at him and hitting him. While he was leaning on the railing, a young, white guy came out. He looked at me and went running down the stairs. I could hear the door slam behind him. Some hanky-panky going on? Probably.

The man in apartment 210 finally gave in and  went inside.

It got really quiet. No cars racing back and forth blowing their horns.  No man coming to my door and stomping his feet. No loud music. No strange boy running around. No neighbor from apartment 210 trying to force me into my apartment.

As I went into my apartment, I shouted, “You cockroaches can come out now. I’m going back into my apartment.”

It was quiet all night, for a change.

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Gang Stalking – Maybe beautiful horses will appear.

Pit Bull Puppy

Pit Bull Puppy (Photo credit: http://www.petsadviser.com)

Beautiful Autumn Horse

Beautiful Autumn Horse (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)

This morning.

pink poodle

pink poodle (Photo credit: katiew)

I’ve come out to the walkway in front of my apartment.  Pretty soon, it’ll be lights, camera, action!

Here comes the first actor.

Every time I come out of my apartment, the woman in apartment 104 has to do her laundry.  She comes out of her apartment carrying a basket full of laundry.  How much clothes does she have? It’s only her and the cat.

Here comes the second actor.

The guy in apartment 106 comes out when I’m standing by my railing.   He rides his bike in circles in front of me. He’s going around and around and around.  Every once in a while he’ll look up to see if I’m still standing outside.

Actor number three.

This lady lives in apartment 203. There a stairway and a dumpster right next to her apartment, but she has to walk by my apartment, make a u-turn and walk to the dumpster by her.

And actors four, five, six, seven, eight, etc.

Here comes the Las Vegas Dog Show.  This is a new thing.  No one in Las Vegas ever walked his dog.  But now everyone does. The dog walking began after I made a remark about not liking pit bulls too much.  It began with people walking around with pit bulls when they saw me, now it’s turned into a show with all kinds of dogs.

Yap, yap goes the little black dog. This little dog alway yaps at me non-stop and gives me dirty looks.

There’s the dog of indeterminate heritage. I can’t figure out what the dog is.  The dog belongs to the lady in 109.

Oh, there’s princess.  This poodle does not think she’s a dog.  She walks around like a princess. Her slave does whatever princess wants her to do.  And lots of tongue-kissing between the two, especially the woman. To each his own. Yuck!

And now the cars start roaring by at a high-speed.  The people driving make sure they gun the engine.

And out pops the man next door. This man has the look of someone who is not too intelligent. He makes me wonder if he has a brain.

Time for me to disappear into my apartment.

Return to the railing in three minutes. Not a soul in sight.

But here comes the laundry lady again.  She’s going to get her laundry now.

Oh, here comes the pit bull. Time for me to go in.  My day’s complete.

You know, I absolutely love horses.  I’ll mention horses next time I’m around a perp, maybe beautiful horses will begin appearing.

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Gang Stalking – No longer have respect for police.

This morning I sat down to have breakfast, about five minutes later I heard, “Come out with your hands up. We will not hurt you. If you need help, we will help you. Come out with your hands up.”   Someone repeatedly said the same thing over and over.   I heard a dog bark, and I thought it was the perps playing a stupid game.  But the person kept repeating “Come out with your hands up…”  It sounded as if the sound was coming from outside my door. I walked over to the door and put my ear to the door.  It definitely sounded as if someone was right outside my door.  I got a little scared. Could it be the police right outside my door?  But I hadn’t done anything and did not open the door.  Again “Come out with your hands up…”  Finally, I decided I had to open the door. I expected to have an officer at the front door. I opened the door.  No one at the door.  I walked over to the railing.  What a scene!

There were about thirteen Metropolitan Las Vegas  police cars, an ambulance, and a white car,  parked all over the place.  There were about four officers with guns aimed at apartment 105.  They were all hiding behind a big tree, and behind them sat a German Shepard with his handler.

I stood by the railing for about two minutes and I heard an officer shut at me to go inside my apartment.  I obeyed, but I left my door open so I could see what was going on.   A minute later, a police office said, “Hey, shut that door!”  I shut the door and went to my window to see what was happening.

The officer with the bullhorn kept repeating “Come out with your hands up…”  Finally, a small man, Filipino, about 100 lbs. or less, came walking out of the apartment.  The officer handcuffed him and made him sit on the ground.

The dog began barking and jumping  at the man who came out of the apartment and seemed ready to attack him.

When I first heard  someone say “Come out with your hands up,” I really thought it was me they were after. I expected to open the door and find a police office with a gun aimed at me.

At one time, I used to respect the police, but I no longer do.  I’ve seen too many of them act like thugs, especially toward targets like me. Whatever respect I had for police officers, I’ve lost since becoming their target.

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Gang Stalking – A target’s hellish experience of looking for an apartment.

After America

After America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Interior of Boulevard Gardens, an apa...

English: Interior of Boulevard Gardens, an apartment complex in Woodside, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The La Reserve Apartment Complex

English: The La Reserve Apartment Complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t begun looking for an apartment.  I’ve gone through the rental ads, but haven’t actually looked at any apartments.  The thought of  looking for an apartment makes me sick.  I can see it now.  Wherever I go, there will be at least 20 people in their cars, or more, following me.  There is nothing these people will not do to keep track of me. They will make illegal u-turns, run through red lights, go over lawns, almost run  people over, go up one way streets, run over dogs, old women, kids, etc.  Think of all the chase scenes you’ve seen in movies, that’s what will be happening to me. I mean, after all, the world might come to an end if they lose me.  I am so important in keeping America safe.  They just have to keep America safe from dangerous criminals like me.  God forbid they should lose sight of me!

Once I decide on an apartment complex I’m interested in seeing, they’ll wait by the sideline, or get the number of the complex and let the manager know how dangerous the criminal sitting in front of her/him is, or will be.  I can always tell when a manager gets the call. I’ll be sitting with the manager and she’s  telling me about the complex, and then the phone rings.  And I see the look on her  face change.  She’ll look into my face and try to make-believe that she’s not talking about me.  Her whole demeanor becomes stilted.  She’s  no longer relaxed, no matter how she tries to bluff her way through the call. ( And then when I leave the manager’s office, they’ll (agents) walk into the office and show the manager their badge.  The badge that will make the manager a true believer of what she’s been told on the phone.  The managers never check the badges.  I wonder how many of the badges they show are for real?   Just take out a badge and the world is yours.)

Once they get off the phone, their Spiegel changes.  They’re no longer as nice as they were a few minutes ago.  They hurry me through their sales talk. Some of them won’t even ask as me if I’m interested in the apartment, they’ll just tell me that they have somewhere to go.  And if I get lucky enough to get a look at an apartment, it’s usually the worse looking apartment in the whole complex.  And, of course, I’ll tell them that the apartment needs fixing.  They’ll reply that someone will clean and paint the apartment.  And when I go back to look at the apartment, it still a mess and nothing’s been done.

This is what I have to look forward to trying to find an apartment.  It’s bad enough when the gang stalkers follow me by foot, but by car it’s worse.  The last time I looked for an apartment, one of the gang stalkers almost ran me over.  And having to put with rental managers’ looks is another thing.  To see someone who is nice one minute and turn into a smirking jerk the next, makes me want to…  Well, it’s better if I say nothing.

I have to get myself mentally prepared for what I have to put up with the next  few days.  So I’m working on it.  I’m giving myself a lot of pep talks, getting myself physically fit and eating healthy things that will strengthen my mind. Because the mind is really where all the strength comes from.  A strong mind and nothing can stop me from finding an apartment. Wish me luck. It’s going to be a hellish experience!

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Gang Stalking – The Zombie Parade.

Zombie for exciting wp discussions

Image via Wikipedia – zombies parading.

English: A zombie

Image via Wikipedia – hit the face to see zombie.

I went out to throw away my garbage and decided to stand in front of my apartment and just catch a little sun.  Of course, I began the countdown.  How long will it take before someone comes along and throws away his garbage?  It took exactly 3 minutes.  Then one after another the gang stalkers come. They come in five-minute intervals.  Then come the people in their cars, just sitting in their cars, beeping their horns, slamming their doors, making a lot of noise.  But, of course, I know how to get rid of them.  I do my thing.  None of them lasts more than 1 minute.   And then another group comes  slamming its doors, beeping its horns, and running its cars.  I do my thing again.  They don’t last too long.

They can beep their horns and slam their doors all they want.  When the door breaks, they have to pay to have the door replaced or repaired.  That’s money coming out of their pockets.  They can slam and keep running their cars all day.  It doesn’t bother me.  I know eventually they’ll run out of gas.  Then they have to go to the gas station and pay to have it refilled.  Do you think it bothers me that they slam their doors and keep running theirs cars?  Not one bit.  I like knowing that they’re going to have to pay for the gas or have the door replaced.  That’s when I have the last laugh.  So you gang stalkers, keep slamming your doors, keep running your cars, and keep beeping your horns.   And to those of you who blow your horn,  keeping blowing your horns.  Maybe some day when you really need that horn to work, it won’t work.

Oh, and I forgot about the Zombie Parade.  It’s their time, too.  The sidewalk suddenly comes alive.  It fills up with gang stalkers who parade by.  They have nowhere to go.  They just stand by waiting to be called to do their act.   The sidewalk becomes filled with zombie-like people.  They don’t look to their right, nor left.  They walk straight ahead as if in a trance.  They’ve been called to do their zombie thing.  If you’ve ever seen a zombie movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  So they all jam the sidewalk and just walk without any emotion and look zombie-like.  I love watching them.  I really enjoy when they do the Zombie Parade. I can’t help smiling.  It usually makes my day. Go Zombies, go.

This blog’s been erased about 25 times.  I guess they don’t want the gang stalkers thinking about things like having doors replaced, horns not working and running out of gas.  The gang stalkers don’t think about such things.  They just do what they’re told.  Imagine if they start thinking about replacing their doors and horns, they’d probably stop being so stupid.

I think I’ll  do my Zombie dance.  I do a very good Zombie dance. Do your Zombie dance.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What was the last noble thing you did?

Old Woman Dozing

Image via Wikipedia

I was standing waiting for the red light to turn green.  An elderly woman came along in a wheelchair, looked at me and smiled.  I smiled back and turned away quickly.  When the light turned, I was about to start walking, when the elderly woman said, “Miss, can you push me across the street.  I’ll give you $2.00.”  I said, “Sure.”  While pushing her, the drivers paid no attention to the fact that an elderly woman was trying to get across the street.  More than a few drivers honked their horns in impatience.  We got to the other side, and I asked her if she was all right, and she said she was.  I began to walk away and she said, “Miss, here’s your $2.00.”  And I replied, “Oh, it’s all right.  You can keep it.”  And I was curious about the $2.00, so I asked her, “Do people usually take the $2.00?”  She looked up at me and said, “Always.”  I watched her as she wheeled herself away from me.  I don’t feel what I did was very noble, but it’s the only thing that I can remember doing that would qualify as noble.

It amazes me that people would actually take $2.00 from an elderly woman to push her across the street.  What a world we live in!

Countdown:  57 blogs to write to make 500 for the year.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 5: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

Continuing my blog from yesterday.

Street Theater.  I mentioned “street theater” yesterday. I want to say something else about street theater. Street theater doesn’t always involve  a group. Sometimes one person can create street theater. I remember a few times, men who seemed to be drunk came toward. I’ve run  into a few drunks in my life and I know how they act. So when these drunk men came toward me, I could tell they weren’t drunk. They had a very steady walk and headed for me.  I sidestepped them and  quickly moved out of their way. When I got very close to them, I could smell no alcoholic. They were trying to create street theater. They would bump into me and the expectation would be that I’d start arguing with them. They would somber up very quickly,  call the police on  me and make up a story about me being very violent toward them. It didn’t work, though. I know when I’m being had. Don’t fall for drunk men street theater.

Friends.  It’s hard to have friends when you’re a target.  A few gang stalkers  will try to become your friend.  It happened to me a few times, but I could tell they were  more interested in getting  information  about me than in being  a friend.  Sometimes I let them become my friend, because I was curious about  testing my instincts.  My instincts were always right on.  You can tell when someone who is a gang stalker wants  to be your friend.  Right away they start referring to you as a best friend.  When they see you, they  act as if you are the most fabulous person in all creation. Right away, they plan things to do with you.  They don’t ask “how are you doing?”  It’s   always “where are you going?”   They always want to know where you’re going so they can relate information to the Monitor.  It makes  life easier for the  Monitor  when he  has  a stool pigeon  in someone’s life.   Don’t fall for their act.  Let your instincts take over.   Your instincts will let you know who is a phony friend.  If someone is “too nice”, he’s probably a gang stalker.  Also, if you do find a real friend, the gang stalkers will usually turn him/her into a gang stalker against you.

Love.  Forget about love.  It will be very difficult for you to form  a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.  Usually,  if a man/woman wants  to start a relationship with you, it’s usually not for a good reason.  They want to get to know you so they can spy on you.  If you already have a relationship with a man/woman, it probably won’t last.   Your partner will hear a lot of lies and innuendos about you.   He/she will usually believe all the lies told about you.  He will  believe that everything happening to you is not happening.  He  will believe that you are  crazy, though.   So a love life?  Forget about it.  You’re doomed to a life of loneliness.  I know it sounds awful, but I feel I have to tell you the truth.

Driving a car.   I don’t have a car, so I don’t have to worry about what’s done to me.   But I’ve heard a lot of stories from targets who drive cars.  I’ve been told stories about gang stalkers trying to run targets into the ground.  Targets being followed in their cars everywhere they go.  Targets who had their cars stolen.  Targets who had their cars destroyed by gang stalkers.   Targets who had parts removed from their cars.  Targets who had their car moved from one spot to another one.    So if you have  a  car, be careful when you drive.  Don’t let the gang stalkers drive you crazy.  And  tell someone you  trust where you’re going.

When I began this blog, I thought it would a three-part series.  But the more I write, the more I want to prepare you for what gang stalking is really about, especially if you’re a newbie.  So I’ll continue with this topic tomorrow.

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Gang Stalking: Technicians, doctors should be ashamed of themselves.

I haven’t been able to write my blog  because my computer was out of service due to hacking. The  hackers  disconnected the  network access to my computer. So I’m having a hard time writing my blog.

I had an appointment to have a  mammogram done. You would think people who are technicians, doctors, etc.; people who are in care of your health wouldn’t be into gang stalking, but they are.

I arrived at the diagnostic center and filled out all the information to have my mammogram done. And I sat down in a corner no one else was sitting in. As soon as I sat down, the space around me became very busy. I paid no attention and read my magazine. I looked up and there was someone sitting in every seat. It happens every time I go somewhere. People  sprayed me with pesticide, pinged  me with their phone. Some of them were looking at me as if I had committed some terrible crime and gave me dirty looks.

Finally, my name was called. I was told to go into the mammogram room, given a hospital gown and told to put it on.   All the while, I  could feel  pesticide  sprayed on me. I went into the mammogram room and the woman told me to take my gown off. When I took it off, I could feel pesticide  sprayed in the room. Can you believe it? I wasn’t even allowed to take a mammogram exam without being sprayed with pesticide. I also noticed that the technician doing the test was very interested in every little move I made. I finished with the mammogram and proceeded to get dressed. As I left the building, cars with headlights on joined me. One after another, hit me with pesticide. Can you imagine if I just had been given a diagnosis of cancer? To hear bad news and at the same time have people harass you? The people who do the screening, need to be fired. I can understand if you’re harassing someone on your time, but doing it while working?! They’re supposed to be caring people. I felt no empathy from any of them. All they cared about was getting me.

And I knew the technician was watching me for a reason. As soon as I began to walk, things I did while in the room were already out in the street. While in the mammogram room, I ran my fingers through my hair in a comb-like motion. Out on the street, people were doing the combing motion to their hair. While in the room, I embraced myself because it was cold in the room. As I walked, gang stalkers were embracing themselves. The gang stalkers are the lowest form of life. I don’t think that they are people with any sense of right and wrong. They want to hurt, hurt and hurt someone. They must be really miserable people to do what they do. How else do you explain such savagery?

I wrote this as quickly as I could before I lost my connection, so forgive me for any errors.

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