Gang Stalking – Accused of calling perp a “pig”.

Well, I’ve just been told that one more complain about me and I’ll be trespassing in the library if I come back.  I had an incident with a woman this morning. I was standing far away from everybody and she came really close to me, practically on top of me. I told her to get away from me. And I moved away.  The guard and one librarian came in and told me that they wanted to talk to me. I went out to the hallway and the security guard stood by. He’s the one who the woman went to and he reported me.  These lowlifes will lie about anything. I think they get a bonus if they have me thrown out of the library.  The woman told them that I called her a “pig”. Which I did NOT!!! She made that up.  And now the “b” is probably feeling her oats. I don’t even want to  say what I think of the woman.  It’s amazing. They came over, didn’t ask me if it happened, just accused me.  Found guilty without hearing my side. These criminals should all be in PRISON!!!!!  The librarian told me that I’m being written up. Being written up for supposedly calling someone a pig. Is this grade school?  They just want me kicked out of the library so I can’t write my blog anymore.   You should’ve seen the librarian’s face. He acted like I committed a murder.  And the guard standing by was told that if I acted up again, I’m not  allowed in the library again. It’ll be considered trespassing.

So let them throw me out. I’m sick of all these bastards. But I’ll tell you something, I’ll find a way to get in touch with you all. The library throwing me out will not stop me. And I hope every one of them goes to hell!

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Accused of calling perp a “pig”.

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  2. this might sound weird, but can you give me the name of the library? it would be nice to have this little gem on stand by for my online tongue lashings 🙂

  3. I’ve noticed the little dears are getting more sensititve. Used to be if I called them a name they would either smirk like it was a compliment or look sad. Now they want to get into it with me.

    • Yeah, the little babies can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Typical of the people in the program. The woman got so close to me I could see all the moles on her face. She had a big mole just bloew her right nostril. From on she’ll be known as “mole woman”.

      • There used to be human beings on the Earth now they are replaced by THIS. I”ve gotten women trying to shake their b00bs in my face as well.

        • Aren’t they disgusting? You’d think they’d have more respect for themselves. But, again, anything for the money. I think some of them would sell their children for money.

          • There is no money. Good jobs were replaced by temp jobs and non union part time jobs way back in the ’80s. NO one except lawyers, doctors, etc..have any money. Jobs pay chump change–less than on benefits. It was set up this way.

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