Gangstalker debriefing- Targets – MUST SEE VIDEO!

Listen to what a gang stalker has to say. Just what I’ve been saying, they’re all druggies.  And I told you they get paid.  And the guy in the video is probably going to become a target. And he  says all the politicians are involved. I’m not surprised  by anything in this video. NE1

P.S. Pass this video on to everyone you know.


Published on Sep 20, 2014

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16 thoughts on “Gangstalker debriefing- Targets – MUST SEE VIDEO!

    • I wish I could help you, but I’m in the same position I, and a lot of others, are in. We’re basically at the mercy of the perps. And we can’t get anyone to help us. I am spreading the word by writing this blog.

  1. you know whats so fascinating to me? all I did was be such a good pot head, they never caught me….NOW they’ve spent ALOT to stalk me for well over a decade….sometimes I enjoy a drink…ive never murdered anyone or sold drugs to people….when I moved, they just continued to stalk me…..moving wont help

    the taxpayers would fire all these people if they knew how much has been spent to harass me, awesome find with this video

      • I’d be surprised if they get anything at all. Most perps do it just for cheap thrills. Perps pretending to be targets is nothing new either. You can tell theyre not targets because they don’t have much to say about it, they don’t really seem to grasp what its like. A legitimate video of a guy talking in a public place is way different than illegally recording targets in private settings for the purpose of harrassment.

  2. The video ALMOST looks good as perp wanna be “confesses” to being recruited at City Hall in San Jose? He talks in detail about what he was offered (i.e. gift cards) and why gangstalking was being done (to keep the peace, ha ha). I want to believe the author of this video got someone seriously talking about this but the supposed perp wanna be blushes and smirks a little too much. It’s probably an act…a perp false flag or something. I know the perps that live around me get cars, computers, new beds, etc…not just little cards to Target. Could be the reason that the homeless around here look so spiffy in their new clothes with state of the art phones and bicycles. They dress better than I do. Multiple gift cards?

  3. NE,
    If you haven’t yet, you must read George Orwelle’s book, 1984. Everything that you do is being recorded so the perps can play it back over and over again. People who you hadnt even met yet when you had a conversation will reference it like they were there. Makes you wonder if they even know where it originated. What a sick sick game!

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