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Gang Stalking – Accused of calling perp a “pig”.

Well, I’ve just been told that one more complain about me and I’ll be trespassing in the library if I come back.  I had an incident with a woman this morning. I was standing far away from everybody and she came really close to me, practically on top of me. I told her to get away from me. And I moved away.  The guard and one librarian came in and told me that they wanted to talk to me. I went out to the hallway and the security guard stood by. He’s the one who the woman went to and he reported me.  These lowlifes will lie about anything. I think they get a bonus if they have me thrown out of the library.  The woman told them that I called her a “pig”. Which I did NOT!!! She made that up.  And now the “b” is probably feeling her oats. I don’t even want to  say what I think of the woman.  It’s amazing. They came over, didn’t ask me if it happened, just accused me.  Found guilty without hearing my side. These criminals should all be in PRISON!!!!!  The librarian told me that I’m being written up. Being written up for supposedly calling someone a pig. Is this grade school?  They just want me kicked out of the library so I can’t write my blog anymore.   You should’ve seen the librarian’s face. He acted like I committed a murder.  And the guard standing by was told that if I acted up again, I’m not  allowed in the library again. It’ll be considered trespassing.

So let them throw me out. I’m sick of all these bastards. But I’ll tell you something, I’ll find a way to get in touch with you all. The library throwing me out will not stop me. And I hope every one of them goes to hell!

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Gang Stalking – Any family member who gang stalks another is lower than slime.

Every time I read an article on gang stalking that states that our family’s not involved in our gang stalking, I  think of  how  my family’s involved in my stalking. One of my sisters, even recruits people to harass me.  When I decided that I’d had enough of Las Vegas, I decided to go back to Florida and find an apartment. My sister seemed very helpful. She drove me around to different apartment complexes. They were all, of course, apartments full of gang stalkers. At the time, I did not know this.  But I did notice that everywhere we went, the managers of the complexes totally ignored me. All the attention was on her.  So I paid attention to what was going on. I noticed that everywhere we went, she was signing people up to stalk me.  All the people signed the form she had.  They didn’t even read the waiver she asked them to sign.  She mentioned money and after that they could not care less what they had to do. I always wonder when these people found out what they had to do,  did any them question what they were  going  to be doing to other people.  They were going  after fellow Americans who’d done nothing. Fellow American who  done nothing and  painted as criminals, terrorists, crazies, etc. Did any of them question what they were about to do? Did they say they didn’t want to get involved in such a thing? I bet not one of them thinks what they are doing is wrong.

How can anyone in his/her right mind think that what they’re doing is right?

They torture people, try to drive them insane, mess with the person’s mind, stalk them, hit them with chemicals, damage their property, etc. How can any sane human being think  this is the right thing to do to another human being?

I guess when it comes to money, for these people, it an okay thing to do for money. Hurting another person does not count. These people, in my opinion, are all very sick individuals.

And my sister, I no longer speak to her. Any sister who gets someone to sign a waiver so she can get money for doing it, is no sister of mine. How would she like it if I did it to her? She would think I’m the lowest of the low for doing something like this to a family member.  And that’s what I think of her, she’s lower than slime. And I told her so.

And anyone who tries to convince you family members are not  gang stalking you, is either a fool or a perp. Either way, they’re not on your side.

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Gang Stalking – Eager Beaver perp loses.

New perp yesterday  – Good-looking and knows it. He’s full of himself.

I begin to type my blog and get toward the end, almost finished with it.  The new perp gets into  the computer and I can’t figure what’s he’s doing. I can’t find “save” nor “publish”.  I try different things, but nothing works.  I  just get a  lot of empty space.

I look at the new perp and tell him that hacking will get him 3-20 years in prison. He laughs. Tells me that he’s hacking me! I tell him,  “I know”. He laughs again and continues to mess with the computer. I tell him that I’m going to tell the librarian what he said.  He laughs again. He laughs because he knows the librarian won’t help me. I get the librarian and show her what’s he done to my site. She looks at the perp and gives him a big smile. I catch her. She tells me that he’s not hacking my computer. That something is wrong with the site. I tell her that there’s nothing wrong with the site! She walks out. Bitch!!

Her telling me that he’s not hacking me makes me really want to get the jerk. I do things on the computer I’m not allowed to do. When it comes to it, it’s  them or me. This time it’s me. Finally! All the spaces disappear from my blog. I quickly hit “Publish”.  My blog gets published. Yea!

I go over to the perp and tell him that I’ve published my blog and that’s all I care about.

The new perp does not look happy. He looks puzzled. He’s probably asking himself “What happened’?” The smile on his face disappears.

Not the first time it’s happened to an eager beaver perp. Not so sure of himself anymore. I leave the computer room with a big smile on my face. Got another one!!!

As I sit here, I got another eager beaver. We’ll see who wins this time.

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Gang Stalking – Sticking out my tongue on the bus.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me on the bus.

I was on the bus and my stop was coming up, so I  walked up to the front to be closer to my stop.  The bus was full and when I got to the front I had to face an Asian man. From the moment I got up to the front, the man watched me. After a while, I got annoyed,  and I gave him mean looks. He kept on looking.  I finally scrunched up my face in a way that said “What the ‘F’ are you looking at?” He kept on looking. Finally, he took his tongue and moved it around his mouth in the way a kid sticks his tongue out at another kid. I took out my tongue and stuck it out the same way.  He began to laugh. He found it funny. So the two of us stood in the bus sticking our tongues out at each other. A smile crossed his face, and we both begun to laugh.  A man standing next to me also began to laugh because he’d been watching both of us acting like kids.  All three  of  were laughing like 3-year-olds. The people on the bus  could not figure out what was happening on the bus and got very curious and stopped talking.  My bus came, I got off the bus with a smile on my face. And I left the two men on the bus still laughing.  One of the funniest days I’ve had on the bus.

It was good to laugh for a change.

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Gang Stalking – Jesus loves all the perps!!!

I came home again with my jeans torn.  (They started already. They just deleted what I wrote. Two sentences and  delete.) Well, as I was writing, my jeans had a big rip by the pockets.  I don’t let anyone near me when I’m out, so it’s something done long distance.  What’s strange is that when I look at the tear, there’s no thread.  I don’t know what happens to the thread.  I hope the idiot who’s doing it goes straight to you know where. I don’t want to offend anyone.

I passed by a computer store today and went in to get information about having my computer fixed.  An Arabic looking man came over and asked me if he could help me.  I replied, “Yes, I’d like my computer fixed.”  He said, “What’s wrong with it?”  I said, “It has a lot of malware in it, and I can’t get rid of it.”   He replied, “Yes, we can help you.  We can do it in half an hour.”  I said, “Wow!  Whenever I take it Best Buy it takes a whole week for them to fix.  And how much is it by the way?”  He replied, “Oh, $50.00.  And if it’s really a mess, we charge $75.00.”  I noticed while the man talked to me that he had his right hand touching a “certain” part of his body.   I had my sunglasses on, so he couldn’t tell if I was looking at it or not.  So he kept talking and doing his thing.  This man is definitely a perp.  He’s either a perp or creepy person who enjoys doing this to a woman. I made believe I didn’t notice what he was doing. I thought of saying something to him, but I’m sure he would have been very happy to know that he’d gotten my attention.

Just the thought of doing business with this creep made me feel sick.  I think I’ll pass up the good price.  There’s no way if I return to the store that I can keep my mouth shut.  Just another perp creep!

My anti-virus just notified me that it removed 40 threats from my computer.  And more creeps making my life a joyless existence. And  by the way, WordPress, they just tried to take my browser to learn WordPress. Just a warning!

You’ll get yours apartment 204.  You definitely will!  Jesus loves you!!!

No pictures today. I don’t have the patience to mess around with computer trying to fix it.

P.S. My threats just increased by 54.  Amazing!

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Gang Stalking – A victim of torture will not always stand up for the rights of others.

Pay Phone

Pay Phone (Photo credit: Kichigai Mentat)

Civil Rights, Civil Means

Civil Rights, Civil Means (Photo credit: Village Square)

insurance broker

insurance broker (Photo credit: Elva Keaton)

I had to call an insurance company to get insurance.  The complex where I live requires tenants  have insurance.   I don’t really need insurance.  I own absolutely nothing of value.  If I did, the perps would steal or rip it apart.

I had to go to the public pay phone to make  the call to the insurance company.  I have  a phone, but I can only make emergency calls, or if my phone works,  it’s disconnected constantly by the hackers.

So I don’t even bother with my phone. I don’t want to end up with ulcers.

I went to the public  pay phone by 7-11. This is about the only phone left I can use.  All the others don’t work, or disconnect me after a few minutes.

I got in touch with the insurance company and was talking with the agent when I noticed someone standing by listening to my conversation and taking photos of me.  I took out my phone and began taping the person.  He saw me doing to him what he was doing to me and got angry.

He said, “Are you taking pictures of me?”  I  replied, “I’m just doing what you’re doing.”

“You better stop taking pictures of me,” he said.

He got on his phone and began to dial 911.

I said, “You’re outside. I can take photos of  you; you’re out in public. And when someone is out in public, he has no privacy rights.”

As I was speaking a woman came out.  He immediately began complaining to the woman that I was taking pictures of him. She didn’t say anything and took out her camera to tape me.

They walked away, and then about a minute later, they both returned.  She took pictures of me, and he said, “You’re crazy. You’re crazy.”   They stood looking at me, trying to get a reaction out of me.

While the woman took photos, I posed for her in a model-like way.

They  both got angry  that they weren’t getting to me, so the man walked over and clicked my call off.

I told the man to get away from me.  And he’d better pay me for the money I put in the phone.  He answered, “That’s my money? I said, “Your money?  How’s that your money?”   “It’s my money,” he replied.

I got angry and told him to get away from me.

The man was extremely girlish.  A gay man.

And you’re probably wondering what gay has to do with anything.

Well, here was a man who probably’s been harassed his whole life, but he was harassing me.  He did not think it was wrong for him to perp me.

Which proves that just because someone has been a victim of torture that he’s not going to become a torturer of someone else.

It makes me angry that people like him and others who’ve suffered think nothing of going after us targets.

All my life I’ve fought for gay rights, civil rights for all people, and when it comes time for these people to step up and fight for the rights of others, they’re nowhere to be  seen.

From now on, all I’m care about  is my rights and the rights of other targets.

All those other people have others fighting for them, but no one is fighting for us targets.

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