Gang Stalking – It’s a hard job being charismatic.

Just another ordinary day in Perplandia. I got thrown down again the other day. I must admit I said something to the woman. I called her a slut. All day long, women harassed me by coming in front of me and shaking their booties. They shake their booties so they can get paid for shaking their booties in front of me. And I kept quiet. But after a while, I just wanted to sock some of the women. I was standing at the traffic light leading to my apartment when a woman walked up to me and acted like a slut. I’d had enough! I called her a slut. She turned around and said, “What?! What did you call me? A slut!” I said “Yes. Any woman goes around shaking her booty at someone else for the money is a slut.” The woman turned around and pushed me. I fell on the gravel. I didn’t get hurt, because as I’ve told you before, I’ve learned how to fall without getting hurt. This is  the equivalent of  the men always taking out their penis when I’m around. Only it’s woman shaking their booties. These people who harass me seem to have  obsession with sexual things, especially in Las Vegas. I don’t think this would happen to me so much if I lived in another city. They’re all disgusting pieces of human waste. As I write this, I’m sitting on the library steps, and it’s been non-stop human traffic. Usually, this area is very quiet and hardly anyone comes this way. But, of course, when I’m around, it becomes the “in” place to be, or walk. I’m just so magnetic that people have to walk by me. It’s a hard job being so charismatic. It’s hard keeping the groupies away from me.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It’s a hard job being charismatic.

  1. I have been gang stalked from late teen life. I moved from Florida to Texas. Sorry to say but there are sexual perps everywhere. You would thing living in a gated neighborhood would help but people have it in them to be gross. Everyday I hear a black male saying perverse things to me. If it helps my grandma says everything will come to light. They have never physically touched me. But the mental and emotional tortue for years is hard. Reading your blog lets me know I’m not alone.

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    • That’s why I write my blog. I want people who are going through what I’m going through to know that they are not alone. That there are a lot of others out like them. Thanks for getting in touch.

      • The women shaking their asses in front of you might also be an attempt to force you to question your sexual orientation.

        I’ve heard “faggot” thousands of times and I’m not but the point is that any insecurity that you have they’ll try and pry open as wide as possible attempting to turn it into a full blown obsession.

        They also try and CREATE insecurities/fears/phobias where none existed before through NLP conditioning and directed energy weapons (to set up triggers in your mind during the sleeping state among other mind fuck things).

        • Oh, I agree it’s trying to make me question my sexuality. I know their mind games. But if there’s one thing I know about myself is that I prefer men. No men in Las Vegas,though. I’ve never seen such down and low men in my life. Most of them live with their mommas, or some woman who support them.

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