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Gang Stalking – It’s a hard job being charismatic.

Just another ordinary day in Perplandia. I got thrown down again the other day. I must admit I said something to the woman. I called her a slut. All day long, women harassed me by coming in front of me and shaking their booties. They shake their booties so they can get paid for shaking their booties in front of me. And I kept quiet. But after a while, I just wanted to sock some of the women. I was standing at the traffic light leading to my apartment when a woman walked up to me and acted like a slut. I’d had enough! I called her a slut. She turned around and said, “What?! What did you call me? A slut!” I said “Yes. Any woman goes around shaking her booty at someone else for the money is a slut.” The woman turned around and pushed me. I fell on the gravel. I didn’t get hurt, because as I’ve told you before, I’ve learned how to fall without getting hurt. This is  the equivalent of  the men always taking out their penis when I’m around. Only it’s woman shaking their booties. These people who harass me seem to have  obsession with sexual things, especially in Las Vegas. I don’t think this would happen to me so much if I lived in another city. They’re all disgusting pieces of human waste. As I write this, I’m sitting on the library steps, and it’s been non-stop human traffic. Usually, this area is very quiet and hardly anyone comes this way. But, of course, when I’m around, it becomes the “in” place to be, or walk. I’m just so magnetic that people have to walk by me. It’s a hard job being so charismatic. It’s hard keeping the groupies away from me.

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Gang Stalking- Amanda and Jerad Miller – victims of government harassment?

I’ve done more reading on the Millers, the couple who shot the police officers in Las Vegas.  The two Millers were definitely targets. I have no doubt of it.

I read where he had problems with Department of Motor Vehicles.  We all have had problems with government agencies. I know I have. I’ve had problems with Social Security, DMV.   I live  in Las Vegas, but  the official office I have to use is in Henderson.  One time I had a problem with my card and I decided I was not going to take that long trip to Henderson, so I went to the office in Las Vegas. The woman did not like that I was using the office in Las Vegas and told me that she didn’t have to help me because my regular office is in Henderson. She was very rude and got the guard to come over and watch me. While I spoke with her, the guard, 6’5″ Hawaiian stood right behind me, with his arms folder, with a nasty look on his face. I got fed up with having no privacy, turned around and said, “Is there a problems?”  He nodded no. So I said, “So why do you have to stand behind me?”  He unfolded his arms and said, “No reason.”  I kept looking at him and he finally walked away. But this is the way we’re treated wherever we go. It doesn’t matter if it’s a private business, government agency, court-house, we get the same rude treatment. I’m sure this is what happened in the Miller case. He went in to get his license, they were rude to him and he responded as any normal human being would respond to someone treating us like lowlifes. But, of course, that’s not the way the story came out. The DMV said he caused problems, but they never said they had any part in why he caused the problems.

We targets can never get our stories out. No one wants to listen to anything we have to say. And if a target has a problem with anyone, it’s always the target who caused the problem. It’s never the other person, the agency, the store, the doctor.  No, the fault is always with the target.

I bet the Millers were two nice people who never did harm to anyone.  Now, they’re dead and  will  go down in history as two terrorists without anyone hearing their side of the story. The public won’t hear how they were probably harassed 24/7, sprayed with chemicals, mistreated by family, friends, strangers and anyone they came in contact with. The only thing people will hear is that they were terrorists.

There have been so many shootings, I can’t keep track anymore. And I’m sure a lot of them were victims of government harassment. Victims who couldn’t take anymore harassment. They were tired. Tired of living the life they had to live every day of their lives. They decided death was better than the lives they were living. It was time to let go.

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Gang Stalking – Women of Las Vegas, not interested in seeing your underwear!

I sometimes feel as if I’m living in a time warp. Las Vegas seems to have gone backwards instead of forward. It’s like the 30s, 40s, 50s used to be. Men act macho and the women hanger’s on. The women don’t want to work and are willing to be hangers’ on. They dress as if they’re going to  a brothel rather than work. I don’t know if they’re told to dress this way to attract men to where they are, or if it’s of their own making. Either way, don’t they have any respect for themselves? Why do they sell themselves so short? They are more than the way they dress; but if you visit Las Vegas, you would not think so. You would think that women in Las Vegas are not very educated, smart, hard-working, have children, married, etc. The impression they put out there is none of the things I mentioned.

These women go out of their way to show me how short their skirt is, how low their blouse or t-shirt can show their breasts. Some of them wear their skirts so high, I can see their underwear.

And the men, what can I say about the men? I don’t even know where to start? Most of them look as if they never shower, or take a bath. They also wear short-shorts. What a sight to see! It’s supposed to turn me  men wearing short-shorts and women wearing low-cut blouses. and shaking their booties.

To me, Las Vegas is a lost cause. It has had its day in the sun and needs to change. People are not gambling as much anymore. What they are doing is drinking a lot and going to prostitutes. That’s Las Vegas’ main two attractions. And these two attractions can be found in a  lot of other cities. Cities where there is more than drinking and prostitutes.

Anyway, It’s just a rant for today. I’m getting sick of walking behind women who show me their cheeks. I’m not interested. What I’d like to do to the bitches I can’t say here.

What I’d like to say to them – Stop acting like hookers! Grow up! Go home, clean your homes, take care of your children, make sure they don’t follow your lead in life and  become hookers!

Now, I feel a lot better getting if off my chest. But I’m sure they are not going to stop! They like doing what they’re doing. They think they look sexy.  Oh, pleaseee!!!!!!!

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Gang Stalking – Fathers, grab your daughters and sons and get the hell out of Las Vegas.

What an awakening I had this morning.

On my daily walk,  a Mexican man came up to me and started coughing. You know the cough they do every time they see us. I gave him a dirty look and crossed the street. He followed. We were standing waiting for the light to turn green and he coughed again. I gave him another dirty look. While I stood there looking at him, he unzipped himself, opened his jeans and began playing, with what looked to me, a very small Vienna sausage. I looked directly into his face and said, “You’re a pig, pig, pig.” He laughed and kept it up.  I turned around again and said, “You’re a pig, pig, pig. You’re a disgusting pig.”  I told him, “If I were in New York, I’d call the cops on you. They arrest people like you in New York , but here the cops are as perverted as you and won’t do a thing. They’ll just laugh at me.” He said,   “I no pig.” I laughed. I laughed because I wanted to kick him where it really hurts, but I knew, I’d be the one that would get blamed for the incident.

This is what Las Vegas is all about, disgusting men and women acting like uncivilized human beings.

I  read an article yesterday and it was a man worrying about letting his daughter grow up in Las Vegas.  He was afraid if he let her grow up in Las Vegas, she become a pole dancer and wondered if he should leave. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up seeing half-naked women acting like sluts everywhere she went.

I know this man doesn’t read my blog, but I want to say to those fathers who live in Las Vegas and have daughters and sons, run, run, run like hell out of Las Vegas unless you want them to grow up to  act and dress like sluts and become pole dancers. Las Vegas is really a horrible place for a woman to be. I know, you’re probably wondering why I stay here.  It’s because it’s very inexpensive to live, but I’ve come to a point in my life, where more and more, I’m becoming disgusted with men playing with themselves and women who have no dignity,  don’t even know what the word means. Women who think it’s sexy to wear such low-cut blouses that nothing is hidden from someone’s view. This is sexy to these women.  They don’t know any better. And that’s what will happen to girls who grow up in Las Vegas.

So, fathers, grab your daughters and run for their lives.

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Gang Stalking – The library is an insane asylum.

Every time I come into the library I feel I’ve come into an insane asylum. People (mostly men) laughing like hyenas for absolutely no reason. Grown men acting like two-year years who need their diapers change; acting like silly school boys. People talking to themselves non-stop.   Constantly blowing their noses for absolutely no reason at all. Just to annoy others. This is probably how a real asylum is. I don’t have to go to one, I am in one. Non-stop hijinks of the lowest form. The people who use the library should  really be in a real insane asylum.  I can understand today why there are so many women who are alone.  Who wants to deal with men who act like two-year-olds who need their diapers changed?   Not me, for sure.   I  apologize to decent men everywhere who are not like the ones I run to on a daily basis here in Las Vegas.  I know there are still a lot of decent men out there, they’re just living somewhere other than Las Vegas. The place of immature men. That’s why they all live here. I’m sure you all know the Las Vegas logo “What happens here, stays here.”  Well, I’m making sure that what happens here in Las Vegas doesn’t stay here. I want  the  world to know what Las Vegas is really like. The state should change its logo to: The place for immature men.  If you ‘re  an immature male Las Vegas is the place for you.

Oh, I’m  sure I’ll have a lot of men in Las Vegas giving me dirty looks, but it feels so good  to let the men who use the library know how I feel.

That’s my rant for the day.

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Gang Stalking – Vegas, Baby!

Two Towers Las Vegas

Two Towers Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I wrote that I probably would not be writing a blog on Saturday and Sunday.  But then I got home and thought “why am I going to let a bunch of lowlifes stop me from doing something I want to do?” So I decided I’d drag myself to the library and check on comments made. And here I am. As always, the library is full of perps. As soon as I leave home, they get  messages telling them that I’m coming into the library. Of course, I don’t always come to the library first.  I do other things first and then come into the library and mess with their schedules. So a lot of them come in, use the computer and  computer time before I get here and have to leave. I love it when they have to leave and there’s no paycheck for them for the day. They only get paid if they’re in the computer room with me, otherwise, no pay for the idiots! And a lot of times, I’ll leave early after a lot of them get here. Again, no paycheck. I see them come in after I’ve arrived and when I leave early, they make faces because they wasted their time coming to the library. Too bad!! My heart  breaks for the perps.  Why don’t they get real jobs?  The economy is getting better in Las Vegas, and I don’t see why these people have to be out here harassing targets. I guess it’s an easier life for them to harass us targets. They can sit at home and not work too hard.  Just be lazy bums, and destroy anything good.  Most of these people don’t know about good, only bad. A lot of them are criminals. I tried to write something on Facebook about the perps being criminals and my comment kept being deleted. That definitely told me something, that I’m right.

And a lot of the perps come to the library to look up women. I see one heavy-set man all the time. Every time I happen to look over at the computer he’s using,  he’s looking at photos of  black women with children. Makes me think that he’s looking for women with children because he’s a child molester. Otherwise, why women with children all the time? I would think he’d be looking for single women, too.  To each his own, but the perps seem to have no other interest than looking at naked women. That tells me a lot about them. That’s why a lot of them do what they do. Vegas, Baby! Sometimes things people do in Vegas disgust me. You’re probably wondering why I stay in Las Vegas, it’s for the inexpensive rents. I’ve never been anywhere where the rents are so low.

P.S. I’ve noticed that they’re taking me back to comments from 2012.  Make sure you’re in comments for 2013. I think I answered a few comments from 2012. They want to make you and me seem crazy, like we don’t know what year it is.


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Gang Stalking – Look forward to seeing perps in handcuffs.

English: Slogan for the support of the persecu...

English: Slogan for the support of the persecuted American ex-soldier who is claimed to have leaked secret documents to WikiLeaks Deutsch: Slogan für die Unterstützung und Freilassung von Bradley Manning, der beschuldigt wird, geheime Dokumente an WikiLeaks weitergegeben zu haben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1990s (mid) - Theta Zeta - Steve - handcuffs - 23

1990s (mid) – Theta Zeta – Steve – handcuffs – 23 (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

Well, I have to start my blog again. I can’t find the blog I just typed. The you know what disgusting pieces of human waste deleted it.

Today, I thought it must be freezing outside. My apartment is so cold that I bundled up to go out.  When I stepped outside, it was 30 degrees warmer than in my apartment.

Before I left my apartment I decided to investigate what’s happening inside it. Why is my apartment so cold?  I’ve always been puzzled by how large my clothes closet is.  It’s a walk-in closet. What single person living in a studio apartment needs a walk-in closet? I don’t have enough clothing to fill a quarter of a closet. So why the big closed? It’s always made me very suspicious.  Anyway, I was standing in the closet by a big, oblong piece of something. I tried to remove what’s covering the piece to see what it is, but it’s glued into place with very strong glue, and I couldn’t remove the carpeting that covers the thing.  While I’m standing by this piece, I get very, very cold. And I feel around the piece, and I can feel that very cold air is coming out of the piece. I go all around the piece and the air just gives me shivers it’s so cold.  It’s some kind of coolant under the carpeting, that’s why my apartment’s so cold.  When I walk around my apartment, I can feel wires underneath my feet.  They’ve run this coolant throughout my apartment, and with all the holes in the apartment I understand why my apartment is so cold. I heard on this radio that they do this to illegal aliens. When the aliens are put in cells, the border patrol guards  make the cells very cold. The aliens even have a name for what they experience. It’s called “freezeadores”. I hope I spelled the word right.  They do this to the aliens to get them to go back to where they came from. And it seems to work.  A lot of them beg to go back to their country.  They can’t handle the cold. So I guess our handlers think it’s funny to do the same to American citizens. I can sympathize with the aliens. I can understand how they feel, especially since the same thing is happening to me. This is also, I think, what they did to Bradley Manning. I remember reading something like this happening to him. There is no other word for these disgusting pieces of  s–t who do this to us, but the word evil. These people are evil.  And some day, they will pay the price for what they’re doing to us.  And you can bet on that. They can get away with what they’re doing to us for a while, but eventually it will come out. Nothing stays quiet forever. And now that’s I’ve written about the cold, the librarians have put air conditioner on and  making the library very cold. The librarians at the Clark County Library, also known as Flamingo Library, are as evil  as any perp I’ve run into. They’re evil, too. But they, too, will get their day. I look forward to the day I see them all in handcuffs.

They probably thought I wouldn’t retype my blog again, but they still don’t know me too well. They think they do, but they have absolutely no idea how strong I am. I thank my mother for her strong genes. Thanks, mom. Love you and miss you.

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Gang Stalking – Karma is a bitch!

Pipes to a condenser of an air conditioner

Pipes to a condenser of an air conditioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cold Weather (film)

Cold Weather (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I wrote that Las Vegas rarely has bad weather. Well, Karma is a bitch.  As soon as I wrote that, the weather in Las Vegas  changed for the worse.  It is now in the low 40s, and it’s been raining for three days.  And it’s cold, cold, cold. I don’t really mind the cold weather, but my apartment is like an ice zone.  My heater doesn’t work. I told the manager about my air conditioner not working and she said she’d have it fixed.  Of course, she did nothing. The air conditioner heats up for about a minute and then turns cool. I can hear the click when it’s about to turn cool. The idiots are messing around with the air conditioner. It probably work if they’d stop clicking off.

This new apartment of mine should be condemned. It is awful. It’s not fit for a pig or a dog, nor human.

Let’s start with the kitchen sink. What a mess!  I had them cover the hole, but since it’s gotten so cold I really took a good look at what they did.  The underneath part of the kitchen sink has holes galore.  I can see the pipes. All the holes are letting in the cold air.  And the pipe is leaking.  My oven, as always, doesn’t close all the way. It’s already starting to burn the side of my cabinet, as it always does.  My oven temperature is way off. I put the oven on 425 and feels like the setting is on 200 degrees. It takes me forever to cook anything. My last oven burned everything within two minutes!  Now this one is too low.  It takes me forever to heat up anything. The refrigerator is set to below zero, I’m sure. That’s where most of the cold comes from. They removed the ice maker part and left the part that let’s out cold air just open, letting out a lot of cold air.  There are holes in my windows, the door has no sealant, and I could on and on with what’s wrong with the apartment, but if I went on, I’d just depress myself, so I won’t.

This new apartment is worse than my last one. When I looked at the apartment everything was all right, but after  I signed lease, they went to work to make it a dump, as always!

In order for me to stay warm at night, this is what I have to wear: 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of pants, sweater, robe, 3 blouses, 2 t-shirts, and anything else that I can find to keep me warm.

I already hate the new place. I can’t say I hate the people because I’ve avoided them at all cost. I make sure I never look at them, so there are no faces to hate, and I intend to keep it that way. If you look at their faces, it just makes you hate them so much that you want to do something to them. This way I don’t know what any of them look like.

So Las Vegas is cold, cold, cold now. Next time I won’t write that Las Vegas always has good weather. Karma is a bitch!

I’m at the library again and, of course, all the perps are here like the zombies they are.

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Window air conditioner, from left side

Window air conditioner, from left side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gang Stalking -No matter how bad it gets, hang in there!

Edward Snowden Found

Edward Snowden Found (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

Sorry, I haven’t answered comments faster.  I haven’t gotten my computer fixed yet.  If I fix it, the hackers will break it as soon as I fix it.  The thought of coming into this disgusting library makes me ill. That’s why I haven’t responded sooner.

I don’t know if  any of you have kept up with what Edward Snowden’s doing, but he’s been given a Whistleblower Award. This is an award given to Americans who are brave enough to speak out against the government  by leaking information to the American public that the government doesn’t want the public to know.  So good for him.  In my opinion, he should have been given a Pulitzer prize.  And his father is also in Russia visiting him.  I’m sure it must make Snowden feel good to see his father.  His father has stood by him and thinks what his son did is very brave.  He’s lucky to have a father who stands by him.

I’ve had no luck finding an apartment.  The apartments in Las Vegas are just so awful!  There are a of rentals, but there’s only one I’ve seen that I liked.  The apartments in Las Vegas are all built with walkways.  And I’ve learned to hate walkways.  The perps, I’m sure love them. They use the walkways to harass us. I promised myself, no more walkways.  And the apartments are all built haphazardly.  There’s no privacy.  Every apartment looks into another.  And I can tell by the people who live in these places, they’re not people I have any desire to hang with.  My time is running short. I have to be out of the hell hole I live in by the end of October.  That’s 17 days I have left.  I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t find a place to live.  Wish me luck.

I know you who read this have to deal with s–t all the time, too.  Just don’t give in.  Keep believing in yourselves.  Some day, we’ll be free of this hell. We just have to hang in there. Love to every one of you.

P.S. Make sure you see the video of Snowden getting award.

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Gang Stalking – Another great day in Perplandia.

White Ferrari 458

White Ferrari 458 (Photo credit: DryHeatPanzer)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

For the last week or so, the perps keep ripping the pockets of my jeans.  They rip the jeans, I sew it back, go out and come home with my pockets ripped out.  I think  it’s done with a laser.  They get behind me and hit me with the laser.  And I’m not talking about those big lasers.  There are now some very small lasers that look like pens and can rip things apart without someone knowing what’s going on.  The idiots can’t think of enough stupid things to do.

And yesterday when I came out of a certain store, I saw the white car that constantly follows me around.  I went behind the car to see if it had the same license as the car I see all the time.  The woman in the car saw me looking at the car and took off.  So, today, everywhere I went the same type car with an antenna sticking out was everywhere.  At one point, I was standing by the traffic light waiting to cross, and about 20 white cars with antennas made a left turn and, of course, made sure I saw them.  I can’t believe people can be such zombies. It’s amazing to me how people can be so stupid!  It was white cars with antennas everywhere I turned. I saw at least 200 white cars today.  I wonder how many I’ll see tomorrow. What a bunch of idiots!

And when I was taking a walk, I saw two police officers manhandling a homeless man, so I stopped to watch.  The police officers immediately wanted to know “did I want something?”  I always have an answer ready, because I know how police officers in Las Vegas  are.  They don’t like anyone watching them. They’re really paranoid.  So I put my middle finger up and said, “Is it against the law to show someone the middle finger?”   He answered, “No, no, it isn’t.”  I was going to write something else, but I think I better not. It might get me in trouble. I certainly don’t need any more problems. I have enough.

I asked the police officer the question, because when I liv

Middle finger

Middle finger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ed in Arizona  it’s against the law to show someone the middle finger. It’s considered profanity in Arizona and a person can get arrested.  My sister, the one who targeted me, was put in jail for 11 days for telling a neighbor to go “F–k herself!”  If  a person complains about someone using profanity, the cops come and give the person a warning.  My sister was given a warning, but she didn’t listen and again told her neighbor to “F–k Off!”  I was at her trial.  It’s the most ridiculous law I’ve ever heard off.  Arizona is like one of those Muslim countries.  Don’t ever live there if you can help it. And then there’s Sheriff Arpaio.  He’s a real Nazi.  Can you believe someone spending 11 days in jail for using profanity?  It’s true. I saw the trial, so it happened.

Enough for today. Have a good night. Sleep well, that is, if you can.

Another great day in Perplandia.

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