Gang Stalking – United States of Secrets

PBS had a program on March 14 explaining the truth of the NSA surveillance program and the people involved with the program. Most of the people quit and were never able to  get jobs again that paid enough money for them to live well. The U.S. government made sure of that. There’ll be  part  2  on May 21. Make sure you watch if you have a t.v.  I can’t watch because I don’t have a television.   Below is some info on the program.

Contact info:

CORRECTION: The program is on May 20th.




6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – United States of Secrets

  1. I have never made more than 8 or 9 dollars an hour in my life. I was pressured to finish “college” to get a good “job” but nothing ever appeared. The only semi decent job I ever had was for only 2 years. It had benefits. Other jobs have been 1. food service 2. temp jobs 3. menial jobs. 4. office jobs with no benes that a dog could do.

      • We live in the 1950s almost. No car, no dishwasher, etc. I don’t have a microwave or a tv (don’t want one). So far my apts have not been hell holes but I’ve had perp neighbors at each place.

        • Well, I guess you can say that. I have no car, t.v., microwave. I have nothing that they can hit me with, or hide in. Even though the walls and floors are places enough to hide in. I’ve had perps everywhere I live, too.

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