Gang Stalking – Why not give up?

Well, it’s another bad day at the library. Every lowlife showed up today. There isn’t anyone  who looks normal. They’re a sick-looking bunch. Sound like they’re all on drugs and homeless. I wouldn’t wish these people on the devil.

Every 3 or 4 months I take stock of my life. How have  I been handling the perps, what can I do to improve things in my life? But I always come up that there’s really nothing I can do. Everything is out of my power. Big government is bigger than I am and has most of the power, but there’s something they can’t do, it is control me entirely. They can control me in how I’m harassed, but they can’t  stop  me from doing what I want to do.

I still go out almost every day, go to the movies, listen to music, spend time walking around, go shopping, every once in a while, I help someone, though now, I rarely help anyone anymore. Most of the people will turn around and practically spit on me.  They’ll walk away with an evil smile on their face and let me know that I’ve been had. So helping people is now out of the question.  They can help themselves. They all turn out to be perps. Not once has someone who needed help turn out to be a decent human being.

I also ask myself the question: why am I sticking around? Yes, why?  It seems I have no future. I haven’t had a future for 5 years now. Going on my 6th in July.

I’ve lost my family. I have no friends. My mother and father are long gone. I can’t find a decent job if my life depended on it. All I can find is dead-end jobs which pay very little money. Everywhere I go I’m treated as if I have a disease.  People are nasty all the time. Can’t even think about  a romantic relationship. Can’t think of marriage. Can’t think about tomorrow, because thinking about tomorrow only reminds me of another bad day being followed, harassed, etc. I can’t trust anyone. I’ve been beaten up more times than I care to count. Can’t even feel safe in my home with all the break-ins I have into my apartment. It’s just one miserable day after another. So why do I want to keep going? Why don’t I just stop this miserable life?

But I have this strong will. It has not been taken away from me. The idiots are not going to win. They’re not going to defeat me. They make me want to stay alive and see them go straight to prison. I want to see their  hands in handcuffs  and shackled  and crying like the BIG babies and cowards they are.  That’s enough reason for me to stick around and never give up! I want them all to pay for what they’ve done to me and thousands, perhaps millions, of others who are innocent victims of their atrocity. They will not win. The will to see all these criminals in prison outweighs everything else.

Their day is coming soon. I know it is. And I can’t wait for that day to happen!!!

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32 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Why not give up?

  1. Never ever give up. We are in a small town. They have left us alone. My two neighbor’s dogs are here all the time. They are vicious, but love me and my hubby and have been great guard dogs. They sleep on my porch just about every night. We feed them and love on them. The fedex driver won’t even get out of the truck when he makes a delivery here.

    I have one lady who is moving to my area soon. You could get a job in my area. People here leave others alone. I have peace here. You will too. There is no need to suffer where you are.

    This is a law abiding area. They are making it easier for honest people to have a concealed carry license. Getting a drivers license here and car tags are easy. People are very nice here. Many southerners were demonized and still are by the media as evil bitter clingers. Good! Keep up the stereotype media, keeps the riff raff out. People here do not tolerate being abused and gang stalked, they just don’t.

    • Right now, I can’t go anywhere. For financial reasons, I have to remain where I am until at least 2015. Thanks for encouraging me. I’d get a dog, but I know targets who’ve had their dogs killed. I’m afraid they’d do the same thing to any dog I got.

  2. They started to follow me around, people I never met would imitate postures I’m doing in privacy… I looked for hidden cameras in my apartment, when I watched some reality show on tv people were imitating my moves… (they could see what I see, but I couldn’t possibly realize that at the time),
    Then I went to the police and told them what is happening – big mistake… They dressed couple of male nurses who work at the mental hospital as policeman (later I recognized them) and in ambulance vehicle they took me to the mental hospital… they’ve released me after couple of months, but I refused to take drugs they prescribed, they were stalking me for a 6 months, gave all kinds of physical symptoms like tremor and parkinsons… but then the real horror started, they started to talk to me with voices on my left ear… I was finding/fighting words (inside) to conquer life… after 3 months of insomnia I experience real madness and drinked litter of liquer – big mistake and fell into coma… And walked up in regular hospital, couldn’t move and tied to machines… they were torture me from inside still…

    See this for clues:

    But I stayed alive…

    They didn’t harass me with voices all the time so I found job (I have a college degree), they’d attack me ones a year and usually I had to turn myself to a mental hospital and hope they will stop, sometimes they did and sometimes they didn’t – I had and still have a government job so they tolerated my sick leaves for a couple of months every year…

    Last three attacks I sucessfully survived without turning myself in… looks like I’m on fire;)


    • Well, I’ve discovered that they put listening devices in your wall and in you bed, so then it sounds like you’re hearing voices, but you’re not. Get an am/fm radio and you can hear what they’re saying. Make sure it’s am/fm radio, no new radios will pick it up. Get the oldest radio you can find so they have a problem hacking it with their new technology. They’ve done that to a lot of people. A lot of people here in the states have had the same experience. I was lucky. I stayed with my perp sister and found out a lot about the program. She didn’t tell me, I watched her like a hawk and learned a lot!!!! Don’t let them fool you again. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. They’re the sickos! Good luck! Oh, get a small am/fm radio with ear plugs and listen to it when the voices start. I know you like music so it should help. Music has been my savior, too. And if you can, get off those drugs they put you on. They’re not there to help you. They’re there to keep you zombie-like.

      • “Well, I’ve discovered that they put listening devices in your wall and in you bed, so then it sounds like you’re hearing voices, but you’re not.”

        I wish that this is true but I actually made meaningful conversations with them inside my head – it’s two way…

        I’ve set up a web site today and put some of the music I collected…

        Every REAL victim should check it out:

        Good luck.

  3. Add these videos I’ve sent you to your playlist and check the lyrics again, see these artists are among the biggest of the all “psychiatrists” undercover, that’s why they can do and be in life whatever they want and do what they do… They’re singing from our perspective mostly, that’s the only way they can say something as Bob Marley would want, songs and lyrics are the only way to make you see… in the real world everyone you get in contact to is approached and no-one is allowed to tell you anything… except me, I don’t belong so I don’t have to follow their rules

      • I checked out, the videos are there, I can see them, they might just blocking your access to them, and by the way I can see that my stalkers are not very happy with the things I write, they can see it as I can, you know… but as I said I don’t belong so I don’t care… they might recruit me and buy my silence but there are slim chances of that…

            • They didn’t deleted it, I even logged out from wordpress to check it, I can see and so everyone else how is opening this page… They might block you… Do you realize what might be happening here? My stalkers are probably already communicating with yours… even though we’re on different continets. They can see what we see, they have a fucking cameras in our eyes… Can you see why this is kept as a biggest secret, there are a lot (not many) people who are not them…

              I’ll give you another video hint, and you should change a computer or find another place…

              • Find another place. This happens to me at every library I use, so it would make no difference. I’ve changed my computer I don’t know how many times. They’ve made a copy and just install into any new computer I get. About the eyes, I don’t know if I believe that. Anyone think they can see through our eyes?

                • That is the biggest secret ever, they’ve been doing this already in 60’s … they can see on the monitor…

                  Somewhere in 50’s or 60’s:

                  Over dinner one night, Hitchcock related to Ernest Lehman his giddy enthusiasm for what North By Northwest is really about. He said, “Ernie, do you realize what we’re doing in this picture? The audience is like a giant organ that you and I are playing. At one moment we play this note on them and get this reaction, and then we play that chord and they react that way.
                  And someday we won’t even have to make a movie—there’ll be electrodes implanted in their brains, and we’ll just press different buttons and they’ll go ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah” and we’ll frighten them, and make them laugh. Won’t that be wonderful?”


                  “Through Your Eyes Their Light Burns
                  Hoping to Find
                  Inquisition Sinking You
                  With Prying Minds”


                  “I’m your dream, make you real
                  I’m your eyes when you must steal
                  I’m your pain when you can’t feel
                  Sad but true

                  I’m your truth, telling lies
                  I’m your reasoned alibis
                  I’m inside open your eyes
                  I’m you

                  Sad But True”

                  And I’m a living witness that is true…

                  I wrote some of my symptoms over the past 30 and some years (they’re seeing and hearing since I was only 8 or 9 years old), can you imaging if they could do it 30, 40 or 50 years ago already what kind of technology do they have now?


          • I can finally see it Am I unforgiven? I don’t know how to answer that question, but it’s a beautiful song and I love his voice. The song made me feel great. Have to get off the library computer, have a nice day.

  4. Dear neverending1’sblog. Do not give up. Your life is worth living. I have been reading your posts for a year now and look forward to reading them everyday. You are NOT crazy and you are not stupid and you are not alone. I have been gang stalked since April of 2013 and I believe you. I can relate to your posts having been through most of it myself. Please keep posting and don’t be afraid. I got your back.

    • Believe me, I’m not giving up. They’re the ones who will have to give in. As I’ve stated before, they’re going t have to kill me to stop me from blogging. And if they kill me, my misery will be over.

  5. The US Federal government is NOT the bad guy .  They collected data and metadata on the communications sytems because of the infiltration of the worst type of criminal gang – the massive foreign global drug and crime cartel.    If you don’t believe this, fine.  But do realize that the Mexican (just one part of the multinational drug and crime global network) cartels are now controlling entire cities and industries.  Do you really think they are just peddling drugs here in the US?   No!  They have long infiltrated local law enforcement, government agencies and businesses.  They are using STASI methods to pit mass numbers of Americans against convenient targets — single women with children,gays, and foreign women with advanced degrees or technical degrees (engineering, IT, finance, etc).    Eric Snowden could NOT possibly know the details of why this national information gathering program was set up.  It stayed secret until recently, when the government ascertained that military personnel and veterans were found to be targeted and many federal installations infiltrated. That was because the US forces were used forth rightly to stop terrorist attacks and for drug interdiction – since the early  1990s, at a time when many Americans began to become aware of stalking behaviors and the heavy toll from drug related crime in the US.   That crime was pushed out of the big cities into the medium and small cities, in the early 2000s.   Point the finger at international terrorists backed and funded by the drug cartels, who have bought so many Americans, who now can be bought cheaply, since the recession.   See how many are druggies, are lowlifes – they were the first wave of perps.   Now, we have grey-heads (elders) and students and young americans with heavy debts.  Their butts are also easily bought, no questions asked.   Do not approve this post and do not post it.  It is for your eyes only.    

  6. Never give up, always post here, I’m reading your posts…and support you, don’t be so angry at people around you, they have to follow the rules, it’s nothing personal, I told you the truth in my previous posts…
    Try to contact friends from the past, maybe ex love… I had only one chance for love in my life and never got another but I’m still in contact with my ex girlfriend… I even have a government job, of course I can’t become a boss or something but it’s a living… they’re allowing it, I’m a veteran of 1000 psychic wars…

    Here are some messages to us from one of the biggest:

      • I think that computers in library might block youtube videos, if you can’t see them that might be the case… or your stalkers don’t want you to see… you should check out also my other posts with videos… it helped me and guided me in my eyes of blindness some 10 years ago…

        Here is another video with lyrics:

        • I loved the video. I think I could have written it myself. The hackers delete all videos that I sent out or that are sent to me. That’s why I asked if you’d sent something, because I knew they’d deleted it. Thanks for video. Enjoyed it! Oh, they deleted it again, but I got to see it. Can you re-send it so others can hear it?

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