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Gang Stalking – United States of Secrets

PBS had a program on March 14 explaining the truth of the NSA surveillance program and the people involved with the program. Most of the people quit and were never able to  get jobs again that paid enough money for them to live well. The U.S. government made sure of that. There’ll be  part  2  on May 21. Make sure you watch if you have a t.v.  I can’t watch because I don’t have a television.   Below is some info on the program.


Contact info: http://neverending1.WordPress.com

CORRECTION: The program is on May 20th.




***Laura Poitras: Surveillance Teach-In***

Bill Binney’s in this video. I’ve written about him before. He used to be a former NSA worker who told about what is happening in the U.S. and the FBI broke into his home while he was in the shower and arrested him. Watch the video.

P.S.  I couldn’t finish watching this video.  When it got to the point where the woman begins to ask a question, they mess around with the video and I can’t hear it beyond that point. So anyone who watches the video, please tell me what question she, and others asked. They also turned the video off and the voice, so please let me know what went on beyond 50 point. It’s a MUST WATCH video. Thanks.



Published on Sep 11, 2012
In this Surveillance Teach-In, award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras is joined by computer security expert and privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum and National Security Agency whistle-blower Bill Binney to present an artistic and practical commentary on living in the contemporary Panopticon.

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