8 thoughts on “POWER OF PLACE

      • I’ve found since I’ve left the city, they’ve left us alone. Gangstalkers thrive in cities. They like to swarm and be in a hive consciousness. They enjoy being on top of one another, packed and crammed into large apartment complexes or condos. In the city they can be anonymous and hide in the crowd. If you’re in the country and they have to drive up a front long road to get to you, then they stick out. Then you could deal with them a lot differently.

        • I’ve been in places a lot less crowded then Las Vegas and they always find me. I have to find an island somewhere where no one lives. I think I know who my enemies are and caused this to happen in my life. It occurred to me the other day, but I don’t want to say anything further about it, but I know now.

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