Gang Stalking – Easter Bunny came early.

I’ve read some creepy stuff today.  If you can, listen to the comments by  Sgt. Nutter. It’ll grown hair on your chest, if you’re a woman. He  made  comment on my blog “And so it begins…”

The Easter bunny came early for me. It brought me a present. No, it’s not a basket full of peep pink eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, or colored eggs.

Drum roll

And I think I hear a hallelujah chorus in the background.




And capping of hands.

Finally! I got my eyeglasses.

After waiting for so long, I was afraid to go back to the optometrist. I was afraid my glasses wouldn’t be ready.

But they were.

Hallelujah chorus again.

I do like my new glasses, but the tint is still too dark, but I decided to take my glasses and perhaps get another pair later on.  At least people can see my eyes.

Perhaps some people think that it’s silly to write about a pair of glasses, but I don’t.

I was showing by this example how the gang stalkers screw with everything in our lives. How everything we do becomes an ordeal.  If we order something, it’s always the wrong size, color, fit, etc.  It’s a psychological game to drive us crazy. So while  it seems silly for me to write about my glasses, there’s a point to my writing. I’m not just writing for  vanity of it. I’m trying to make you aware of what they do to us, and will continue to do.

So you no longer have to read about my glasses.  Aren’t you happy?  I know I am.


Have a nice day.

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