Gang Stalking – Bring it on, perps.

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As you know, if you’ve read my blog, I’ve had a problem getting my ceiling fixed.  Today is day 5, and no one has shown up yet.  I see the people who fix the ceiling walking around doing nothing. But, yet, every time I go into the manager’s office to find out when the ceiling will get fixed, I’m told  the maintenance men are all too busy to come to my apartment.

I don’t trust the people who run the complex.  They are always trying to make my life miserable.

Last night, I heard someone on the roof.  I’m on the second floor and the roof is over me. I kept getting hit with electricity and it was coming from the hole in the ceiling.  I managed to cover the hole with plastic bags. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they’re watching me from the hole.   And I’m sure they’ve installed a camera, that’s why the plaster is paper-thin, so they can see me.

And this morning, I discovered that the video camera on my phone is on.  I didn’t turn it on.  When I discovered it open, I turned it off, but it won’t go off.  Since I can’t turn it off, this is what I did.  I took some cardboard, cut it to the size of camera window, stuck some duct tape on the cardboard, and taped it to the window.  Make sure you don’t put tape on the bottom part, this way you can pick up the cardboard and make changes to your  camera.  Even if the camera stays on, they can’t see what I’m doing.  I’m giving you this tip so that  if this ever happens to you, you can protect  yourself. You can never be too careful.  The camera came on every time I hit menu.

By the way, have you ever noticed that the perps always have the same phone you do?  That’s to make it easier for them to hit you when you’re walking around and to hack your phone.

We targets constantly have to be on guard for whatever the perps do to us.  It’s a constant game of who is going to win.  I won this round.  They can’t see me anymore, but I’m sure they’ll come with another way to watch me.  I’m ready for whatever comes. It’s an exhausting game, but we can’t let them win.  With each win, they have to come up up with something else. By winning, we keep them busy.

Bring it on, perps.  I’m ready for whatever you throw my way.

P.S. The hackers sent this blog to trash.  They didn’t want you to see it. Thank you, WordPress, for saving my blog.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Bring it on, perps.

  1. Yes ma’am. I painted over my camera with black nail polish a long time ago because I realized the same thing!
    If you were me, the girls in your office would know exactly the names you chose for them inside your apartment. I need not dial a phone to talk to someone of you know what I mean, and it’s better that way actually because they can’t argue with you. LOL

  2. I’ve gotten used to the cameras and mics as well. I don’t care anymore either. Their just perves and since there’s nothing I can do about it I just get on with my life. I have informed all of my kid’s friends that they are watched here though.

    I’m really glad this blog got saved, BTW…Yeah I’ve noticed that the perps always have the same kind of computer I have and name it the same thing I call mine. There are always 2 computers with the the same name on my searches of routes. They think I’m stupid enough to think it’s just my computer but I’m not!

    I hope you have some luck at the courthouse about your cieling!

    • Yes, I do. But it’s not pellets. It’s electricity directed at you. When the electricity hits plastic, or anything that draws electricity, it hits those items. You’re lucky it’s not hitting you. Don’t we just live a wonderful life?

  3. Hi. I have cameras installed in my home and they can listen to my conversations too, I learned to live with it. I don’t care anymore. My boyfriend is a perp. Oh, did I tell you my boyfriend is a perp. Yesterday, my contacts were erased and them they mysteriously appeared again. Could that be that it was hacked? My perps are deep. I have everybody and their mother and father following me from all angles. These mofos are everywhere. They are a bunch of cowards though. They are a bunch of chickens hiding behind sunglasses, hats, and tinted windows.

    • Do you have virus protection? Maybe your virus protection updated and returned your contacts. Or it could be your perp boyfriend hacked you and then felt bad and put the contacts back in. And the answer to whether you were hacked. Most definitely!

      By the way, what are “mofos”? I think I know what it means, but I’m not sure.

      • Oh yeah. All my contacts got erased on the same day, and they cleared my calendar too. Lucky for me, all my text messages were still there with the numbers, and I remembered who they all were just by the conversations! 🙂

    • What is worse, dating a perp, or trying to weed through all the perps to find a guy who isn’t? I’m pretty sure I married one!
      Not married anymore, but that kinda changed the way I look at things.

      • Did you know he was a perp? I don’t even try to weed out all the perps. And maybe he wasn’t a perp when he married you, but was turned into one. Either way, we lose.

      • My Ex husband started it all. It’s frustrating when you think you’re leaving the abuse and still have it 15 years down the road and find out it’s forever because you’ve been put on a harassment list. You have my sympathy.

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