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Gang Stalking – Bring it on, perps.

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As you know, if you’ve read my blog, I’ve had a problem getting my ceiling fixed.  Today is day 5, and no one has shown up yet.  I see the people who fix the ceiling walking around doing nothing. But, yet, every time I go into the manager’s office to find out when the ceiling will get fixed, I’m told  the maintenance men are all too busy to come to my apartment.

I don’t trust the people who run the complex.  They are always trying to make my life miserable.

Last night, I heard someone on the roof.  I’m on the second floor and the roof is over me. I kept getting hit with electricity and it was coming from the hole in the ceiling.  I managed to cover the hole with plastic bags. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they’re watching me from the hole.   And I’m sure they’ve installed a camera, that’s why the plaster is paper-thin, so they can see me.

And this morning, I discovered that the video camera on my phone is on.  I didn’t turn it on.  When I discovered it open, I turned it off, but it won’t go off.  Since I can’t turn it off, this is what I did.  I took some cardboard, cut it to the size of camera window, stuck some duct tape on the cardboard, and taped it to the window.  Make sure you don’t put tape on the bottom part, this way you can pick up the cardboard and make changes to your  camera.  Even if the camera stays on, they can’t see what I’m doing.  I’m giving you this tip so that  if this ever happens to you, you can protect  yourself. You can never be too careful.  The camera came on every time I hit menu.

By the way, have you ever noticed that the perps always have the same phone you do?  That’s to make it easier for them to hit you when you’re walking around and to hack your phone.

We targets constantly have to be on guard for whatever the perps do to us.  It’s a constant game of who is going to win.  I won this round.  They can’t see me anymore, but I’m sure they’ll come with another way to watch me.  I’m ready for whatever comes. It’s an exhausting game, but we can’t let them win.  With each win, they have to come up up with something else. By winning, we keep them busy.

Bring it on, perps.  I’m ready for whatever you throw my way.

P.S. The hackers sent this blog to trash.  They didn’t want you to see it. Thank you, WordPress, for saving my blog.

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Gang Stalking – The man upstairs.

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The man upstairs moved in about October, 2011.  He moved in with the woman who has harassed me since January, 2011.  She’s the one who pushed me onto the gravel one day.  She also used to throw garbage all over my front door.  But she’s no longer living in the above apartment.

One day I was on my way to the store, when the man upstairs came running up to me.  He told me to stop disrespecting his girlfriend.  I replied, “Your girlfriend?!  You’re about the fifth guy she’s had up there in less than a year.”  He put his head down, as in big shock to him, and replied, “I don’t care about you, or her.”  He walked away from me with his head down.  Later on in the day, I heard them arguing. I guess he was relaying to her what I said.  I heard her say, “No, you’re not throwing me out. I’m leaving of my will.”  Since then, I haven’t seen her, and he took over her place.

The apartment above me  has been decorated by the government, so people move in and out with what they came.  The apartment comes with a t.v., bed, couches, radio, etc.  And gang stalkers are easy to replace.  The woman who left was here a whole year, the longest.  Most gang stalkers last a few months, and then disappear.  I protect myself, and they don’t like being hit.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  I have no choice, but to protect myself.  And I do a damn good job of protecting myself.  After almost four years, I’ve learned a few tricks.  The gang stalkers all come in with an attitude  of “I’m going to get the bitch”, and wide-eyed.  Well, after a few weeks, they realize that it’s not an easy job.  And I do everything possible to make their life hell.

The man that’s currently occupying the apartment doesn’t sleep at all.  He’s up all night trying to make me stay awake.  The purpose of keeping me awake is to make me lose my temper;  maybe lose it so much that they can have me committed to a mental institution. But I’ve learned to sleep through all the garbage that’s sent my way.  Plus he’s sprays a lot of brown pesticide.  The pesticide used to be green, now it’s a dark brown color and stains everything.  The pesticide stains are over my clothes.  I’m down to a pair of skinny, black jeans.  Oh, I forgot the maintenance man put a slash on my skinny, black jeans.  I taped the skinny jeans with duct tape, and use them as they are.  I have no clothes that are wearable anymore.  I hate to buy new clothes because it’s a waste of money.

About a month ago, I bought a rolling suitcase.  I put all my I.D., computer, phone, bomber jacket, etc. and carry it with me everywhere I go.  I had the suitcase about two days and  got on the bus.  I held on tightly to my suitcase.  When I got off the bus, someone had broken the handle, and there were slashes all over the front of  it. I don’t know how they did it.  I still use the suitcase as it is.  It’s taped with brown duct tape.  The other day, a gang stalker, made a remark about me being homeless after looking at my suitcase.  The suitcase looks really bad, but I’m not buying another one and have it ruined.

So, it is with the clothes.  I’m going to be wearing my skinny, black jeans until I cannot no longer wear them. Why throw away good money? I know if I get new clothes, they’ll just get stains and become unwearable.

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