3 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare

  1. Hi Neverending,

    I was wondering if I may ask a few questions? I know when the stalkers drill holes into the floor and ceiling they are connecting some sort of wires together right? When they do this it seems to cover a wider range and it is somewhat difficult to figure out where it’s coming from. Would you know how I could protect myself from

    When this device is at its highest, I notice that there is piping noises coming from inside my walls. My light switches make a popping noise when I turn them on and off,
    This is dangerous, right? Is it coming from my stalkers?

    There are hundreds of stalking sites on this subject, and this the first site that has expressed fighting back. Never do i come across a site where the people that know what’s going helps the ones that don’t. Everyone and everything is so secretive.
    I like your blog, I just wish everyone wasn’t so afraid to speak up or to just help on another. If you look at it, our stalkers don’t leave us with any options, so fighting for your life seems to be the smart thing to do.
    I understand trust is an issue but we all have to began somewhere.

    • If you know where it’s coming from, use heavy plastic to prevent from getting hit. Those noises you hear when you turn the lights on and off are sensors. It lets them know where you are. They have them in the refrigerator, too. If you open the refrigerator door, you can hear “click.” That’s a sensor. Basically, it’s all electricity. That’s what they’re trying to do to you, hit you with electricity. I believe in fighting back because the other way, we’re not getting anywhere. But fight back in such a way that it’s very subtle, that no one notices you’re doing it. Those popping noises are from your neighbors. You’re surrounded by perps in every direction. And that’s also electricity they’re hitting you with. Try carrying a plastic bottle around. It picks up the electricity and you won’t get hit. Or put plastic bottles around where the noise is coming from and you’ll hear the bottles getting hit. You’ll also see the bottles get dents. It’s better the bottles getting hit than you. Yes, it’s dangerous. It’s electricity. One of the most powerful forces there is. Hope I’ve helped some.

      And thanks for the compliment.

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