Gang Stalking – Thinking of disappearing??? Go for it!

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I  have to  tell you that I’m tired.  I don’t mean mentally tired, but the pounding my body takes from all the spraying that’s done to me.  Day after day, it takes a pounding.  I really don’t know how targets who’ve  had to deal with this for 15 years or more do it.  How they’ve lasted so long and been able to stay sane makes me admire them.  I know what they’ve gone through.  The daily abuse of their body.  The constant psychological mind games that they’ve had to deal with.  The constant torture.  To have lasted as long as they have encourages me  to  never give up.  If they can last as long as they have and been able to survive, I, too, can survive.

But  I must tell you, it was easier 17 years ago for a target to get away.   17 years ago a lot of  people had cell phones, but a lot didn’t.  Regular computer use was  just becoming the norm.  But today with everybody walking around with a cell phone and a computer, it’s easier to keep track of us targets.  17 years ago if someone really had the desire to disappear, it was possible. Now, if a target tries to get lost in a crowd, it’s impossible.  It doesn’t matter where he goes, there’s someone on a cell telling the scumbag monitors where he is.  It’s almost impossible for a target to leave no tracks.  With credit cards, surveillance cameras everywhere, it’s impossible to disappear.  And if a person does get away, I’m sure it’d just be a matter of time before he’s found.  If gang stalking had happened to me 17 years ago, I sure as hell would have found a way to disappear.  They might eventually had found me, but the years would not  have been a waste, as they are now.

Men, in my opinion, are luckier than women in the disappearing game.  Men can grow beards, lose weight and no one would be able to tell who they are.  They can also change their hair color.   Women can change their hair color, but the face is easier to recognize. And woman have certain problems, which men don’t.  If you know what I mean.

So it’s harder today for someone to disappear.  I wish for the days of no computers, cell phones, satellites, and surveillance cameras.   We sure didn’t realize how much better off  we were without these things.  My wish is that all the satellites come crashing down and explode.  Maybe they’ll hit some of the scumbags on their way down.

But if someone really wants to disappear, I still think it’s possible.  Plan, plan, plan. And go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Thinking of disappearing??? Go for it!

  1. It was on my end. While I was writing about going to Italy or Spain, I was cut off from your site and the Condos for sale Italy site suddenly appeared on my computer. I lost the post and had to come back to your site and start over, that’s when I decided I had a better chance if I divided the post into 2 parts.

    I love Las Vegas, it is the Gang Stalkers, not Las Vegas.

    Of course the Gang Stalkers will know, where I am going, I do all my searching on the computer,
    Car and truck tracked, computer tracked, 24 hour monitoring in your home, you tell me how you leave without the Gang Stalkers being aware of where you are going. I do not think they’re aware that this hate they wash over us causes a physical pain, as well as emotional and psychological pain, they have animalized us by putting us in an electronic cage.

    • I guess Las Vegas has grown on me. I like it, too. I don’t really want to leave here. I really meant to say I hate the people, but now when I think of Las Vegas I think of people, so I connect the two. There has to be something we can all do. So many of us. Why can’t we find a way to let people know what’s happening? I gave out flyers, called police, went to ACLU, write a blog, I wore a t-shirt letting people know about gang stalking, tell anyone who will listen about gang stalking, put a note on my window about gang stalking, stood on a street corner with a sign telling people about gang stalking. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve run out of ideas. But we have to do something. We can’t let this continue. We have to let the cat out of the bag.

      They know they’re causing us psychical and mental pain. I think they enjoy doing it. It makes their miserable lives feel better to dump on someone else.

  2. Sorry, problems with the post.
    I am planning on leaving the United States. I am looking for a Condo in either Spain or Italy. It is not a very good time for people like us to live in this country. We are the Undesirables. When I first visited Las Vegas to purchase this Condo the Gang Stalkers would kick their leg as if to kick me out of town.The Undesirables are not welcome anywhere in America. I am taking your advice: Plan, plan, plan, run, run, run.

    • Were you having problems with my post or yours? Don’t tell anyone where you’re going, not even me. I’ve been to both Italy and Spain. Spain is less expensive. Get rid of your credit cards, phone, or anything that lets them know where you are. And don’t leave a forwarding address. I know there are people who work helping people establish new identities. I don’t know any of them. I wish I did.

  3. Please don’t think that you’re life has been wasted because you are being Gang Stalked. That would be the same as saying the Jews that were Gang Stalked in the 20’s and 30’s in Germany lived a wasted existence. We live in the time we are born and must accept what ever comes with that era.
    This is a time of hate in America, and we are targeted to be hated. You did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong. these people do not need an excuse. They enjoy being hateful. My heart goes out to you.

    • Thank you, targetguy777. I’m really beginning to hate Las Vegas and the people here, but I know wherever I go, it’ll be the same s–t! I’m curious, how much do you pay for living in a mobile home? If you don’t mine telling me, that is.

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