Gang Stalking – Please don’t give up on me.


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WordPress UniqueHits with Yahoo Widget (Photo credit: odysseygate)

It should take me 45 minutes from the minute I start writing my blog till I hit publish, but this never happens. It takes me from 4-5 hours to write a blog, sometimes more.  With all the hacking that’s done to me I’m amazed I’m able to write a blog at all.  It takes a lot of my time.  I can understand why targets give up on blogging.  It’s not a pleasure to write a blog on gang stalking.  They’re after us non-stop.  And they  harass us more than they harass targets who don’t write blogs. They want to keep what’s happening quiet and they don’t all of us out here writing about their very secret world of gang stalking.  They’ll do anything to keep us from hitting that publish button.  And even after we finish with our blog, they don’t stop.  Then they start trying to block us from sending our blog out to the world by any means possible.

I noticed that they’ve removed the widgets from my WordPress  blog.  I have a widget which allows readers to sign up to read my blog, but it’s been removed.  They also removed my widget “What readers are saying”,  but I was able to get it back on. If I hadn’t been able to put it back on, readers wouldn’t be able to leave comments.   I’ve tried adding  my widget to allow readers to sign up to get my blog, but I’ve had no luck.  They’ve done something to  my “save” button, so I can’t save my widget.  Without “save”, I can’t add it back on.  I’ve tried over and over to add it, but with no luck.  So I’m not able to attract new readers.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the button  that stated how many readers I had, and the follow button.  But both are gone.  No longer can you see how many readers I have, and how to sign up to follow me.  I’ll keep trying to add it back on. I don’t give up easily.  So if you’re interested in following me, have patience.  I’ll try my hardest to have my blog sent to you via email.  And if you can’t sign up, please keep reading my blog.  Please don’t give up on me. Thank you.

Today, I was going to write about the 8th Amendment, but I’ll write about it tomorrow.  It’s one of those days. A day where the miserable gang stalkers were out in full force.  I need to relax a little.  I know if  I’m on this computer too long, it’ll just be more b.s.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Please don’t give up on me.

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    • Michelle, how are you doing? You were the first one to sign onto my account. Did you ever find out any more information about your father? How’s things with your son? Thanks for not giving up on me. Look forward to hearing from you again. Hope things are working out alright. Good to hear from you.

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