Gang Stalking – Want to see gang stalkers run, carry a camcorder.

Siebrand getting mail from our mailbox.

Siebrand getting mail from our mailbox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Panasonic Camcorder in Use

Panasonic Camcorder in Use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BAW's Home Office

BAW’s Home Office (Photo credit: bayareabaw)

I went to get my mail this morning and found my mailbox open.  There was one letter in the box and it, too, was open. The letter had glue on it and the glue dried up.  So the ones who opened the mail couldn’t glue it together again. I’m pretty sure the ones who opened my mail were the complex manager and her husband.  Usually, the mailman just hands my mail to them and they look through it as if  it’s their mail.  I’d like to know what they’d do if I opened their mail.  I’m sure they’d call the police and complain about me opening it.  But they can get away with whatever they want to do to me and the police will do absolutely nothing.   But if I did the same thing, I’d be arrested, for sure.

The two have cameras in the office and in their apartment.  The apartment and the office are connected.   I don’t think they’re allowed to watch tenants without putting up a sign that says we’re being videotaped.  But there’s no sign telling tenants they’re taped.  I’m going to find out what the rules are about management videotaping without letting their tenants know. I know the cameras are there, but a lot of people don’t.  I’m sure the tenants would not be happy to know that everything they do is on video.

Yesterday, as usual, the complex manager came out of her office when I passed by.  She saw my camera taping her and ran quickly into the office.  I’d like for her to tell me that I can’t carry a camera around.  And I’ll tell her “when you take your camera down, I’ll stop carrying my camera around.”   She won’t dare tell me not to videotape tenants when she’s doing it herself.  And it’s amazing how scared the gang stalkers are about being videotaped.  The bitch upstairs especially.  I think she went to the office and complained about me videotaping her, but noting was done.  Just let them try to get my camera away from me.  I’m ready for them.  So far I’ve had 4 phones and 2 camcorders stolen.  A lot of evidence in the camcorder went out the window.  I’m sure they’ll try to steal my new phone, but this time, they’re not going to be so lucky.  They’re nothing but a bunch of thieves.  If you want to send your gang stalkers running, carry a camera. They’re so scared of it!  So they know what they’re doing is wrong, otherwise, why run?

Usually when I publish my blog it goes to my Facebook page.  I was curious about how my blog looked, because lately the gang stalkers have been messing with it.   My blog  on the surface looks like it’s okay, but as I look closer I see that there’s a lot wrong with it.  There’s no big, blue “W” for  It’s been removed from my blog heading. The title of my blog is all right, but as I’ve stated before, there’s a “”  below my blog name.  And if someone hits “”  it shows a blog without spaces and everything is one long paragraph.  And nowhere does it show how someone can get in touch with me.  So if you ready my blog, hit the TITLE, not “”  The blog doesn’t even show my blog name, just one big mess of words.  They’re trying to make it hard for someone to read my blog.  So, remember, hit the TITLE to my blog.  Once you hit the TITLE, all the information is in it.  Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Want to see gang stalkers run, carry a camcorder.

  1. And please continue to be the writer and I will continue to be the responder. I like that role and think that discussion, on the subject of what they do is needed. You always touch on some aspect that I’ve been thinking about or have already researched.

  2. In CA my mail was stolen so many times, I had to get a PO Box.We had a $2000 missing check that did not turn up for 2 years. In San Antonio, the Gangstalkers parked in front of my mailbox everyday, again PO Box. These are just a few of the tactics the Gangstalkers use to erode the Targets sense of belonging to the community. Until the Target feels they do not belong in the community, then they are not welcome in the city, then they must flee the state and finally, this is no longer their country, it belongs to the Klan, the vigilantes. This is a process of disenfranchizing the target from their friends, their family, and finally their country. INSIDOUS!

    • $2,000. Wow! It scares me to think of having so much taken out of my mailbox. I do my banking online. I always go to the bank and check my balance and do everything I have to do there. I don’t use my computer to do my banking. I know if I do it at the bank they’re responsible. One time someone charged a home theater to my account. The person was from Alaska. I got my money back. I no longer feel I have a country. A country that can do what it’s doing to me and other targets does not deserve my loyalty.

    • love you margaret cone. great way of expressing yourself. they are that way. they do the same thing to my mail. i think my mail person is a perpetrator too. they really like for us their victims to know that they are tampering with our mail. they get a kick out of it when you respond with anger. of course it’s natural to be diappointed, but really they want us to notice them do this horrible things to us to instill phobia, fear and psychological impaiment. My advice is this” Mind over everything.” Meditate. I know a website that will help you meditate http://www.womenwarrior‘ they have all kinds of ways to help you encourage your mind, body and spirti. Do not also forget to call on the Lord. Pray at every opportunity especially when they begin their stalking and harassing. ” I always like the verse “Be still I am with you.” God loves you not more or less than them, if God can still spare their lives though they do wicked things, how much more can God do for us oppressed people by these evil wicked deeds of whoever succumb to this type of crime.Remember, there is nothing impossible with God. At 3pm pray the prayer of the “chaplet of divine mercy.” look it up online, at the end of your prayer, tell the Lord that you trust in him. as your faith increases, more and more challenges will occur, but do not stop praying. make your prayer even more stronger. the Lord said when one or two are praying in my name, there I am in the midst of them. please pray and spread this to all of the ones you know who communicates with you regarding gang stalking. God wants us to love each other, and as bad as it sounds, he wants us to love even for our enemies. it sucks but love is more powerful than hate. good deeds are powerful than evil. pray for these people group who succumb to this type of crime, they are lost and are ignorant in many ways and I will pray for them too. In no time, miracles will happen, but it’s not asap. God hears the cry of the poor. Use Bible verses as your weapon to gain strength and a strong spiriti to move on. I love you all!

      • also, please bear with my many mispelled words, and grammar, I was typing fast and did not really pay attention on the words I was typing. Keep this communication going, and please, let’s pray at not only at 3pm, but also as much as possible and especially when they are attacking in any kind of form. Just whisper a prayer in your heart and call on God’s holy angels to protect you.

      • I think you’re a little confused. Margaret Cone is one of my readers, just as you are. I write this blog and my name is neverending1. Thank you for your prayers.

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