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Gang Stalking – And so it begins…

And so it begins…

Wherever I’ve live, there comes a point where the manager begins to come up to my apartment and tell me all the complaints she has from tenants about me. These people  can make all the noise they want, but don’t I dare to retaliate, because, of course, the perps will go to  the office and complain to the manager. She, of course, knows what’s going on and is only too happy to use her power as an apartment manager to come up to my apartment and start warning me about the noise. She will tell me that a lot of tenants are complaining about the noise.  She ignores all the noise the perps make and if I mention that they’re the ones who are making the noise, she will set me straight by telling me that they’re doing no such thing. They’re  all angels! I’m naturally the “bad” one.

The perps above me make noise all night long.  He wears heavy-duty shoes and walks around with them all night long.  The woman comes downstairs and stamps her feet every time she passes my window.  There’s a sensor in the area in front of my window and the noise travels into my apartment.  The floor vibrates and I can hear her foot steps as if they are in my apartment.  Her foot steps sound as if they’re coming from my apartment and the people downstairs think I’m making the noise. They also know I’m  not making the noise, but they want to make sure that it sounds as if I’m making the noise.  They immediately go to the manager and complain about all the noise.

And once this thing about the manager coming up to my apartment begins,  there’s no let up.  I’ll begin to see the manager more often, and every time I see her, she will have a complaint about me.  Eventually, it will lead to her telling me to stop making noise and harassing the tenants, or I’ll be evicted. This happens everywhere I go.  Not once has it not happened.  I’ll not be allowed to defend myself. I’ll be told every time that no one is harassing me and it’s my imagination.

So now that it’s began, I’ll have absolutely no peace. It’ll be more and more harassment every day.  I don’t know how much worse it can get. I don’t have  moment when I can relax. And I’ll begin getting notices that I’ll be evicted if I don’t stop harassing the “angels”.

If there’s a God out there, why doesn’t he help? I’m truly tired of all the b.s.   It just never ends!!!!

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Gang Stalking – Oh, my God, I’m becoming a Republican!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Frankphotos)

Mi iPod con vídeo

Mi iPod con vídeo (Photo credit: juanpol)

Republican Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rent day, so I had to go to the office to pay my rent.  I never go into the office, nothing but perps in the office.  Every time I walk into the office, the manager tells me of a complaint she has about me.  This week the complaint was about taking videos of other tenants.  The whiny crybabies went into the office and complained that I was using my phone to take photos of them.

I said, “Me, taking videos of them. I don’t even have a camera, all I have is a regular phone and all I can use for is my radio.”

The manager said, “Well, I’ve had a few complaints about you videotaping tenants.”

“Why is it they never tell you about all the things they do to me?”

She looked at me and nodded.

I walked out of the office and decided to find out what my rights are re taking videos. So I took a walk to the police station.

I told the man at the desk that I have a question about my rights in taking videos of others.

He said, “What do you want to know exactly?”

“I’m being harassed and I want proof of the harassment, so I want to take videos of the people doing it.”

He said, “Well, you have a right to take videos, but if the man who owns the building wants to throw you out he can. If he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he can throw you right out.”

“But the apartment complex has cameras watching everyone, why can it videotape us, but we can’t videotape other tenants.”

The man replied, “Well, it’s the man property and he can do whatever he wants. He can throw you out anytime he wants for absolutely no reason. It’s his property.”

I said, “Don’t I have any rights to protect myself?”

The man continued, “As I said, it’s the man’s property and he can throw you out  anytime he wants. He doesn’t need a reason.”

So I said, “Basically, I have no rights. What about if I videotape someone from the sidewalk?”

The man replied, “Same thing. He can still throw you out. It’s his property. The sidewalk doesn’t belong to him, but he can still throw you out if he wants to.”

I asked, “What if I put a camera in my apartment?  Can he throw me out?”

He replied, “Yes, it’s his property and if he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he can throw you out any time he wants.” He did tell me I can go to court if I don’t like it.

It’s all about property rights here in Las Vegas. At one time I wouldn’t  have understood about property rights, but now I do. It’s the man’s property and he can do whatever he wants to do with it.  And I agree.

I’m definitely going through a metamorphosis.  I’m afraid I’m turning into a Republican! Not.


But still being a Liberal, the question I have.  Whose right is more important? The property owner’s right?  Or the person who wants the right to take  videos to protect herself ?

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Gang Stalking – Safety should be your first concern when moving.


Apartments (Photo credit: Beedle Um Bum)

Three light switches with exposed wiring

Three light switches with exposed wiring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what I wrote was just deleted, so I’ll start again.  My computer keeps being turned off by the perps.  They don’t want me  to tell you what’s happening to me because they want to keep you thinking you’re nuts.  If I tell you what’s happening to me, you’ll realize that  what you’re going through is  what’s happening to me and it will make you realize that you’re not nuts.  They want to make you think that what’s happening to you is happening only to you and you must be nuts.  I know that you’re not nuts and I’m not nuts.   They want to drive you crazy, make you start taking medications (so no one will believe you when you tell them what’s happening). So I hope I’m able to finish my blog today.  If my computer’s turned off, it’s not because I quit on you.

Yesterday, I wrote about moving and I’m going to continue on that subject.

You don’t have to worry about getting a place to live.  I would say 99-3/4 of apartment managers are perps.  They want to have you as a tenant.  You’re a money machine.  They keep track of you and recruit tenants as perps.  They get good pay for doing this.  I know in my last apartment, the manager wanted me to stay.  She really got angry when I moved.  When I left, she lost her cash machine.  Plus, the managers are made to feel very important.  They love being perps.  The government feeds  their egos constantly.  They all think they’re spies and very important.  So don’t worry about being able to get  an apartment.

Your first  concern should be about safety.  That’s what you have to worry about when you’re looking for an apartment.

When you’re looking for an apartment, check out the grass outside:  is there dog poop; are the blinds torn?   Is the area around the apartment filthy looking?

Is the apartment surrounded by lots of lights?  The lights will be used on you at night to hit you with the electricity from the lights.  Visit the place at night to see how bright the lights are surrounding you at night.  You will notice things at night you won’t notice during the day.  That’s the mistake I made moving into my present apartment.  I forgot to check the lights, and I’m surrounded by them at night.

Check out your neighborsChecking our your neighbors will tell you  what your life will be like.  If the neighbors all come  to check you out, don’t take the apartment.  They’ll be checking you out because you’ll be their new cash cow.  Also if the neighbors are overly friendly, same thing, get another apartment.  It’s a fake friendliness.

Don’t take an apartment on the first floor, or in front of a parking lot.  Perps will use their cars to hit you.

Don’t get an apartment where perps surround you.  Try to get an apartment at the end, at least you have a fighting chance.  When you’re surrounded by perps, you’ll get hit from every direction.

Don’t get an apartment near electrical wires or anything electrical.

Don’t rent apartment with a walkway.  You’ll have to look at their faces every time you pass them.  So try to get a place where you don’t have to pass anyone on the way out.  Try to get apartment with a few exits.  If you have only one way of getting out, you’ll have to pass the same miserable people every day.  If you can go out different exits, you can change your route every day and they have to guess which way you’re coming out or going in.

Check out the location of the mailbox.  If it’s in a place that you can’t see, they’ll be missing with your mail.

Walk around the complex and check to see if there are any exposed wires, water valves that are open, etc. (Look at photo with house, don’t rent an apartment with wires surrounding you.)

No matter what you do, your first concern should be safety.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about what you should look for inside the apartment before you rent.

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Gang Stalking – Want to see gang stalkers run, carry a camcorder.

Siebrand getting mail from our mailbox.

Siebrand getting mail from our mailbox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Panasonic Camcorder in Use

Panasonic Camcorder in Use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BAW's Home Office

BAW’s Home Office (Photo credit: bayareabaw)

I went to get my mail this morning and found my mailbox open.  There was one letter in the box and it, too, was open. The letter had glue on it and the glue dried up.  So the ones who opened the mail couldn’t glue it together again. I’m pretty sure the ones who opened my mail were the complex manager and her husband.  Usually, the mailman just hands my mail to them and they look through it as if  it’s their mail.  I’d like to know what they’d do if I opened their mail.  I’m sure they’d call the police and complain about me opening it.  But they can get away with whatever they want to do to me and the police will do absolutely nothing.   But if I did the same thing, I’d be arrested, for sure.

The two have cameras in the office and in their apartment.  The apartment and the office are connected.   I don’t think they’re allowed to watch tenants without putting up a sign that says we’re being videotaped.  But there’s no sign telling tenants they’re taped.  I’m going to find out what the rules are about management videotaping without letting their tenants know. I know the cameras are there, but a lot of people don’t.  I’m sure the tenants would not be happy to know that everything they do is on video.

Yesterday, as usual, the complex manager came out of her office when I passed by.  She saw my camera taping her and ran quickly into the office.  I’d like for her to tell me that I can’t carry a camera around.  And I’ll tell her “when you take your camera down, I’ll stop carrying my camera around.”   She won’t dare tell me not to videotape tenants when she’s doing it herself.  And it’s amazing how scared the gang stalkers are about being videotaped.  The bitch upstairs especially.  I think she went to the office and complained about me videotaping her, but noting was done.  Just let them try to get my camera away from me.  I’m ready for them.  So far I’ve had 4 phones and 2 camcorders stolen.  A lot of evidence in the camcorder went out the window.  I’m sure they’ll try to steal my new phone, but this time, they’re not going to be so lucky.  They’re nothing but a bunch of thieves.  If you want to send your gang stalkers running, carry a camera. They’re so scared of it!  So they know what they’re doing is wrong, otherwise, why run?

Usually when I publish my blog it goes to my Facebook page.  I was curious about how my blog looked, because lately the gang stalkers have been messing with it.   My blog  on the surface looks like it’s okay, but as I look closer I see that there’s a lot wrong with it.  There’s no big, blue “W” for WordPress.com.  It’s been removed from my blog heading. The title of my blog is all right, but as I’ve stated before, there’s a “wp.me”  below my blog name.  And if someone hits “wp.me”  it shows a blog without spaces and everything is one long paragraph.  And nowhere does it show how someone can get in touch with me.  So if you ready my blog, hit the TITLE, not “wp.me.”  The blog doesn’t even show my blog name, just one big mess of words.  They’re trying to make it hard for someone to read my blog.  So, remember, hit the TITLE to my blog.  Once you hit the TITLE, all the information is in it.  Thank you.

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Gang Stalking – Surrounded by clowns.


Image via Wikipedia

It seems there are more gang stalkers after me now than ever before.  A  lot of  new people moved into my complex.   About three or four of them are not the typical gang stalking types.  They seem educated, have better cars, and come from out-of-town.  One woman comes from Florida.  The rest, I don’t know. I don’t what kind of car they own.  But my gang stalking is getting progressively worse.  I’ve heard that as time goes by, gang stalking lessens. It might be true for other targets, but that’s not been my experience. I have more gang stalkers surrounding me now than before.

There’s the clown next door.  He came wearing a leather jacket and clean-looking, now he looks like a perp.  His appearance has changed.  Then there’s the clown upstairs.  He’s been here since December, or November.  He’s the one who used to live with the floozy.  Now she’s gone and he’s taken over her place. There’s another clown behind me.  I hear him, and I’ve seen him a few times, but he very seldom shows himself.  He likes to slam the door a lot, but I’ve learned to ignore the door slamming.  Then there’s another clown diagonally above me, next to the clown above.  I rarely see him, but he’s a black man.  He’s a little strange.  Then diagonally on the first floor, there’s another clown.   I rarely see him .I’ve seen him a few times, but I can’t really describe him.  He has one of those ordinary man looks, hard to describe.  Then diagonally above me is another clown.  I’ve never seen him, but I know he exists from the noise I hear. There’s another clown who lives in apartment 111, who has total control of my computer.  On top of all the bozos, there are people parked in the parking lot who often target me.  I can hear them trying to hit me.  There are ” bings” bouncing off the window all day.  I’ve learned to protect myself, so they don’t really do any damage to me.   And I would say that 95% of the tenants harass me. So they’re bringing in people who they think will do a job on me, and finally succeed in getting me to “lose it.”  I’m surrounded by clowns.

Well, I have this to say to them:  You’re not going to succeed.  I will outlast every one of the criminals you send my way. I’ve lasted almost 4 years and you have not succeeded in taking me down.  And you will not succeed no matter who you send after me.  I will, will outlast anyone who you send to make my life a living hell. I have to believe that eventually this ordeal I’m going through will end.  I have to believe that there must be some good people out there, and that  they will do something to help all the targets.  I must have hope.  Without hope, what is there?

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Do you like surprises?

Why or why not?  Can you think of the best and worse surprise you’ve had in the last year?

Yes, I like surprises.  Nice surprises, of course.

I can’t really think of any surprises that I’ve had in the last year.

I guess the best surprises are the  ones where I discover someone turns out to be a good person.  I run into so few people who are nice to me, that it’s always a surprise to me to find out I’ve run into a decent human being.  It might be a momentary thing, but I’m still surprised.  I’m never surprised by someone’s brutality toward me.   It’s a given that if I go anywhere, someone I run into will do something to me that is evil.  And I don’t have to go too far to find that evil, it’s a constant where I live.  Non-stop harassment by a group of tenants who have smirky looks on their faces.  They seem to go out of their way to do every mean thing to me that they can think of doing, especially the apartment manager and her husband.

I really can’t think of any other surprises;  best or worse  in the last year.

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