Gang Stalking – Sometimes I wish I’d go to bed and just die.

Starbucks protest, Verdun, Beirut

Starbucks protest, Verdun, Beirut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer’s coming, so the gang stalkers are back to their game of leaving dog  poop in the front of my apartment.  They want the front of my apartment to attract flies, ants, roaches, etc.  I went out this morning and the first thing I see, dog poop in the front of my apartment.  Honestly, I don’t know if  it’s dog poop, it looks more human than animal.  It’s very small and isn’t as dark as regular dog poop.  I know you’re probably reading this and getting disgusted.  I’m disgusted just writing it.  But my blog is like a diary I keep, so I have to write about what happens to me.  I never catch who’s doing it.  They make sure I’m not around, or are not leaving my apartment before they leave it.  Some day I’ll catch them.  I think the b—h upstairs put  it in front of my apartment.  When I stepped out to throw away my garbage she was near my apartment and acted very suspicious.  I wondered what she was up to.  So I’m pretty sure she did it, but since I didn’t see it, I can’t be 100% sure.

The woman upstairs has been in jail.  She once threatened to break my neck. I wrote about this when it happened. What gets me is that they have criminals going after good people.  I would bet that 65% of the people who harass us are felons.  I think they’re offered time off if they become gang stalkers.  Being criminals, they don’t have to get training to do awful things to targets. They already know how to be scumbags.  I know the ones that follow me around seem to be criminals.  I also noticed that a lot of security guards and military men are gang stalkers. The military men do it because they’ve been told we targets are Americans who can’t be trusted.  And they fall right in line with the lies and believe whatever the government tells them.   Paradox, isn’t it? The military men  fight for Americans’ freedom and come home and join in taking away someone’s freedom. And the security guards are usually people who want to feel important.  The  security guards feel important beating someone down.

When, oh, when is this crap going to end?  The whole week I’ve felt really tired.  I have absolutely no energy. I sometimes wonder why we targets stick around?  What is the purpose of living this life?  It’s a life that’s not at all a joy to live. We can’t love anyone; we have no family; no friends; everywhere we go, people abuse us.  We’re blamed for everything that happens. We’re  called liars, thieves.  Sometimes I wish that I’d go bed and just die.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Sometimes I wish I’d go to bed and just die.

  1. hello there beautiful people. As I am reading your comments, my heart goes to both of you. I too am a victim of gang stalking and harassment. I know exactly what you mean and I can literally sympathize. I include praying as my biggest weapon. You know, there is nothing that the Lord cannot do. As you are alive and breathing, there is HOPE. Please do not think of hurting yourself. REad the Bible and find verses that you can use to strengthen you and to continue to give you hope. I find Daniel as a great story, the teachings of Jesus and his miracles. You can do this and keep your spirit strong. Remember, the good will always prevail over evil. THe works of these harassers and stalkers might seem strong and powerful, but in reality it’s a Lie. their work is a never ending lie. Keep praying and communicating through here to express yourself and expose the wickedness of these harassers and stalkers. Go to or freedom from covert harassment and surveillance. Also, the site “gang stalking now public is a good one too. the has a way for you to add your name to petiiton to congress. My experience??? little simple things becomes very complicated when I deal with employees when i am doing business with them in a store. They set me up to look horrible and abusive while another false witness or bystander is acting like a witness (when infact they know the real deal). They want to justify their false accusations and lies to justify their stalking and harassing me. THey harass me on the road by tailgating on the rear of my car while I am driving even if they know that I am with my children. Pray, because they are posess by demons. they do not know this, but their work is pure diabolic. It’s nothing but scheming and lying and tricking. Keep praying and bring a crucifix with you wherever you go to remind you that you are not alone and God is with you. In God’s eyes you are precious and you are not alone. I love you both and May you’ll have a great blessed day tomorrow and everyday even if the stalking and harassing is happening.Don’t you see,they like to play mind game. when I don’t pay attention to them, they can’t get to me. When I pay attention to them, they love it and they become aggressive. that’s why I told you, they act like demons in a human form. Isn’t pretty creepy? wear a necklace cross, read the Bible and read more and find sites which helps you know what you could do to outsmart these creeps and meditate, exercise and do not go alone at night or wherever. Always bring somoene with you. Lot’s of water, breating technique and meditate (find women warriors with Lilly on line, she teaches meditation.
    She too is a target but she gives great advices. I love you whoever you guys are and remember you are not alone and in God’s eyes you are precious and important. No matter what they say, do or think. Keep your spirit high…you can do it, you will survive….

  2. You do not have to put my name on the poem I have written about 40 of them and I want people read them without thinking or picturing the author. If you want to note the author call me, Deklats.

    • Hi there you beautiful hearted people. As I am reading your back and forth posts, my heart is touched. I exactly know what you are both talking about. I am a victim also. I live what you both talking about daily, so I know what you mean. I can sympathize. I admire that you are both bold to support each other. I would be greatful if you will allow me to join your communication here. Please, do not stop communicating as this helps you express yourself and expose the evil that’s being done discreetly by whoever succumb to gang stalking. I pray..that’s my weapon. I gain strength from praying. There is nothing that the Lord can’t do.I use Bible verses to battle the emotional turmoil and torture I get from it. It helps a lot and it keeps me intact and strong. Please, whatever you do, do not hurt yourself nor even think about it. Your life is as precious as anyone here on eart. You are a child of God. You are not less nor more than anyone because in God’s eyes, he created us all equally and gave us this precious life. It’ s the wicked one’s who succumb to gang stalking who does all sorts of harassment to you, it’s not God. Please, read you Bible and use God’s verses as weapon to battle the demonic, schemic and lies of these scumbags. The Lord God is kind, draw yourself closer to him whle this happening to you. I go to church, blessed sacrament and attend a christian service, and I get harassed even at these locations. But that doesn’t make me lose my trust in God. I have so much to tell you, but I hope that you will really read the Bible and begin to pray a lot. The Lord is not asleep. he sees it all. No matter what happens, do not lose hope, for as long as you breath, there is HOPE! Our Lord is our Hope. Have you seen the websit “” or type in FREEDOM FROM COVERT HARASSMETN AND SURVEILLANCE. You will see the site and you will be able to add your name on the petition they have. Also, GANG STALKING NOW PUBLIC..there are information there that might help you.

  3. I like your advice to targetguy777. Yes, make them own their behaviors. I know they will never take responsibility for the damage they cause, but the least we can do for ourselves and others is to call them out on their behaviors.

    I don’t think about their come-upens. I do know they are spreading the word of who they are and what they do, themselves, through their recruitment of others. We do not have to spread that word and can concentrate on their deeds. I’m interested in knowing how far the bystanders are willing to support these bullies? Bottom line, they are bullies.

    I eat 80% dark chocolate, not sweet, but good and it satisfiys my chocolate urge. Lots of antioxidents.
    High cholesterol : “BA HUMBUG”

    • I don’t think there are any bystanders. Everytime I go out, they come out of the woodwork like roaches. I’m beginning to think there are no normal people, just gang stalker. And “ba humbug” to cholesterol.

      • Here is how I see it: The active players are, the bullies and the bullied.
        Then there is a much larger group that we never see. These are the people that listen to the stories of false bravery that the bullies tell. (you know, how I bullied the 71 year old woman?)
        That’s where the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of you and me being terrorized is played over and over for the bystanders to enjoy and laugh and slap the bully on the back and say, “Good Job”.

        I Wrote a Poem: The Bully, The Bystander and Me

        An alliance of three:
        The bully, the bystander and me.
        The bully denies my humanity,
        the bystander lives with moral insanity.
        Do you fear the bully will come to your door?
        Are you powerless to do anything more?
        You stand in awe of the act you abhor.

        Bullying does not work without the bystander, there would be no audience.

  4. You could die and that would make them laugh, that’s exactly what they want you to do. They would not feel responsible for your death, nor can they feel anything. The whole purpose of gangstalkeng is to erase their feelings and sense of empathy. Remember soldiers cannot feel empathy for the enemy. No mirror neurons in their mind. Once I understood they have no feelings, I stopped expecting anything, but evil from them. And they NEVER disappointed me.

    I don’t care what they think of me. I don’t care how they feel about me. I don’t care what they say about me. You might say, I just don’t care. On the other hand, I would miss you and our little chats.
    I look forward to your Emails and your comments. Somedays your blog is all I have to look forward to.

    • I know they care nothing about me. I’ve had a bad week. I stopped eating chocolate candy because of the cholesterol in it. I so looked forward to my dose of chocolate every day, and now no chocolate, so I have nothing to do when the freaks start getting on my nerves. I know I’ll be all right once the craving leaves my body. I, too, look forward to our little chats. I’m grateful you exist. And evil, evil they are. They’ll have their day, and it won’t be a pretty picture.

    • Yes, I’ve seen your videos before you told me about them. If you want my suggestion, don’t talk about random things, talk about what they do to you on a day-to-day basis. I think it would be more helpful. If they steal your mail, break into your apartment, rip your clothes, talk about that. It would help people who don’t know what to expect, and they won’t feel so lost. I’m flattered you want my opinion. Thanks.

      • Thanks for the comment on the videos. I was trying to explain the why a lot of this is going on via satallite maser beam device remote neural monitering. I think i may carry a hidden recorder and show some of the rude behavior i experience as painfull as it is. A great deal of my life is spent responding to rude behavior and trying to use psychology without getting to the point of useing a gun which at one point in my life did happen. Lucky the person wasnt home at that time. This seems to be one of the objectives to get to the point of getting a gun and useing it on a few. Now with pension i probobly will not get that upset as when younger.

        • But there so many people writing about the same thing. Read the blogs on gang stalking and they’re all about remote control something or other. There are very few people writing about what actually happens to us. That’s why I write my blog the way I do. Someone can learn exactly what they have to go through day by day. Glad you didn’t use the gun. It’s painful, but it’s a good way to let the pain out. Give it a try.

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