Gang Stalking – Happy Memorial Day.

Polski: Hamburger

Polski: Hamburger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard

Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, I forgot to wish you all a happy Memorial Day.  If you’re lucky to still have your family in your life, enjoy the day.  And don’t think about the f—–g gang stalkers.  Take the day off from worries in  your life.  Have a really good time.  Enjoy your hamburger, potato salad, hot dogs.  Go swimming, if you can. Dance, if you can.  Just let life envelope you. You deserve to have a good day without any worries.

Amd to all the veterans who died, I salute you all!

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English: Potato salad made with bacon. Deutsch...

English: Potato salad made with bacon. Deutsch: Kartoffelsalat zubereitet als Specksalat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

25 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Happy Memorial Day.

  1. I understand, the trust I once held for the human race is gone. I trust no one. This group is 50%+ of the population, and they surround us, like wolves taking down their prey. It doesn’t matter what Meetup I go to I end-up being surrounded by Gang Stalkers. They have sucked the trust out of me with their abject cruelty. For the first 5 years when I would be forced to go, even to work. I shook with fear. I was litterly mobbed out of my job. Moving has not helped and my next attempt is to live in a foreign country.

    They turn everybody against us, because they do not want us talking to people outside the Gang Stalking community. Target, DENIGRATE, Violate, Eliminate. They eliminate our voice by telling others, we’re crazy, we’re trouble makers. That way not only do they continue to ridicule us, but others are unwittly brought in to their picture of who we are.

    I find that targets tends to fall in to the 10% of the population that have an inborn moral compass and are secure in their belief system of what is right. Of course, these are the long term targets that have not been Co-opted. We are actualy the type of people that hid the jews during the holacost, I find it ironic that the Jews are part of the group denigrating us when this is what the Holacost looked like 20 to 30 years before it was carried out.

    • What we are experiencing is just how the Holocaust began. Neighbor spying on neighbor. Yes, Jews are involved in our gang stalking. You would think considering what happened to them during the Holocaust, they would be the last ones to do this to someone else. But I think a lot them have forgotten what their life was like in Germany. It doesn’t matter where you move, gang stalking will continue. It’s going on all over the world. It’s a world order. Some people from other countries moved to the U.S. to get away from gang stalking, only to find that the same thing is happening to them here.

    • They read my email, too. I would get in touch with you, but I think it’s better if we don’t meet. I’m sure they would turn us against each. Or do something to both of us. That’s always been my experience.

  2. I think this is an interesting thread. I would like to relate a personal story. Many years ago one of my daughters was molested by my sister’s husband. I called the police. I told everyone in my family what happened. Come, Thankgiving and Christmas. There he was at the head of the family table. They expected us to sit down with this predator and have a holiday dinner. He was accepted and we were not. This was 40 years ago. I have not spoken to my family since. Turns out he was molesting all my sisters children for years. Why was he accepted, I don’t know? But, I never regretted standing in my own truth and protecting my children from this fiend. I feel the same way about any family member that turns on me and gangstalks me. My life is better without them.

    BTW, he was rich and powerful.

    • They’re either rich or powerful. I had a similar experience, and I’ve never talked to anyone about this outside of my family. I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen. I saw a child being molested. I reported it to the police. Ever since then, I’ve been persona non grata. Maybe it’s something we targets all have in common?

  3. Someone earlier said some of there gangstalkers were jewish. I know for sure my gangstalkers are. They are my former neighbors robert jay alexander and i beleave he is paid full time by nsa to do this. I was a former resident there in las vegas and am not sure if there are more jewish people involved or if this is part of the infraguard club. I had noticed many at that persons house on certain weekends and that infraguard type club may be part of this community harasssment.

    • From my own experience most of the monitors, those who train gang stalkers, pay them, etc. are Jewish. The government hands the program over to them. Most of them are masons.

    • That really sucks! You are a good person who stood up for a country that the Jews took refuge in and now they pick on you? That’s really terrible!

    • They’re all insensitive pigs. To go after someone who is disable, a vet, yet, I can’t even say what I feel about this. I’d be using a lot of four letter words. You fought to keep us free, and here you are, un-free. How unfair is that? You must really feel angry. And I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. I have to believe that all this will eventually come out, otherwise, the U.S. is really in trouble.

  4. Thank you, my husband I walked the Las Vegas casinos this morning, we do that everyday. Yes, somehow I’ve managed to hold on to at least some of my family. Although, I’ve lost my grandaughter to the Gang Stalkers. She gangstalked her grandmother, who did nothing but help her throughout her life. The betrayl was to much for me to bear and I severed relations with her. I will not live long enough to forgive her.

    Do you cook German? I make a number of German dishes and 4 of my children are half German.
    I also make spatzels, which are Hungarian, but the Germans think they’re German.

    • Oh, it’s nice to find out you live in Las Vegas. I would recommend we get together, but I know we would be turned against each other. Many people who were not gang stalkers turned against me when lies were told about me to them. They know I won’t turn against another target, so they always go after someone they think will. I will never turn against another target, as others have done. One who turned against me lives four doors from me. She was targeted for over 10 years, but turned against me. Now she’s a gang stalker and does all the things gang stalkers do.

      Isn’t it terrible how family turns against us? Our family knows us, how can they believe the lies? It’s the money they’re paid. Still, how despicable can someone get? I no longer have any family in my life. They all gang stalked me. Some even became recruiters. But life has a way of getting even, and they will suffer for what they did to me.

      I’ve eaten German food, but I can’t say I’ve cooked a lot of it.]

      A lot of monitors are Jewish, maybe that explains your gang stalking. They’re trying to get even for what was done to them by the Germans.

      I’ve run into a lot of Jewish monitors here in Las Vegas. At one time one of the monitors lived in the complex I live in.

      I’m glad you and your husband are able to get out and enjoy some time out. It’s good for your morale.

      Thanks for your reply.

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