Gang Stalking – It’s hard to find a person or organization to respect today.

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I no longer have respect for politicians.  They’re not here to serve the people. Most politicians get elected and forget who put them there. They get “full of themselves.”   The politicians know what’s going on with gang stalking, but they don’t care.  All they care about is getting re-elected for another term.  None of them are worth a damn.  None of them.  Gang stalking would stop happening if one of them had the guts to let the world know what’s happening.  They care nothing about you or me.  They only care about someone who can give money to their re-election campaign.  No politician has “balls” anymore.

I no longer have respect for the clergy.  Have you tried to get help from them?  What you get is nothing.   A lot of them are gang stalkers, and will not go out of their way to listen to you, nor help  you.  And all the crimes they’ve committed against children, all the molestation that have made some children kill themselves.  The new pope is a criminal.  Not once has he spoken up in the name of human rights.  The new pope only cares about his higher status.  He even has a cologne named after him.  He’s a pope who is not a very caring person.  It shows in his exaggerated movements.  It’s all about how he comes across and nothing else.  He’s as phony as 3 cents.

I no longer have respect for law enforcement.  No matter what kind of law enforcement: FBI, police, national security, etc.  All of them know what’s happening with targets.  None of them will help you, though.  They’re all in on it.  Try to get any of the law enforcement agencies to help you and you’ll get nowhere.  They’ll suggest that perhaps you should get some mental health help.  Law enforcement today cares nothing about its citizens. Look at what the officers are doing to protesters in the U.S.  They’re spraying protesters with pepper spray, beating them up, and generally causing more mayhem than is necessary. They beat up on homeless people, women for no reason.  They’ve gotten they’re here to serve their community not themselves.

I no longer have respect for people in general.  People today are rude, uncaring, obnoxious.  People today care only about themselves and don’t give a shit about what’s happening to someone else.  No one matters except for what they want. Damn everyone and get out of their way!  And gang stalking would not be happening if they were not involved in gang stalking.  But most people don’t care about what’s happening to someone else as long as it’s not happening to them.

I no longer respect Wall Street.  Look at what the crooks did to the economy.  And because of what Wall Street did we’re all suffering the consequences.  Wall Street doesn’t care  about the  99%, only those that have money.  Wall Street only cares about money, money and more money.  I know Wall Street is all about money, but at one time, I think Wall Street thought about the consequences of its action.  No more.  Money is their God; no one else matters.

I  no longer have respect for human rights organizations. They complain and complain about human rights abuses all over the world, but fail to look in their backyards to see what’s happening in front of their faces.  All these human rights organizations want is attention.  They really don’t care if we have our human rights taken away.  Just try to get help from one of the human rights organizations and see how far you get.  Nowhere!

I  no longer have respect for family.  I always believed that family was more important than anything else.  Family always came first with me.  But I can’t believe how easily I lost it.  When the time came that I needed my family, it was nowhere to be found.  They fell like rats from a sinking ship.  If anything, my family willingly joined in my gang stalking.  Some of them even became recruiters to sign up people to harass me.  Not one of them stood up for me.  Not one!

But there are some people I still respect.  I respect all the men and women who fought in our wars.  They fought in the belief that it was to keep America safe and free.  So these men and women I respect.  They’ve proven themselves.  They’ve enabled me to live years and years in a free society, or what I thought was a free society. It’s too bad everything they fought for was for nought.  But still, they’re the only ones who still get my respect.

Respect is a word no one uses anymore. It’s a word that has gone out of style. It’s gone of style because there’s hardly anyone or organization to respect.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It’s hard to find a person or organization to respect today.

  1. I think your perfoming one of the few services that helps me , I can talk to people who have an idea of what it’s like to be constantly denigrated and be monitored 24/7. No one understand what a toll this takes on your emotions and your mental health. This is emotional and psychological rape. Just to be able to share simple stories and have someone who actually understands, is a relief.
    Thank You

  2. I just tried to send an email to a guy from the DOJ who gave me his email when I had called the State Attorney’s Office and it got bounced twice – failed permanently. Guess I’ll be calling the State Attorney’s Office again tomorrow. I’ll go and move in there if I have to. I’m sick of this crap!
    I’m out of respect as well.

    • Maybe he wasn’t even DOJ. A lot of times what they’ve done to me is re-direct my phone call to a phony number. I can always tell when it’s a phony number. The people don’t have that professional sound of someone who is used to dealing with the public. I always check the number given to me at Goggle. You type in the number given or email address and see what info is out there about both. This has really helped me avoid phony numbers and email info. And I don’t blame you for having no respect. I’m also sick of this crap! An end has to come to the hell we’re going through. Try checking the email address and phone # on Google. Tell me what happens.

  3. Yes, I know it is the perfect crime. It’s so hard to get evidence of what’s happening. I’m glad your husband finally believed you; glad you two are still together. And it’s too bad we can’t get more people to believe what’s happening to us.

    • i know this message might be late, but i want to reply anyway. As I am reading , my heart goes for you. I can understand as to why you are very mad and angry at this. I know how you feel. I am sorry that this is happening to all of us victims. I might sound stupid but how about praying for them. Pray unceasingly. Remember Psalm 37, Matthew chapter 5 verse 3-12 (the Beatitudes). My life is affected, but my relationship with God has gotten stronger. After all, that is the ultimate most important thing in life..our relationship with God. Yes, all the ones who succumb to this crime do horrible things. Margaret cone is right. they think we owe them something though we don’t. tHey don’t have the right of mind. Who is a Godly person who would continually be cruel to one person and think that it’s the right thing to do? None! This is a diabolical work so you must fight it with lot’s of prayer, and believing in the Lord. Not all the politicians are bad, not all the policeman and women are bad, not all the people are bad. yes there are the one’s that are trully bad (believe me I see them smile when they know they get to me, it’s creepy), but THere are still good people out there and they just don’t know that there is a crime such as gang stalking and harassing. God loves you very much (remember the footprints on the sand?) this is what the criminals of gang stalking want is for us to be angry, to hate, to get mad and end up getting in trouble. it takes a lot of toil on your health too. that’s the last thing that you want to happen is to stress out and get sick. When you see yourself getting very hurt and angry..take a deep breath many times, kneel down and pray. Pour it all to God, you will find peace. your stalkers and and mine, your harassers and mine are people. They have feelings like us, they eat and do things the same thing that we do.They are not immortal none of us are. Only God. God is the solution to this, we need to ask for more people to pray for all of us and for our country. there is Hope…please take care of yourself, your life is very precious in God’s eyes..every life is…set your eyes on Him, find delight in him and you will notice little blessings here and there that will actually make a difference. Aim for peace, kindness and’s hard when you are in this situation, but try what will you lose?. there is nothing impossible with God. Trust in Him. he will deliver you from this, if not now, sooner or later. but while you wait, take this as an opportunity to do good.

  4. Yes, I know it’s the perfect crime. It’s hard to get evidence for what’s happening. It seems so ordinary what they do to us. I’m glad your husband finally believed you. I’m glad you’re still together. And those two people who believe you, it’s too bad we can’t get more of them to believe us.

  5. I could not agree with you more. One problem is there are so few of us and we are disconnected from one another. Also, the Gangstalkers and their recruits do not believe they are doing any harm. They think what they are doing is fun. They are convinced no matter what they do to you, you deserve it or you want it. The gangstalkers are like any other abusers, they never admit what they did was abuse. You are the one that does not understand. It is called DENIAL.

    Polititicians cannot do anything about this, many of them are being gangstalked. This is insidious behavior, where over the 50% of the population are directly or indirectly involved. The Gangstalker,
    the witnesses, and me. No one will help you the group is too big and feared.

    I wish I could tell you there is a place to go, but in the past 15 years I have not found a place. I have 2 people who know and believe me. It took my husband 10 years to even believe it was happening.
    Lets face it, the behavior pattern is incredulous. It is the perfect crime.

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