Gang Stalking – At the library? It’s more like a zoo.

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Rathmines Library

I’m typing my blog from the library (zoo) computer.  My computer totally crashed.  Whatever can be done to a computer to mess it up was done to my computer.  Nothing’s working on it. Nothing.  I wasted 25 minutes trying to get into my WordPress account at the library.  I only have 60  minutes, so I don’t have too  much time to write my blog.  I won’t write a blog tomorrow.  It’s Memorial Day and the library is not opened.  I don’t have my computer so I can’t write my blog, but when my computer’s fixed, I’ll start writing again.

I hate coming into this library.  All the bullshit I have to put up with is unbelievable.  A bunch of lowlifes trying to get at me from every direction.  They use the computer to hit me.  I told you about that there’s a code they use to draw electricity  to you. That’s what they do, they get on and try to hit me.  Well, I have a surprise for me, I have my way of hitting them.  They’ll be very surprised when they start getting hit, hit back.  I don’t see them as human so it doesn’t bother me to hit them.  They’re all animals.  Horrible, total waste of humanity.

I know no one believes me, but I don’t believe that Directed energy weapons (DEWs) and satellites are surrounding at us.  I’ve become my own detectives, and I find that it points to something else: electricity.  Those marks you get on you body, pure electricity directed at you.  They fix everything so that you attract electricity to you. They fix the refrigerator, stove, bathroom, the area outside your home, the grass, the lights outside, under the concrete, the water valves, power lines to re-direct electricity to you. So all the electricity that escapes is re-directed to you; that’s how you get those pulsating feelings, that’s how you get those red marks, that’s why you feel so tired.  All that electricity going throughout your body all the time.  That’s why you attract electricity when you go out.  And that’s why they use their phone on you. But if you don’t  believe me, it’s all right.  I can understand it.  You’ve been told so many lies and lied to so much that  I can understand why you wouldn’t believe me. But check things out for yourself.  That’s the only you’ll discover the truth.

Sitting at the computer in the library is absolutely no fun.  I’d rather eat dirt.  I have a bunch of animals surrounding me, all trying to do something to me. And that awful smirk they alway have.  I’d like to wipe it off their face. They all think they’re  so funny.  I don’t know what it is with these people.  Are they all mentally ill to do what they’re doing?  I really think they all need to go see their psychiatrist.

That’s it for this blog.  I don’t think my patience will last if I sit here surrounded by a bunch of lowlifes.  I know I’ll open up my big mouth.  So it’s better if I leave.  I don’t want to be thrown out of the library for another year.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – At the library? It’s more like a zoo.

  1. Dear Never ending1, So sorry for your trouble. I used to have to go to the library to do my work. My library was also a circus.
    I had perps who came in, and sat in the seats to harass me, and they also were able to mess up my Internet activities.
    I know what you mean, and I still have the same thing going on in my home. The hackers live in my building and across the street, and they are on my desktop and pc whenever I turn it on. They get a signal whenever I turn on my pc, and so they come on my pc to try and block my work by controlling my cursor, freezing my programs, doing what ever damage they can do while I am trying to write.
    I pray that The Lord will bless your work, and bring you justice and compensation for all that you have suffered.
    Good news, that those that are targeted are some of the smartest people. The enemy never tries to kick a dead dog. It is a complement to be a TI, because many of the TI’s are very great citizens of America, and they have a great deal of honor, character and integrity.
    May The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms.

    • I agree with you most of the people are very smart. That’s why they’re after us. They know we pay attention to what’s going on and vote and take being a citizen seriously. They want people who don’t care what’s going on and will easily follow orders, and will not question anything.

  2. They are using ultra soundwaves to listen. These waves detect where you are in the house and any movement you may make. These waves caused me to be dizzy, nausated, have vertigo and generally be unbalanced in my walk and in standing. I could not walk down the stairs without hanging on to the bannister. These symptoms went on for 3 years.

    We read about the disturbance these waves cause the electricity in your house and purchased a microsurge meter to measure the power line EM radiation levels. The levels are normally 25. The levels in our apartment were well over 300. We then purchased filters to place on each outlet. Immediately my symptoms were gone. The name of the company is Graham Stetzer: Stetzerizer microsurge meter and Stetzerizer filter. They greatly helped me.

    • I know they listen to me through my computer. I found a mike turned on in my computer which I did not put in. So everything I say is heard through the computer. Every once in a while I get angry at the lowlifes upstairs and call them vile names. I’m sure they tape everything I say to use as evidence. They can listen to me all they want, I’ll say whatever I want. Let them sit in their rat holes all day and listed, it won’t stop me from saying what I want.

      • Dear Neverending,
        You are so-o right. They want to use automatons/puppets that will do anything without even questioning it, and who do not have any moral compass whatsoever.
        This cult/coven group here on my street even uses their own children and the neighborhood children to gang stalk me, and to lie, cheat and steal from me.
        However, the mind control they are under is “all” erroneous. Satan has great and lofty plans for the world, but in the end; they will all be burned up and rendered powerless.
        It is very sad because all their hard work to lie, cheat, steal, kill and destroy will be futile.
        My prayer for those targeted individuals that are suffering from the direct energy weapons and constant harassment:
        Dear Heavenly Father,
        You know everything that is going on, and You “will” bring justice, judgement and vengeance for all of the innocent people who are being persecuted for righteousness sake.
        Please protect, heal, deliver and bring restitution for all that the TI’s have lost in time, money, property, health, time, and anything else that these gang stalkers have done against these wonderful people who are being targeted.
        Please give all of us the love, joy, peace, faith and hope that we need to have the total victory. Please renew our minds, and heal, renew, restore and resurrect every cell in our bodies.
        Please bring the TI’s together in love, unity, prayer, and in communities where we will have a refuge from the evil of the anti-Christ system.
        I know that Regent Park is meant to be a place of refuge for those under attack, and I claim this territory for this purpose. Please send godly men and women here that will purchase this property and use it for the right purpose which is to be a community for people seeking a life of peace, harmony and a decent place to live without the rackets of: gang stalking, pedophile rings, porn production, human trafficking, etc.
        Please expose all of these evil deeds of darkness, and please destroy all of these evil works in our area and all over the USA and the world in Jesus’ Name.
        Please bring these perpetrators and their handlers to justice and prosecution in behalf of all the innocent people that have been attacked. Hopefully, these criminals will learn the truth, and they will turn to the living God and repent in Jesus’ Name.
        Amen, amen and amen.
        Peggy Kannaday
        Regent Park
        707 Torrey Pines Lane
        Fort Mill, SC 29715

        • They’re told to use their children. It’s part of the family atmosphere. Even the husband/wife have to join in the gang stalking. The children, I guess, are in the training stage. And when they’re told on their own to harass people, they’ll already be indoctrinated.

          • Dear Neverending,
            How evil, twisted and disgusting. They are so-o sick. I don’t understand how they live with themselves, but I guess it is because they have no idea what they are doing.
            God have mercy.

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