Gang Stalking – Sick and tired of all the crap.

My eye

My eye (Photo credit: neuroticcamel)

Needles used for hand sewing

Needles used for hand sewing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the last week, my  eyes have been very itchy.  I had to rub them to get relief.  Today, I woke up with the area around my eyes puffed up, and  red.  My eyes are so puffy, they look like slits.  I know this is from all the pesticide sprayed down into my apartment.  Last week, my lips were swollen, now it’s my eyes.  As a matter of fact, my whole face looks like I have mumps or some disease.  I really look awful.  Good thing I have a pair of very dark sunglasses, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to leave my apartment.   I’m sure people would run from me.  I know I would stay away from someone whose face looked like mine.  I wonder what’s next?  My whole body?

Sometimes I just feel so tired.  Every time I think I might get a break something happens – they break my computer; food I think I have is gone; clothes I’m going to wear torn; go to put on my shoes and the heel is gone; charger to my phone, gone;  my face lotion gone; toothpaste squeezed empty; my sugar is wet; bread broken into pieces; non-stop pesticide and insecticide sprayed on me; my sewing needles gone, etc. And on and on it goes every single day.  The savages never stop their crap.  I know they’re told to do damage to whatever we have, and believe me, they enjoy what they’re doing.  There is nothing safe in my apartment; no matter how unimportant it is. They love  to destroy whatever is in their sight.  They’re like locust.  After they come through my apartment,  it looks like a locust field.  A big, messy area.  And everything destroyed.

I’m always fixing something, or have to buy something.  There’s never any relief from the lowlifes.  They’re like little children who have no control over themselves.  I don’t think when they were growing up their parents taught them the difference between right and wrong.  They have no trigger which tells them they’re doing wrong.  It’s just go forth and do evil. And be good at it because you have no other talent.

In the meantime, we targets have to put up with the psychopaths.  And endure day after day of misery,  and the smell of pesticide. And a few hours of sleep; if we’re lucky.

I’m sick and tired of all the crap.  I wish I could find an answer as to what to do.

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15 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Sick and tired of all the crap.

  1. What’s helped me with my YEARS of being gang stalked is simply having no limits to the people I WILL NOT trust. And since I don’t know who my gang stalkers, as they can be ANYONE, everyone fit the description!!! This has gotten down right simple over the years. I won’t date, have friends, etc., etc. I keep it down to unattached small talk and dealing with people in business setting.

    • That’s a very smart way of dealing with gang stalking. You have to deal with people at business settings, so it’s good you can handle the people. I don’t think I could. But more power to you!

    • I realize this is a very old post; however, I am going to respond anyway. You are giving these people exactly what they want. If you never trust anyone, never date, make no attempt at finding new friends, then you have become the kind of social recluse they want you to become. From what you describe, they are going to make your life a living hell anyway, so why would you do it to yourself as well? Furthermore, if that was entirely true, why would you write a blog entry about it? If your every move is stalked, so is your internet usage. By posting this you are being social and getting your story out there, so why hide behind the computer screen?

  2. What you described as happening to you is exactly the same as what they do to me, except in my case, they don’t mess my face up with pesticide. They use directed energy to form scar tissue under my skin. In my case I know it was my ex who put me on the list. He had contacts, and he’s a spycho. I’ve had this crap for 15 years now, and lately I’ve started calling the Gov organizations and complaining about it. Not like they’re going to stop, but what have I got to lose? It started in England for me and followed me here, but I know it was transfered between Govs because when I first started looking up IPs I caught monitorring me some traced to British Consolate locations. Yes, it is happening all over the world. I’m proof. I’m always fixing something, replacing something, or wearing shabby clothes and shoes too, because they want you to look like you don’t take care of your things and look like you’re a slob so that people will think you are crazy. They want to ruin your face so that you won’t like yourself, but like yourself anyway. That’ll piss em off. As for the pain, I will pray that you can find some way to aleviate it. I have no idea what to suggest, all I can do is say I care, and hope that will help you feel a little bit better. I keep saying these people must have had nasty disgusting mothers, for them to turn out with no conciences…I know my ex mother in law was nasty person!

    • It should be them on the list, not us. They’ve got all the crazies running around loose, and the sane ones being harassed. Does that make any sense? We weren’t evil enough to put them on the list first, but they didn’t twice about making our lives miserable. It’s so true, they want us to look crazy and homeless. That’s why I always, no matter what, put on my lipstick and walk around as if I think I’m “it.” It works. The gang stalkers are always imitating my walk, the way I stand, and the way I hold my hands.

      • That doesn’t happen to me. It’s another target who gets scars under her skin. It’s Blackbird who wrote about scars. I’ve written about a lot of things, so you have to be a little more specific as what happens to you.

  3. I’ve been thinking about your comment that it is the government and therefor you cannot get help. The one thing I have found after 15 years is the most lasting effect of being Gangstalked is the lack of trust. I would rather die on my living room floor than call 911.

    • I agree with you. I wouldn’t call 9/11, either. We would probably end up being put in some mental health facility, which I know has happened to others. We’d end up on tranquilizers.

    • It is the government. This is going on all over the world. Who has as much power as the government? No one.It is not the mafia, police, or any other group. This is your government doing this to you. Someone probably got you placed on the government list as someone who is dangerous and has to be watched. It could have been a boss, lawyer, friend, someone who wants to get even with you. It could be anyone. Even someone in your family. Who do you think it is?

  4. They are sociopaths, defined by the way they treat you. You are an object by which they excercise power and control. What you think, feel, or say means nothing to them because you are not a human being. You are someone they stalk, denigrate, violate and eliminate, by cutting off your voice.

    • Health department? They’re involved, too. It is the government that’s involved in all the gang stalking, and there isn’t a any place we can go to get an honest answer. Since my gang stalking began, there’s really no one I can trust to tell me the truth. Maybe there are people out there who will help me, but, so far, I haven’t run into them.

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