Gang Stalking – Thank God for New York City!

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My network connection is on again.  Not in the way you would think.  I put in my 4G spot, and it won’t work.  But I’m connected to the internet, anyway.  What’s happened is that I’m connected to the computer in the complex where I live.  I knew my connection was not working,  so I checked the location to see what area connection I had.  I knew I was right.  The network connection is coming from a man who lives 7 doors away from me.  The man lives by himself, has no furniture, his clothes are all over the floor, and he’s always watching me. ( I watch him right back )  I’m connected to his network access. It’s okay with me; maybe I’ll cancel my network access and just use his.  I’ll save myself money.

My computer is back on because they can’t find out what I’m doing.  When I’m typing they can always tell what I’m doing, but without the use of my computer they don’t know what I’m up to.  So to find out what I’m up to, they let me have my network access again.  It makes life easier for them. I don’t talk with anyone because most people I’ve run into are untrust worthy.

So now, my modem is off, but my computer connection is on.  Isn’t it great?  The man must think I’m stupid.  I figure if the computer is on, I might as well use it.  Either way, they’ll hack me, so might as well take advantage of them.

(By the way, the above paragraph was erased as soon as I got on the computer. Two times already.)

I keep thinking, are these people for real?  The U.S. government has a bunch of sub-humans chasing me around all day and night, and, still, they haven’t accomplished their goal:  to get me put into a mental institution,  on tranquilizers, or to get me so angry that I’ll be arrested.  So far, I’ve managed to stay sane and in control.

I’ve stay sane because I’m a New Yorker.  You see, New York is a city that’s very difficult to live in, so New York prepared me for all the garbage that’s done to me.  New York is very noisy, often unpredictable, dog-eat-dog mentality, only the fittest survive.  So I’m so thankful I grew up in New York and have a tough hide.  I think if I’d grown up in a small town I doubt I would survive the savagery done to me.  So I love, love New York.  Thank you New York for making me tough.  I didn’t realize what a gift it was to grow up in New York City. It made me very street smart.

If my grammar does not sound right, it’s because it’s hard to concentrate when every other word I type gets  cut.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Thank God for New York City!

  1. Your all lost. You couldn’t connect two dotts to save your life. Gangstalking is a myth. But its still happening. How does it work? It never existed before the year 2000. Then again, neither did chemtrails did they? Can’t think for yourself? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. OPEN. YOUR. EYES.

    • I agree that gangstalking is happening as im experiencing it. Even the more qustionable technological aspects of it. Chematrails i have not reseached enough. How far are we going to take it, reptilian aliens that eat human fetuses? Not impossible, but I severely doubt it. I believe in educating the public on my personal cause , which is gangstalking,with solid facts.

    • Yes, I know. That’s what it’s all about. Breaking someone down, so that they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. They try to break someone down to make them vulnerable. It’s like the Army, break down the soldier and then rebuild him into the image of the Army. That’s why I hold tightly to what I am. My thinking has changed on a lot of things, but my basic me is still here.

  2. I agree that NYC is a cutthroat dog eat dog city. They say if you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere. But I’d think there are TI’s that are native NYers that have succumbed to the GS system, it has to do with the individuals temprament, level of targeting, and other factors. It seems to me that bright creative or scientific types are sometimes more vulnerable to be driven over the edge, and end up in jail or a mental facility.
    My experience with targeting in NYC was not too severe until near the end when I left. Without currently having a license, im looking at cities with good public trans. NYC is obviously the best in that area in the US.

    • I was never targeted in New York. My targeting began in Las Vegas, NV. I arrived in Vegas in Sept., 2004. At the beginning, no one harassed me. My targeting began when I moved into a complex named Maryland Parkway Apartments (this was deleted, retyping). My targeting began there. I think the manager, or an ex-neighbor, reported me to a homeland Security office as being dangerous because I referred to her as a Lesbian. She was really angry with me. She was one of those religious rights people, and being called a Lesbian is the worse thing one can be called. But, of course, I can’t be sure who reported me. But I think I’m right. So four years ago, my targeting began; 24/7, non-stop harassment. And till this day, it has gotten worse. Why are you moving? It doesn’t get any better, and all you do is spend your money.

      • Well, im currently in a small town area w/o good public transportation. I was thinking it might be better in a city, altho ive been stalked in big cities as well. This part of the country im in is not ideal for me, I can get a financial help from family, possibly even moving closer to them. I realize the stalking wont get better, but possibly in a highly populated area ill be able to have more of a life?

        • Moving to a larger city will not help you. The gang stalking will be just as bad, if not worse. There’s more to do in a larger city, but there will be so much gang stalking that you won’t be able to do too much.

        • I typed a reply to you, but what came up was a copy of your comment. So I’ll try again. Moving to a larger city will not make your gang stalking better. It’ll be just as bad as what you’re going through now. It might even be worse. There’s a lot to do in a large city, but there’ll be so much gang stalking, you won’t feel like doing much.

      • In response to the comments below(no reply button) where I currently live is just not a good location for me. I need to start over elsewhere. Since I have financial help ill be moving its a matter of where and how soon. Thanks for the info.

        • Well, good luck to you. I really hope things work out for you. Let me know how it goes. Keep in touch. And be careful where you rent an apartment, or house. And make sure it’s on one level. You don’t want to get hit from above.

    • If you’re moving, good luck! It doesn’t change anything. It’ll be the same wherever you go. I don’t know where you’re living, but reconsider moving. I moved 6 times in one year thinking the gang stalking would stop, but it was the same everywhere I went. And it might be worse where you’re going.

    • One of your comments to me deleted. Why? I don’t know. It said something about you moving. But I just want to update your moving thing. Never, never, ever live in a complex that has husband and wife managing it. This is what’s currently happening to me. They will never leave the complex, and recruit new tenants to harass you. And since they can get into your apartment without anyone thinking anything about it, they’ll be in your apartment destroying things. Also, don’t take an apartment in front of a parking lot. People will sit in their cars waiting for you to come out so they can turn their car on and make a lot of noise. Also, they’ll sit in front of your apartment, and use their lights to hit you, or put pesticide on their right side to spray you. They use a sprayer which they attach to the system. I don’t know if they do this to you, but I thought I’d give you a warning.

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