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Gang Stalking – If my blog doesn’t count, why are so many perps trying to prevent me from writing it?

Welll, here I am again, the raging teenager! That’s what someone called me in the comment section.  Wrote that what I write doesn’t  matter. It sure as hell worked for Anne Frank’s diary, didn’t it?

Every time I’m on my way out of the library, there’s a corner I have to turn. No one is in the area. But always, when I pass by, someone’s left library books in my the way. You see, they want me to steal the books. After all, we targets are  all thieves. They then can have me on tape and have me arrested for stealing a library book. It’s such an obvious ploy that they must think I’m really stupid. This is not the only ploy they try on me. In the complex where I live, the perps leave their car windows open, supposedly I’ll go into their car and steal something. Again, they can have me arrested. What kind of idiot leaves his car door wide open, especiallly in today’s world. A perp idiot!

They’re the ones who should be arrested for what they do to us targets. These idiots actually think they’re good people!!!!!  What decent human goes around harassing people who haven’t done anything to anyone?  Only evil people who have no scruples. People who’ll do anthing for a  buck. People who are too laxy to get a “real” job. People who are on drugs and think only of getting “high”.

These people all belong in jail along with the people who tell them what to do. They don’t deserve to be free. They belong behind bars, that’s where they belong! And once they get behind bars maybe the criminals in there will bully them as they’ve bullied us.

These people are the lowest of the low. They’re lower than slime.

A P.S. to the person who thinks I sound like a raging teenager. If it doesn’t matter what I write in my blog, why is it that my computer’s constantly hacked and there are so many perps in the library trying to stop me from writing my blog?

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Gang Stalking -Off Topic- PostaDay2011- What makes you feel like you’re still a kid?

Bonus: What makes you feel like an adult?

What makes me feel like a kid? Usually, I’ll have the radio on and a song  might come on that I heard when I was a teenager. It’ll take me back to that time of awkwardness  and all the changes my body was going through.  So when I hear the song, I’ll start to dance, sing and act silly. It makes me feel like a kid again.  Any time I have an  ice cream cone, it takes me back to a time when I was very young and  used to run out of the house to get an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck.  The ice cream cone would melt and drip all over my clothes.  I was a sloppy, happy mess.  If I watch anything  Disneyland, especially “Cinderella”, I become a kid again.

What makes me feel like an adult?  Things that I have to do to keep up my status as an adult.  Like paying my rent, electric, cleaning my apartment, acting like I know what I’m doing, etc.  All these things remind me I’m a grown up.  It doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

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