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Gang Stalking – America, I miss you.


Sing (Photo credit: Kathleen Tyler Conklin)

Walking Shadow

Walking Shadow (Photo credit: themactep)

After America

After America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that's what I call missing.

Now that’s what I call missing. (Photo credit: robpatrick)

America, you were my mother once. I told you all my secrets, and walked your streets without fear.

I celebrated your birthday every year, and loved you more than I can express.

But something happened between us.

America, I’ve never been unfaithful to you, but you’ve turned your back on me. You’ve turned citizens against me and told them lies about me.

America, you’ve broken my heart.

I no longer walk your streets without fear.

I watch my back…always.

America, I no longer celebrate your birthday.  Now, I spend your birthday hiding from you.

America, I’m disappointed in what you’ve become. I know we all go through hard times and have to find our way back home and, America, I hope your find your way back soon, so I can sing your birthday praises once again.

America, I know it’s your birthday, July 4,  but I can’t wish you happy birthday today.

America, I wish I could, but I just can’t.

America, I miss you.

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Gang Stalking -Off Topic- PostaDay2011- What makes you feel like you’re still a kid?

Bonus: What makes you feel like an adult?

What makes me feel like a kid? Usually, I’ll have the radio on and a song  might come on that I heard when I was a teenager. It’ll take me back to that time of awkwardness  and all the changes my body was going through.  So when I hear the song, I’ll start to dance, sing and act silly. It makes me feel like a kid again.  Any time I have an  ice cream cone, it takes me back to a time when I was very young and  used to run out of the house to get an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck.  The ice cream cone would melt and drip all over my clothes.  I was a sloppy, happy mess.  If I watch anything  Disneyland, especially “Cinderella”, I become a kid again.

What makes me feel like an adult?  Things that I have to do to keep up my status as an adult.  Like paying my rent, electric, cleaning my apartment, acting like I know what I’m doing, etc.  All these things remind me I’m a grown up.  It doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

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