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Gang Stalking – Happy Easter, 2013.

easter baskets

easter baskets (Photo credit: sciondriver)

the cutest thing in the entire world =D click ...

the cutest thing in the entire world =D click it!! watch it!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Passion play by a Protestant group, Easter Par...

Passion play by a Protestant group, Easter Parade, Fifth Avenue, New York City, Easter 1995. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Peeps! (Photo credit: Carol Browne)

2011 Easter Parade New York City (4 of 91)

2011 Easter Parade New York City (4 of 91) (Photo credit: FreeVerse Photography)

New York City Easter Parade 2012

New York City Easter Parade 2012 (Photo credit: FreeVerse Photography)

Easter Eggs

Participants in New York City's Easter Parade

Participants in New York City’s Easter Parade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memories of past Easters…yellow peeps, rabbits, colored eggs, getting new clothes, going to church, Easter Parade in New York.

I’m just like a kid when it comes to celebrating holidays.  I love the ceremony of going shopping for Easter baskets, or making them, painting hard-boiled eggs in different colors, getting together with family and friends, eating a great meal.  I love the holidays.

I don’t celebrate holidays much now.  With no family, friends, it’s lonely.  It’s just not the same, but I still love the idea of holidays.  We have to stop and smell the roses, or however the saying goes.

So stop and smell the roses today for Easter.

I want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays.  Celebrate Easter as you’ve never celebrated before.  Love your family and friends as you’ve never loved them before. And enjoy, enjoy as you’ve never enjoyed before.

And don’t worry about stupid nonsense, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Happy Easter to everyone.  Live for the moment!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Why do some people’s dreams get realized and others don’t?

Why do you think people’s dreams get realized and others don’t?  Make a list of the factors you think are involved,  including the ones people do and don’t control.

To me, people who realize their dreams are people who truly know what they want to do with their lives.  There is nothing that will stop them from achieving their goal.  No obstacles will stand in their way to realize their dream…not sickness, going broke, losing someone they love, some horrible tragedy, nothing.  It’s like they have blinders on and they’ll step through hell to get to the other side to fulfill their destiny.  

On the  other hand, a lot of people have no clear-cut idea of what they’re dream is.   They vacillate between wanting one dream and then another.   They never stick to doing one thing and doing it well.  They’re constantly in flux. 

And then there are the people who have no dreams they want to fulfill.  They’re just happy living life from moment to moment without thinking about the future.  Their future is here at the moment and they’re going to live the moment as fully as they can.  They have no time to fulfill a dream.  They’ll think about realizing their dream “tomorrow”.

Of course, there are others who don’t have opportunity to  dream.  They’ve not had the best of luck.  They haven’t had the advantages of everyone else.  They’re poor, sick, or mentally challenged.  Life has not been a bed of roses and surviving every day is a challenge, nevermind having a dream realized.

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