Gang Stalking – Happy Easter, 2013.

easter baskets

easter baskets (Photo credit: sciondriver)

the cutest thing in the entire world =D click ...

the cutest thing in the entire world =D click it!! watch it!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Passion play by a Protestant group, Easter Par...

Passion play by a Protestant group, Easter Parade, Fifth Avenue, New York City, Easter 1995. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Peeps! (Photo credit: Carol Browne)

2011 Easter Parade New York City (4 of 91)

2011 Easter Parade New York City (4 of 91) (Photo credit: FreeVerse Photography)

New York City Easter Parade 2012

New York City Easter Parade 2012 (Photo credit: FreeVerse Photography)

Easter Eggs

Participants in New York City's Easter Parade

Participants in New York City’s Easter Parade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memories of past Easters…yellow peeps, rabbits, colored eggs, getting new clothes, going to church, Easter Parade in New York.

I’m just like a kid when it comes to celebrating holidays.  I love the ceremony of going shopping for Easter baskets, or making them, painting hard-boiled eggs in different colors, getting together with family and friends, eating a great meal.  I love the holidays.

I don’t celebrate holidays much now.  With no family, friends, it’s lonely.  It’s just not the same, but I still love the idea of holidays.  We have to stop and smell the roses, or however the saying goes.

So stop and smell the roses today for Easter.

I want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays.  Celebrate Easter as you’ve never celebrated before.  Love your family and friends as you’ve never loved them before. And enjoy, enjoy as you’ve never enjoyed before.

And don’t worry about stupid nonsense, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Happy Easter to everyone.  Live for the moment!

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35 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Happy Easter, 2013.

  1. Dear Friend, I am sorry, but I had heard that it takes approximately 6 months to establish their network all around the TI, as they desire. In my own case, after I moved here; it took some time for them to spread slander about me to every possible association that I have and to surround my townhouse with perpetrators, kill my dogs and destroy and steal my property and finances. In my case it is a continual upgrading of their control over my life. The hatred is almost tangible.
    It is very sad, but my attack has come mostly from the so-called “Christian leaders”, who have infiltrated many churches, and who have some of the highest positions in the church-at-large. Jesus Himself was harassed and stalked by the “religious leaders” in His day. It is very sad, but true.
    Thank you for your information, as I know they do come ahead of you wherever we go, but to set up their networks all around our residences seems to take a little time to establish, but it is probably getting faster and faster due to the huge amounts of money being poured into this crime.
    The handlers of the perpetrators are control freaks of the highest order. They are quite paranoid, and so they have to watch every human being that they cannot bully, control and intimidate.
    Have a beautiful day.

    • There are four levels of targets. I’m on the highest level, so things get done faster on me. I’m sorry you lost your dog. What horrible, disgusting people they are. As to anyone who is religious and does this, he should call him/herself a non-Christian. A real Christian wouldn’t do what they’re doing. It’s good you still have your faith to help you. You haven’t let them win yet. Have a beautiful day, too, Peggy.

    • She’s right. The people who do this aren’t real Christians. I hate religion. I believe in the one true God but I only go to church because my mother gets mad at me if I don’t. I quit going to hers with her because there was a perp there. I’m looking for a new one now to please her. I could do without that. I think a relationship with with God is possible without going and showing it off in public.

      • I honestly I don’t have anything to do with religion anymore. I see people going to church and come out and perp me. How Christian is that? Why do they even go to church?

        • Exactly. They want everyone to think they’re good. They probably even think they’re good, but they’re Satan’s crew.

      • Dear Friends,
        Thank you for your replies and kind words. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
        Yes, I agree. We can have a close relationship with God even without the religious trappings which mainly involves getting your money, time, energy and attempting to control your life in many of the “gone rogue” churches.
        Many of the churches that have the 501c3 non-profit status have sold out (if the pastors were not infiltrators to begin wit,h) and many churches are being paid big money (in the millions) to corrupt their churches (with various methods) and to turn in the Christians who will not compromise their faith and beliefs.
        Because of greed many pastors allow ungodly people to control their messages and their work. I am quite sure that many pastors today have never known The Lord at all, and they are simply
        acting and they are total hypocrites. However, God hates hypocrites and He is about to spew these fake “leaders” out of His mouth.
        Sadly most people in the churches who are warming the pews at every service have no idea about the infiltration of the churches by the anti-Christ system, and so they support what will eventually lead them to the slaughter.
        I do pray that the people will wake up and pray. Prayer is so powerful because our weapons are no carnal but they are mighty.
        2 Corinthians 10:4
        4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
        The Christians are called sheep because they are the most gullible and naive people in the world. It seems that a Christian will almost believe any reprobate, and that is why Jesus constantly was warning the “sheep” to beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
        The Lord bless all of you, and please keep your faith up and your hope for a better tomorrow high.

        • Unfortunately in this day, not only the Christians seem like sheep….Looking back on my life I can see where corruption in churches affected my life to very negative degrees and I would rather just leave it all behind. I can certainly see why some people become atheists.

  2. Happy Easter to you!
    My prayer partner (who lives in Hong Kong) is in Israel at this time, and she wrote me about visiting the Garden Tomb, as it was very special to her. Below, please find my answer to her.
    Peggy Henderson Kannaday 1:05pm Mar 30
    Oh Alison, I am so happy for you, as that is the place where I was filled with such joy that I could not stop crying tears of supernatural joy, and it was unspeakable and full of the glory of God. I was covered in the resurrection power of God when I stood at the Garden Tomb. It was a miraculous experience that I will never forget. The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead was still there at the Garden Tomb.
    It was glorious, and I pray that you will have a similar experience there as I did several years ago. Have a wonderful visit to the Holy Land, and please be blessed abundantly by our great, and mighty Lord Jesus. He paid the ultimate price for each human being, and this is the time we honor Him, but He should be exalted every day of the year for what He did for even one of us, as is incomprehensible now because we see through a glass darkly now, but then face-to-face; we will know all that He did in our behalf, and we will fall down before Him on our faces, as the Seraphims do, and we will worship Him forever and ever with all of our hearts forever and ever. Only then will we understand what He did for even one human being. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Amen.
    He is risen! Be blessed all those being targeted. I hope some day to meet all of you, as this is a spiritual battle that we are involved in, and it will all work for our good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).
    May The Lord bless each and every one of you today and always.
    Much love and hugs,
    Peggy Kannaday

    • You’re lucky you got to visit Israel. I’ve been to a lot of places, but never to Israel. Nice note you wrote to your friend. And thanks for blessing all us targets. We are grateful for your prayers. Much love and hugs to you.

      • Dear Friend,
        It was so kind of you to reply in such a lovely way. I am used to getting a lot of negative backlash when I talk about the Lord. However, I have learned not to ever be ashamed of the Name, as He will be ashamed of me when He comes back, and I could not bear that!
        You sound like a wonderful person, and I am convinced that is one reason you are being targeted even though you are not a Christian, as yet.
        I was out of this country for thirteen years, and so I missed so much of what was going on, but I am now catching up on this game of gang stalking. It is a game basically of the good being persecuted by those who hold the power to do evil to them.
        It is a disguised compliment, although it feels like a curse. I have discovered since researching this subject now for eight years that data is being collected in every institution, agency, corporation, medical facility, and any and every type of facility concerning the people who complain about anything; even if their complaint is totally legitimate. Even when the complaint involves the safety and well being of children; the person’s name is put on a list.
        This person is considered a “trouble maker”, even though a person that reports pedophile rings and human trafficking, child abuse, etc. is a very decent person who cares for the lives of the innocent.
        None of that is taken into account. The people who do not like cruelty to children, and who will not tolerate criminal activities going on all around them are called “Psycho”, and they are treated with total contempt. The more they report their problems; the more they are labeled.
        I have learned that moving is no solution because I heard that within six months the perpetrators are reinstated into your life because these perps are part of a national and international network of racketeers. These racketeers are the people who do the gang stalking rings, the pedophile rings, the porn rings, the human trafficking rings, the drug and gun trafficking rings, etc.
        They are located in almost every area of the world.
        My prayer for all TI’s.
        Dear Father,
        Please protect, deliver, heal and bring restitution to all of these dear people who are being targeted because they are good citizens. Please bring justice in their behalf, and please provide a new beginning for them in their lives.
        Please bless them with Your Presence and Truth, and please bring them comfort and peace in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
        Much love,

        • It doesn’t take them 6 months for them to move in near you. When you move anywhere, they know exactly where you’re moving and when. They set up the perps before you even move into your home or apartment. Anyway, that’s been my experience.

          Thank you for your prayers, Peggy.

  3. Hope you had a great Easter Gladys…the past was beautiful..the present may not seem the best, but the future always holds cannot have sunshine without the rain..the day the sunshine comes through your window…you will think you’re in Heaven..b/c you’ve been through so much..the day will come soon for prayers are with you ❤

  4. N e glad you got your insurance despite what happened. Perps are ugly ugly cretins ugly inside an to look at yuckk why not john corbert looklikes ah well a gal wish lol.but the best thing is no perps at all .

  5. My heart breaks. I do get to go to an Easter dinner but I will know very few people there and its not a family thing. Sort of a last resort place to go to. I miss Passover family dinners the most. No baskets and bunnies but we had the “egg game” and Barton’s Candies. And THEN, when it was all over, we’d go out to eat as a family and order the breadiest (like pizza) thing we could eat, then, go home and bring back up our “regular” dishes and put back down the fugly Passover dishes in delicate brown plastic.

      • Oh, Easter Dinner WENT. Usual scene. Got perped/ignored/subtly mistreated throughout. Another lovely holiday there. I don’t really like to go there anymore but have no other choices. One Christmas I did not go, it was the worst year of my life, it was when the cop tried to arrest me for taking a walk on Christmas Eve. I was so upset that year over everything I could not eat and had an APPLE for Christmas dinner whilst listening to a prayer a thon online. Next year in Jerusalem, is what Jews say at the Seder. Next year in Jerusalem I say…next year to FREEDOM. The Hebrew slaves had to wait centuries for freedom but finally got it in an awesome way. One day I’d like to make Aliya to Israel myself. There is a new walk open around Lake Galilee that is supposed to be fun and have places to camp, etc…I’d also love to be on a Kibbutz for awhile.

          • It was very disturbing. I kept seeing this cop around sort of following me and that day he caught me alone on the bike path. He took my ID and ran it and found nothing then proceeded to question me why I was walking there, etc etc…as he was leaving he kept stopping as if trying to consider a way to arrest me. Then, on Christmas, I arrived to dinner, and all that I went thru that year (a whole other story) and what happened with the cop made me lose my appetite. I was about to stay when someone from the place I was to eat dinner at came into the kitchen, where I was looking at the food, perped me, and walked out. I ran out of there and ate an apple for Christmas. I got out of the house at least for Easter. Still miss a Passover Seder though.

            • Come to think of it, every time I go to the park a police car shows up. I remember writing about it. I haven’t been to the park in a long time. I don’t have the patience to put up with idiots. I’d probably be arrested.

              • I saw police around today a little but not much. When the drug dealers were all over the park there was not a cop in sight but when they wanted to harass me there this cop followed me everywhere it seemed.

              • For a while they would park in front of my house to freak me out because I was afraid of them. Years, actually. Finally I complained about it to my mother and they stopped. She would have told them off if they had arrested me on a false pretense and also, if someone gives you sympathy or understanding about something a perp does it’s not fun for them anymore. Mom thought it was a ridiculous thing for them to do so they quit doing it. We didn’t even say anything to them about it. They knew through the surveillance.

                  • Maybe she did. Yeah, She’s a lot better than my dad. He’s in on the perping. I don’t even talk to him now unless I have to.

                    • I figured it out when he was telling people I was nuts and he’s extremely unsympathetic about the things that are done to me. He even lies about explanations for them. For example, when someone made a cut in the side of my car he said a shopping cart did it. It would have been impossible to do that kind of damage with a shopping cart. He’s been ridiculous about a lot of things that happened and my mom agrees they are stupid explanations.

            • I’m glad he didn’t arrest you in the end. That’s sad about Christmas! Prove’s the perps aren’t celebrating it because they’re real Christians, that’s for sure! You didn’t deserve that kind of holiday!

  6. I wish you a Happy Easter too. If I was closer I’d invite you over. I know some of the other people who read your blog would too.

    I don’t get into holidays much anymore either, but at least I still have a kid to give an easter basket to (although he doesn’t believe in the easter bunny anymore at his age) but it was funny this morning – He made a joke that “the bunny” must be really great at picking locks because he got through the slidelock) 🙂 He and my husband are very supportive.

    I hope you find some happiness today – hey – it snowed here today. At least you don’t have to deal with that! Ha ha. There won’t be roses to smell here for a while….

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