Gang Stalking – When will someone listen to target complaints?

I haven’t written anything lately about what’s going on in the library, but nothing’s changed. It’s worse than ever. Criminals all over the place.

Yesterday,  I  sat waiting to get on the computer. I was in chair #1 and the chair faces the person in chair #2. This creep saw me looking straight ahead and he put his hand between his legs and began playing with himself.  There are no cameras in this area and I thought of going to the librarian and telling her what the creep was doing, but I knew she’d just say he wasn’t doing anything. I said to the creep. “I wish I had a video camera. I’d record you, you creep.”  He acted as if he’d done nothing. As a matter of fact, the creep is sitting at computer # 6 now. Oh, no, I’m wrong. He left. He knows I’m writing about him. Well, all I can say is good riddance. Sicko! Maybe he won’t return again. He’s one of those creeps who shows up every day. Oh, I’m wrong again. He’s now sitting at computer #7. I thought he was gone because his jacket is on the back of computer #6.  I know he’s a hacker so he’s probably reading what I’m writing. He’s also getting help from creep on computer #10. The creep in number 10 keeps deleting what I type. They help each other way that way because they’re all criminals.

It seems these criminals have no shame. And why should they have shame?  They get away with so much. They can do anything they want to me and get away with it.  But I, however, can’t complain about any of them because they’ll deny they do anything and they’ll be believed. The U.S. has really gone to hell. When criminals have more rights than regular people, you know there’s a problem with the country.

And the criminal in computer #7  is still sitting at the computer knowing he has nothing to worry about.   Oh, the hacker on computer #10 just left. I think he’s afraid he’ll get in trouble. He’s new. It’s the first time I’ve seen him. Good riddance.

When is all the crap going to end? When? When will someone listen to us?


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2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – When will someone listen to target complaints?

  1. The game is too “cold” to be human initiated. And too “relentless” to be human continued.
    The gang stalking program/game is a computer program that runs 24/7 pumping out instructions to humans. You, and everyone else, is being messed with through AI – Artificial Intelligence.
    The game is being fashioned after and based on the “normal routines” of several people who are key to your environment. When those “key” people become ineffective, as in, “familiarity breeds contempt”… NEW people/keys are introduced into your environment. And some are left in your environment just for the “keep you on edge” factor of contempt. (they do that to “control” your emotions. FACT OF LIFE – WHOEVER controls your emotions, CONTROLS you!!!) – – – – If we “just now know”… then it has been “in use” for the last 10 to 15 years. Very possibly/feasibly 25 years.
    (The CIA/MILITARY is technologically 25 years AHEAD of you and I down here on Main Street. Can you go down to the local Radio Shack and buy the parts to build a Laser Cannon or Rail gun??? No, you can’t… because those parts are only available to the military/DARPA or the Intelligence Community.)

    I used a military contractors laptop in 2007 (friend of mine), associated with FINCEN… the agency that deals with financial fraud. (Which was NO surprise when my niece married a man in 2013 who is a State of NM cop, plainclothes, that works for New Mexico in the same position.)
    Also, I seriously DOUBT that either of them know that their “relationship” was/is being used in the gang stalking theme of TIA (Total Information Awareness). I am regularly surrounded by government plates and vehicles that only the Intelligence Community uses. Lately, there have been a lot of “Air Force” plates… because of an “interest in a former Air Force female”.

    Think about it: Why are humans involved at all?
    To sway people from accepting that a “computer-controlled” SPY GRID has been set in place by the Intelligence Community (SIGINT – Ft Gordon, GA or HUMINT – don’t remember where without searching for a disk), then humans are simply going about THEIR normal routines whose actions you were “sensitized to see” and understand as a messaging system.
    They cannot be prosecuted for doing what they normally do. Nor can they be prosecuted for doing their job or utilizing their time for their own benefit. (like going to Walmart, a grocery store or the library)

    I call them morons, but they are not. They are EXTREMELY intelligent and criminally insane.

    Until an actual court case is brought before a jury involving KNOWLEDGE of how MKUltra works, how it is being used on Main Street to dominate/control people… no one is going to listen to the stories of what is happening to people globally.
    Ideally, snatching the program from an original disk with the actual program code would suffice… and perhaps, the ONLY reason Snowden is still alive. (they can’t find the missing disk!)

    When will someone listen?
    Possibly never.

    Change your attitude towards “how they appear to you” and you will effectively dismantle the program aimed at you.
    They will have to implement a whole NEW program and that will give you a few days of peace.

    • I’ve noticed that when I don’t pay any attention to them, they go into a different mode. But no matter how I try to ignore them,there are times that I can’t keep my mouth shut. I’m a New Yorker and we New Yorkers can’t keep our mouths shut, especially if someone is abusing us. It’s in our DNA. Thanks for the info. Very interesting stuff. Thanks. You say they’re very intelligent, I disagree. Insane? Yes!! By the way, is that a photo of you?

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