Gang Stalking- Perverts not getting “action” at home feel need to let me know.

I’m calling the last 8-9 days “Penis Week”. Why, you wonder? Well, it’s been  8-9 days that I’ve had men showing me their penis or playing with their penis. So it’s been 8-9 days of men showing me their penis. It began with a homeless man letting me see him pee. And then when I was in the library, one of the hackers sitting in front of me, began playing with himself. And then Saturday, I was on the bus and a man tried to hit me electronically with his phone.  He looked at his phone as if to figure out why he couldn’t hit me. Then he got angry.  He retaliated by playing with his “privates” . Of  course, that made him feel better.  He felt like a real man. I said to him ( I did try to keep my mouth shut), “Oh, you can’t hit me so you have to touch yourself to show me you’re a man”‘ That really, really made him angry.  He clenched his fist and looked at me. He looked as if he wanted to hit me in the face. He called me a few names I won’t repeat here. He looked as if he has anger issues. I left the back of the bus and went up front near the bus driver. Of course, I’m no safer near the bus driver, but at least I get can  off the bus quickly.  And then walking home, a man came toward me. As he came closer and closer, he put his hand to his penis and came toward me playing with himself.  And then I got to the complex where I live, near the park, and a man passed by me holding his penis.

I must tell you, I’m sick of all the perverts.  How low can any man get? I don’t think they can get any lower.  I’m sure this is going to keep happening. It’s been happening to me now for about 2 years. It began in Wal-Mart with 3 men and I wrote about the incident. And now it’s become a thing all the perverts do when they have nothing better to get me with. When they can’t hit me electronically with their phones, or do something that I don’t let annoy me, they turn to touching themselves.  I guess they’re not getting any action at home and feel the need to let me know they’re not.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- Perverts not getting “action” at home feel need to let me know.

  1. Neverending. This is just a suggestion based on my experience. Its meant as a suggestion, not criticism..

    I think some of the things are PTSD triggers. (like the Mufasa from Lion King cartoon)
    Something like that All Star Activist (has a video on youtube called poisoned by a gangstalker).. Now he might have been poisoned for real one or two times, then hypnotized and given a trigger. Thereafter he is not being poisoned but a ‘panic attack’ is happening.

    Also a lot of this is partial crimes part of a conspiracy. Like if you were Hispanic, you’d have someone walk past you saying stuff.. but “LAT” would be emphasized. The next person would emphasize “TREE” and a third would say “NO!”.

    Or scratches on the car, or the slashed washing…
    These happen beforehand, when you are in a panic mode, you become aware of all the faults at one time..
    — but they picked the stiches when you hung the washing out last time.. it will break apart on the next washload (just speaking for example)

    Or there is also (confirmation bias) as you overestimate their power and normal things become issues.
    Or nocebo happens: the placebo effect, but a negative detrimental effect

    The biggest problem is that this takes the focus off of your life, which flies by and gets wasted. The attention given to your stalking is to the detriment of everything else. (this is what gambling and drugs do, and why they are harmful)
    You stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.. Or you get the thousand yard stare (PTSD) – you stare at the clock (figuratively speaking) and it hypnotizes you back.

    • What are you saying? That I’m not experiencing what I’m experiencing? Believe me this is no PTSD. What’s happening to me is real. I know about PTSD. I’ve studied it and I know real when I meet it. But thanks, anyway.

      • –What are you saying? That I’m not experiencing what I’m experiencing?–
        No, not at all. I am amazed at your courage. Its people like you that restore my faith in humanity.

        –“Believe me this is no PTSD. What’s happening to me is real. I know about PTSD. I’ve studied it and I know real when I meet it.”–
        Yes it is, maybe not for you, but for many other they should look into the psychology of this…

        As far as real.. I’m not that important.. people put their cellphone into “speakerphone” in public and pull faces as to the horrors I’m about to face.. Its not real to me (I’m not that important)… So they push harder.. My motorbike has shorted electrics,over a 60 day period every day- crowbar stretched chain, broken sprockets, shorted electrics, clutch cable damage, sanded down front tyre (except in one place), damaged back tyre and slashed brake hose (brake fluid is all gone)

        To have your clothes poisoned is a very old trick… it was a public thing for some South African white dissidents — their children got “acid wash” which messed their skin for life….
        the point– yes they are targeting you… they are also bullspitting you to cover for it

        [[if they can get into your head its an easy win for them]]
        For you — someone doing “the ratchet” next to their groin doesn’t freak you out…other targets its different; they see chimeras behind every rock.

        If you don’t call the librarian next time – – that is you don’t react. They’ll have to play the psych game harder. Just don’t give them satisfaction of even ‘noticing them’.. Make them push the envelope until they stand out like they are wearing florescent clothing. Be the only person who “doesn’t notice” — and when you do… everyone will be pointing fingers at them.. and not you..


        • As always when a target makes sense, they send your comment to “trash”. I caught it in time to see it. The fact that you have a bike just made you feel close to me. I’ve always liked bikers, even though I’ve never owned one. You’re people outside the “norms” of society. You see a lot others don’t see. You do what you want to, and don’t care what others think of you. Thank you for your response. They play the game harder and harder to get to me. I’m stubborn and fight back. They don’t like that. They want me to sit in my apartment, not go out and feel sorry for myself. I go out every day, no matter how I feel. I could be feeling real bad, but I don’t give in to the feeling. I keep on fighting. One day we will win. Be careful on your bike. We need more people like you in the world. And you ARE important. Don’t ever think you’re not. Take care of yourself. And thanks for reading my blog.

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