Gang Stalking – Perps will get their day.

I just moved into my new place, and, of course, it’s not as it was when I looked. I expected them to do things to the apartment and they did. There’s a big square hole under the sink. The area where the pipe is, is wide open. I can see the pipe all the way to the wall of the apartment next to me. Two one-way mirrors have been added. There’s a camera above the cabinets in the kitchen area. And the side of the wall next to the door has cracks from the top to the bottom. The sinks, of course, have no stoppers. And I’m sure I’ll discover other things as the week goes by. Anyone can easily get into my mailbox. It’s not tighly put in. I can open it myself without a key, so can everyone else. Isn’t life wonderful for us targets? Welcome to another hell hole.

I’m typing this at the library. I haven’t gotten my computer fixed yet. I’m being hacked by about four to five hackers at one time. And, of course, the library is full of those things called perps. Don’t these people have anything better to do with their lives? Some of them I see all the time. I make sure I take a really good look at their faces, because I want to know all about their tattoos, scars, so if I ever need to identify them, I can. And some day, I hope I can. I will not forget their faces or tattoos.

These peoples are evil. When I see evil I know it. And believe me, they’re evil. If someone can do what they’re doing without any conscience, they’re evil. But some day, their day will come. They’ll get back everything they’ve done to all of us. And the librarians, I can’t stand any of them. They’re in on what’s going on and are nasty. They, too, will get their day. And I hope soon.

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33 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Perps will get their day.

  1. Persecution. Nothing new to human experience, but when it happens to you, it is not an academic matter. You are doing the right thing. Everything that happens to you is evidence, and telling the world is the best thing to do. I am having problems which make it difficult for me to leave my flat and come to the library – and most of the time can’t get my comments on. I have noticed similarities to the experience of being gang stalked and growing up lower class in a peasant society (Northern Ireland). Also gang stalking behaviour is like the Mafia and the recruits resemble members of cults – as in brainwashed puppets. You might find my blog under – targeted individuals are bait, gangstalkers bait, and targets are bait. Keep blogging and look after yourself. Put yourself first and keep your barrier of hatred up against those jackasses. Best wishes.

    • I agree persecution is nothing new to human experience. I think of all those people who were persecuted and lived to tell about it. They give me courage. When I think I cant go on, I think of those survivors who came before me, and it keeps me going. Thank you.

  2. i pray things are better for you! I’ve been checking into your blog to see how your doing and you haven’t blogged for days. 😦 sincerely, a Richmond, VA gang Stalker Target.

    • Thanks for your concern. It took me five days to move into my new apartment, and I couldn’t get to the library to use the computer. My computers been hacked by the perps. I moved by suitcase. Which means I have to put everything into my little suitcase and move my stuff a little at a time. But I did it. The new place is no better than the old one. It’s the same harassment again, but I don’t have to look at the same disgusting faces. I’m making sure in this new place, I don’t look at any of their faces. They don’t exist for me anymore.

  3. Your blog is great! keep up the good work.

    Have you tried using a Linux Live CD to connect to the internet? it might make it harder for anyone that’s trying to hack you. You could also write your blog offline, save it to a USB drive and then copy/paste it into WordPress.

    • I looked up the Linux Live CD and found it very interesting. Might try that.

      As for doing things offline, I’ve tried that. It makes no difference. The government agencies are able to get into a computer through something in the circuit board (according to an article I read last year by an ex NSA employee) and I believe it because I have seen the proof in a computer I use to write on that is never put online and not only has the wireless card removed, but I deliberately messed up everything I could find that would make it able to connect to the internet even with an Ethernet cable. They still mess with the files on that! Putting mistakes in it after I correct them all, deleting things, and changing my edits to ones two or three edits back that they’ve copied and kept just for that purpose.

      Also, the one that does go online also has the wireless card removed, but I have had Microsoft updates download when it’s not hooked up to the modem, proving my theory (before I found confirmation of it online) that they hack peoples’ computers too. Obviously they can get access whether or not it’s online too. It was really annoying because I was playing a sample game and it shut down to install the updates. I was offline so that it wouldn’t happen. Happened TWICE on different nights!

      • A man on Facebook recommended Linux, but he recently had his computer hacked using Linux. So nothing is really safe. These are experts we’re dealing with. They’ve spent years learning how to hack computers.

        • I won’t bother then.

          It’s true these creeps are experts. They’ve got the training and equipment, which will always give them the advantage, and most work for the government. That’s why every time you find a way around something they do, you should be extra proud of yourself, and congratulate yourself profusely. It means you are actually more intelligent than they are because you don’t have any of the advantages they have but you managed anyway. Of course it makes them mad that we have brains, so they keep ruining our computers to slow us down, as we both know well..

  4. I left a note yesterday to you, but don’t see it. Perhaps you have to ok, first. Happy Halloween and remember….you are not alone. T.Seay/Virginia/gang stalker target

    • I didn’t see your note. Ive been off the computer for a few days. I moved and didn’t have any way of getting on the computer. I have to use the library computer and couldn’t get to the library to use it. I know there are a lot of us out there. More than I care to believe. And thank you.

  5. Just read your blog today. Didn’t know what madgirl was talking about when she asked if I had two way mirrors. You should take that camera out and break it and give it back to the manager. How dare they? A camera in plain view? The end is near.

    I’ve had only 3 apartments but each of them was a mess when I moved in needing lots of work. I have a hole underneath my bathroom sink. Turns out it is a good hiding place for a cat! My first apt had a broken window that needed to be fixed and a radiator that never worked (but the other one did). It had a toilet that would flush for an hour or more. One day I found a huge hole over my bathtub, “emergency plumbing problem” in the perp’s apt overhead.

    If you live in a big dump watch out for bedbugs. My friend had them even though she is anal about cleaning.

    • They had a big hole under the sink in the kitchen. I made them fix it. And they made a hole under my mattress, as always. This is to let electricity get to you from under the floor. They removed most of the screws to almost everything. Again, let electricity get in. And, of course, the blinds always let in a lot of light and are always overly short. Again, let in electricity. And there are a lot of things that are off. Thanks.

      • Good for you for making them fix that hole!
        That screw removing thing is really annoying. They do that to me. And knobs on cupboards and drawers and doors always have to be lose, because the assholes like them that way. If I fix them they loosen them again, and again, and again. Everything has to wobble. It’s disgusting!
        I got rid of my shades because they ripped the bottoms of them all.

        • Its to wear you out psychologically. They never leave you alone for a moment so your brain doesn’t get to rest. An overloaded brain isn’t good. It’s like a computer, it breaks down. It’s good for you to leave the shades alone. Sometimes, it’s not worth to get upset about things like shades. Your mental health is more important. The screws they take out to let electricity get into every corner of your apartment. They even take the screws out of the front door floor if you’ve notice.

          • I don’t think it’s got anything to do with electricity. They do it to annoy us. Speaking of doors, they made our brand new front door squeak really loud so that every time we open it they know it. I know this is because I said I needed to check on my car more frequently, and they don’t want to get caught doing their crap. They made the bedroom door impossible to close all the way by pinching a hinge so that my husband’s snoring keeps me awake all night. I sleep on the couch because of it and because the door doesn’t close it doesn’t make any difference. Just another method of sleep deprivation.

            As for the shades, they know I worry about everything because that’s the way I am, so they use it because there’s nothing I can do about it. Telling me not to worry about things is as ineffective as telling the wheel chair bound person they should go out for a walk because it would do them good. And it’s just as frustrating to me as that person would feel about being told to go for a walk. In the end, I decided how I am is not my fault, and it’s not me who needs to change. The GS’ers are just @$$%0!$.

          • BTW, I didn’t just mean you when I said that about telling me not to worry. You did nothing wrong. It’s just that I’ve had people saying that to me all my life. That gets tiresome.

            And you’re right about a worn down brain not being good. I’m feeling the affects of that, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  6. You can actually see a camera??!
    If I ever saw a camera I would have it ripped out or destroyed within seconds.
    I have only had dreams where I found cameras. I had comments from peers when I started leaving my blinds closed all the time, and comments when I covered my air vent in the bedroom. As far as the mail, I would go straight to the post office and get a PO box, or tell them to hold my mail. That is unacceptable! Makes me furious. As far as the weirdos hanging around, showing up, following you, they really don’t believe they’re breaking any laws, but that only goes as far as their ability to predict where you will show up next. They suck.

  7. The first thing I’d do is cover the camera with duct tape to make it a nasty job to remove it. I remember you mentioning covering mirrors so I won’t give you that advise.

    People have suggested I do my stuff at the library. I don’t always know if it’s cause they don’t know better or they’re perping, but it makes me not trust them.

    • Do your job at the library? That’s a laugh. That’s the worse place to go. The librarians and the patrons will mess your manuscript even more than doing it at your computer in your home. I wouldn’t trust them if I were you. All perps know that the library is not really a safe place to go to use a computer. Thank you.

  8. Hi!!! I’ve been reading your blog and some of the things you say… crack me up. I understand what you mean by cutting holes behind sink. Do you know why? I have holes/patches on doors, ceilings, wall….. actually not much is untouched. If you can find the cameras … can you take pics and send to someone? I just went public about me being gang stalked on Facebook, yesterday. I just found the word for all the crap that’s been going on for six years. I also read on many sites that this NEVER STOPS. I thought the DEA/FBI was looking through my stuff …and watching me because of a bad tip and once they figured out no drugs and WHATEVER WAS TOLD TO THEM WASN’T TRUE…. they would move on. I guess you would say I’m grieving because I have children that saw a lot of the weird crap years ago (now live with father) and I never wanted them to witness another incident. I know who did this to me and told several people before I started getting harassed because I thought my life was in danger. I feel relief to know I’m not alone and a relief that all my crazy stories told to friends/family match up to thousands of others stories in the U.S.. I’m in shock … that organizations I admired/trusted/looked up to….. is all a lie/sham/power trip/satan!!!!!

    • If you check your windows, sink, tub, door, etc. you’ll find something wrong with all of these things. Your oven, especially. The door doesn’t close properly and let’s out electricity. And you’ll notice that it takes food forever to cook, or burns everything right away. I’m glad I gave you a laugh. I try to, but I don’t always succeed.

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