Gang stalking – Street Theater, and lots of it!

English: Suitcase made with cloth material.

English: Suitcase made with cloth material. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry, I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments. It took me 5 days to move. I moved by suitcase. I put some things in my suitcase, took them to my new apartment and went back and forth for five days doing this. I didn’t have enough things to hire someone to move me, so I used my suitcase. I thought I had nothing to move, but once I started to move things, things added up. I can tell you, after 5 days of doing this, I’m pooped.

Anyway, if you want to know how bad it is out there for us targets, try renting a new apartment or moving. What an experience! It was worse than the last time I moved.

I experienced a lot of car, suitcase and pail theater. Everywhere I went perps surrounded me. I could go nowhere without a group of them showing up. They showed up imitating me lugging a suitcase, carrying pails, and white cars showing up at every light. They were everywhere like roaches looking for food and I was the food. The busses were full of idiots carrying suitcases. And the car theater. White cars would show up and surround me. And if it wasn’t white, it was red. And the car imitators would always show up when I got to the street corner. And those who lugged suitcases would imitate me having trouble dragging the heavy suitcase around. They would actually stop in the middle of the sidewalk and do tricks with their suitcases. They looked so stupid!

Since I’ve moved into my new apartment, someone has broken into it every day. They’ve left my door open two times. One day I came home and found all my lights on. Another day, all my cabinet doors were open. At nighttime, my apartment is an icebox. They turn blowers on from other apartments and make the place an icebox. And the binding that goes around the front door that keeps out the cold been removed. There was a big hole under my kitchen sink, which I had them repair. As I walk around the carpeted apartment, I can feel wires under the carpet. This lets them know where I am at any moment. It’s a bad job they did of hiding the wires. And, of course, the sinks have no stoppers. They never put in stoppers. It’s to encourage roaches and other vermin to enter the apartment. When I left my last apartment, the roaches had the run of the place. I kind of gave up on trying to keep them out. I just them run wild. And, of course, the air conditioner never works. Every time I turn on the heater, it gives out hot air for about a minute and then turns cold. So, nothing’s changed. It’s the same s–t all over again. Only thing is, I no longer have to look at those faces I couldn’t stand to look at. I’m making it a point not to look at any of them. I turn my face every time I see one of them coming toward me. And they’ve began imitating me doing the face turn. Good! I don’t have to look at their stupid faces!

And the people above me, stomp their feet at night and try to hit me with electricity. The first night, they stomped around like crazy. The next night, I got out my little gadget and, boy, did they stop stomping around. Their stomping around let me know where they were and I’d aim for them. I can imagine the man above me getting hit in a certain spot. Did I laugh! They think twice about stomping around now.

There a few good things about this new apartment, but I’m not going to mention them. If I did, they’d make sure that the complex got rid of them.

So, sorry for not responding to your comments sooner. It’s good to be writing my blog again. And thanks for continuing to read my blog and making comments even when I don’t respond. Love you all. Take care of yourselves.

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  2. What is gang-stalking? gang-stalking is a term law enforcement came up with to distract victims of police investigations away from the truth, gang-stalking half-way describes what it is just by saying it but it distracts from the reality that gang-stalking is actually police investigations/operations and police do not want people to realize that so police popularized the term “Gang-Stalking” to conceal the operations done by under cover officer’s.

    It would be far more accurate to call it “Police-Gang-Stalking” since 99% of gang-stalking is done by local authority’s, and since law officer’s are organized while they commit felony crimes stalking people you can accurately describe it as “Organized Crime” committed by law enforcement.

    For the sake of popularity I will call it gang-stalking simply because it is the popular term used on the internet even though I do not care for that misleading term in order to explain and define it for people that do not know about it.

    There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about gang-stalking and it is deliberate on the part of the people that put the misinformation out there, most information on the internet about gang-stalking is put out there BY law enforcement and it intentionally distracts people from the fact that local authority’s and FBI are the main agency’s involved.

    Police love flaunting the misinformation of gang-stalkers and they love to put mental illness allegations with most story’s about gang-stalking because it is common practice for police to label anyone that witnesses police committing crimes as mentally ill, so police will commonly associate falsified story’s such as “computer chips planted in body” story’s and other such nonsense story’s WITH gang-stalking story’s to make victims of police investigations appear mentally ill to other readers and or researchers.

    It is common to find gang-stalking story’s on the internet where the claimed victim says they are being gang-stalked and then admit they atre mentally ill and they will make claims such as “Electronic energy beam weapons” being aimed at them all the time, these type of story’s are written by police and they do it for fun to make fun of real victims of gang-stalking and to further discredit re4al victims complaints.

    Why? because 99% of all gang-stalking is done by local authority’s and by other law agency’s, and such agency’s yes indeed commit felony crimes against their targets/vict9ms and police are always trying to discredit their victims by making false mental illness allegations.

    When police illegally batter someone most of the time law enforcement labels the battered victim as mentally ill, it is standard procedure for police to do this to discredit the victim as a witness, well police also commonly refer to victims of gang-stalking as mentally ill for the same reason, to discredit them as witnesses.

    Gang-stalking is operations done by police, usually done by local authority’s, and everything they do they do under the pretense of an investigation, so it is easy for police to gang-stalk people and to harass people and to terrorize people, and many people that are not i9n law enforcement voluntarily help police do this thinking they are helping police in their investigations.

    Let me give you a small example that will help you under stand gang-stalking better, most everyone is familiar with prostitution stings right? everyone has heard about those on the news from time to time, a prostitution sting is very similar to a prostitution sting.

    When police do a prostitution sting police will take over a hotel somewhere and will rent several rooms and will have at all times at least 15 officer’s on the site and they will plant audio and video recording devices all over the motel and in the parking lot and on the sidewalk near the motel.

    Police literally take full control over the area with the owner/manager of the hotels cooperation and full knowledge, and then law enforcement starts staging felony crimes using paid actors, mostly female officer’s, but police are not above using and training their girlfriends in these operations at all.

    These woman are trained by police to pretend to be prostitutes and to perform for video surveillance cameras, and they are trained to know and use every dirty trick you could ever imagine to make the men they communicate with look as bad as possible FOR the video surveillance cameras.

    Now this is a police operation not an investigation, and what are police doing? they take over a large area and place video cameras all over the place, then they pay performers to act/pretend/lie on video surveillance and to do everything 9in their power to make the men they talk to look as bad as they can for prosecution and building a case against people.

    There are a lot of people in law enforcement involved in this operation and their are voluntary civilians involved as well such as the motel manager/owner and even the motel employees too, that’s a lot of people spending a great deal of effort and time and money staging crimes to entrap/frame innocent people/travelers either passing by on the sidewalk or on the street and to people wanting to rent a motel room.

    These trained female officer’s and police officer’s girlfriends will approach innocent people walking on the sidewalk and ask for a light or for a cigarette or for spare change, anything to cause a hand-to-hand exchange, and these trained officer’s are entrapping/framing an innocent person doing this knowing they are getting the hand-to-hand exchange on video surveillance.

    I will tell you right now that police are liars and framers and that they stage these stings because they enjoy framing people and entrapping people, and the female officer’s that do all the performing ENJOY acting like prostitutes to frame people, they are all grins while they put on their performances because they really enjoy entrapping/framing people, it is fun and sport for law enforcement to do this to people.

    For every one female officer pretending to be a prostitute there are two armed male police officer’s inside a motel room nearby listening to everything via audio equipment wore by the female officer’s and police are recording everything by video surveillance.

    When police start making arrests of men on the streets the female officer’s are not arrested or charges with anything, and the males are labeled “Johns” by police and are arrested and news reporters report the tally of arrests made by police on these prostitution stings but never disclose details of such operations.

    What does this have to do with gang-stalking? a lot! because when police target an individual they target that person the same way they do prostitution stings

    If the police have a target that is renting an apartment, then police will contact the landlord/apartment manager and inform them they are investigating such and such tenant and that they need to evict several apartments surrounding their target in order to take control of the area, systematically several apartments will be evicted surrounding the target and under cover police will take over those apartments.

    Police have already got the landlord/apartment managers cooperation and landlords/apartment managers always cooperate with all police investigations. police will tell the landlord/apartment manager that their target is a bad guy right off the bat to turn them against their target and to destroy the targets reputation.

    Police will put at least two under cover officer’s in the targets place of employment as well and they get the employers cooperation because employers always cooperate with police investigations, and if the target has a wife then at least two under cover officer’s will get a job where the targets wife works as well.

    These type of operations usually involve several officer’s at any given time for the most part because gang-stalking done by law enforcement usually goes on for at least several months to a couple of years, but try to understand that is a general average but it may be more or less depending on the situation.

    Once police have control of the surrounding area to their target and have under cover officer’ planted in the3 targets place of employment they start PERFORMING for the purpose of framing/destroying their target.

    Under cover officer’s will destroy the targets reputation with his employer with false accusations, and it will be done behind the targets back, and under cover police will befriend the targets wife at her place of employment at the same time and will try to who her into an affair, remember framing people and destroying people is sport to law enforcement and they enjoy doing this to people. and police that are renting the apartments surrounding the target will stage crimes around and near the targets home and will spread false criminal rumors about the target to the neighbors and will admit to neighbors that the target is “Under Investigation” and will tell neighbors to not earn him about it.

    Now these several officer’s over a period of several months are completely destroying this person behind his back, the target knows stuff is going on, he hears people from a distance saying his name and talking about him, but no one will volunteer anything to him as to what is going on, and everyone in his life seems to be turning against him and he does not know why.

    All this is done by several police officer’s acting under the pretense of an investigation, and the attack on the target is compartmentalized to other people so neighbors are unaware that police are sleeping around with the targets wife and are unaware that police are destroying the targets reputation as well at his place of employment, and same thing with the targets coworkers, the coworkers will thing the target is a bad guy and that he is under investigation by police, but will know nothing about the staged crimes performed by officer’s at the targets home and are unaware that police are sleeping with the targets wife.

    You get the point here? law enforcement, under the pretense of conducting investigations, do this to people all the time, police will take several months to a couple of years destroying their target this way and the whole time police are building a case against their target by staging crimes.

    It is common for police to break into their targets home to plant audio and video recording devices within their targets home, they do not care if it is illegal because no one will arrest police for doing this and most of the time the target never knows about it, and police will even plant paraphernalia in the targets home for future use should police decide to kick down the targets door with a warrant.

    It is also common for police to stage crimes using look-a-likes that dress up like the target and to stage crimes using look-a-likes so police can get photogenic photo’s of someone matching the description of their target committing a crime.

    Remember police have no qualms about dressing up like prostitutes to frame people as Johns, well police ALSO have no qualms using look-a-likes to stage crimes as well and it is common as hell in the USA for police to do this, as a matter of fact most investigations done by police police use look-a-likes and photogenic photo’s to build false cases against their targets.

    If police recruit the targets wife into their set up then the wife may join in on it by performing for video surveillance FOR police in order to make the target appear to be a bad guy, and it depends on what police are framing the person for what the wife will do.

    Since police are investigating/targeting their target the targets landlord/apartment manager will have no problem giving police a copy of your apartment key because they always cooperate with investigations and police and even news reporters are always mums the word on how landlord/apartment managers help police to target people.

    By several months the targets life has been turned upside down and he knows it, everyone at his job hates him including his friends and bosses and will not tell him why, he knows they talk about him behind his back, and when he is home he overhears neighbors whispering about him and giving him dirty looks and they wont tell him what’s going on either, and even his wife does not act normally anymore even though she still acts like she loves him.

    At least the nearby neighbors don’t avoid him, as a matter of fact they act friendly towards him and engage him in conversation every time he leaves home or arrives home, they seem to be the only people that like him.

    The target is aware there are problems and may feel paranoid and feel like he is being set up and of course there is no one at this point he can turn to, the only people he has to talk to in his life at this point is his wife and the neighbors surrounding him, everyone else seems to hate him and want nothing to do with him.

    It is at this point that the target has been destroyed behind his back and is aware of it somewhat but does not understand why, and he is surrounded by law officer’s that did this to him and his wife was turned against him as well and she just pretends to love and as she performs for law enforcements video surveillance cameras.

    If the target lives al;one and does not have family or a wife living with him then the surrounding police will use what is known as gas-lighting tactics to terrorize and to further torment their target.

    When the target is away from his home then police will move things around in his apartment, why? because when the target comes home HE WILL NOTICE IT! now what? should he call the police to report it? what do you think police will do? they will just smirk at him and tell him to go see a shrink.

    This is why m,ost people that are gang-stalked by police get gas-lighted because the target/victim KNOWS someone is entering his home when he is not there and moving things, but if he tells anyone about it he is immediately labeled mentally ill, pretty much by everyone.

    There is no one the target/victim can turn to for help with such an attack, and the attack itself is to drive the victim crazy with frustration because the target/victim knows someone is doing it and wont stop doing it and the target/victim fears telling anyone about it because he will just be perceived as mental.

    Because of this perception most people have police LOVE doing this to the people they target/investigate knowing it messes with them badly and it amounts to terrorizing the victim intentionally and police know full well there is no one the target can call that will care.

    If it is hard for you to understand then I m sorry, but police are not the “Good Guys” propaganda TV and Hollywood movies portray them to be and they never have been good guys, police are thugs and always have been and are used to messing people up and enjoy it and no one with a badge will arrest a cop for terrorizing and framing people, such arrests are non-existent and everyone knows that.

    Why so you think every time police are involved in a shooting where police shot someone instead of having the officer’s involved in the shooting make a public statement the police instead use PR officer’s that are TRAINED to act professionally for news cameras? because most cops are thugs and talk like tugs and think like thugs and behave like thugs, so they need PR people trained in the art of lying to talk to the press.

    Cops love to frame people, they love to womanize with other people’s wives, especially with their targets wives, because it makes framing their target more fun for the officer’s, and because law enforcement is going to all this trouble they have every intention of either framing and or murdering their target, one or the other, or both.

    Which is why there are not very many real victims of gang-stalking reporting it on the internet.

    I would like to point out that many many people that are not in law enforcement also gang-stalk people, but most of those people are recruited into the gang-stalking by the law officer’s that started it and it is law enforcement that starts these gang-stalkings and organizes gang-stalking and funds it, all done under the pretense of several officer’s conducting an investigation.

    Back in the 1970s it was commo9n for people that were not in law enforcement but were bros to cops and would help cops target/gang-stalk people usually had and used police scanners in order to find out who police had it out for and would back in those days help the police in destroying their targets reputation within their neighborhoods.

    There are a lot of people that know some civilians owned and used police scanners but never gave it much thought as to why civilians would even want to listen to police scanners, well now you know, or course none of those people that owned police scanners back then will admit to that.

    Gang-stalking is no different than a Witch Hunt done by colonists a couple hundred years ago or hangings done by the KKK back in the 1920s, it’s all about the powers that be wanting to target and either kill or frame people, and they did so as a gang each and every time.

    If police have it out for someone and that someone does nothing wrong, then police will frame the person to justify their targeting of the person, everyone knows that organized targeting of individuals have gone on all throughout our American history, but in 2013 it is common for government officer’s to ignore history and to label victims of gang-stalking mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses, and now you know why they do that as well.

    Hollywood wants you to think that if you are under investigation that only one or two officer’s will be assigned to spy on you and will rent an apartment, one apartment, across the street and will only watch your comings and goings with binoculars from a window, that is the biggest bunch of bell crap ever and you know it.

    Real investigations on individuals are done by at least several officer’s and they will use their power of authority to coerce your landlord and your employer and to influence your neighbors and to even effect how your friends see you by completely invading your life and to disrupt it using the appearance of “Conducting an investigation” and everyone they contact will cooperate with them and will lie for them because police will tell them you are under investigation and to not say anything to you, so no one will tell you.

    You of course are having your life destroyed before your eyes everyone you know is turning against you and no one will tell you why, under such circumstances you have every right to feel paranoid, who wouldn’t?

    Law enforcement has always been this way and has always operated this way, and it is your government and your TV shows and Hollywood movies that try to conceal this fact from average people.

    Now you know why it is more accurate to describe these crimes as Police-Gang-Stalking as well as Organized Crime because that’s what it is and what they are guilty of and much more accurately describes what is going on.

    • Well, I disagree with most of what you wrote. You can believe whatever you want, but I will continue to use the term gang stalking, because that’s what it is. A gang of people making our every day lives miserable. Police are involved, too, but so is almost everyone else. And the local authority is called “threat assessment team”. A program run by the community and paid for by the U.S. government. I do agree with you most cops are thugs. They’re power hungry idiots!

      • You agree or disagree as you wish, I am merely giving my experience and knowledge on the subject not to mention I am a victim and witness to the very actions I describe and therefore am giving my account of things on the subject.

        I have stated that many people that are not in law enforcement join in on these gang-stalking activity’s, but I am witness to the fact6 that it is law enforcement that start gang-stalking and organize it and fund it and protect people involved from prosecution.

        I got targeted by authority’s when my wife got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, and the day after my wife quit her job there the county sheriff’s took control of my landlords property and were evicting old tenants in order to do that and were actively turning people against me behind my back..

        I discovered early on that I was being targeted by law enforcement and that my wife and everyone on her side of the family were palling around with these officer’s and were trying to hide it from me.

        I repeatedly caught them admitting to their conspiracy, and I discovered I was not the only person they were targeting, these officer’s took over my landlords property the same way police do prostitution stings, and after they took control of the property they immediately began performing for video surveillance cameras.

        You yourself admit gang-stalkers do street theater, well under cover police that dress up like prostitutes also do street theater, when police do prostitution stings, and they do it because they are performing for video surveillance cameras put in place by authority’s.

        It is commonly known police do prostitution stings and they take over areas for their stings and that they use under cover officer’s to perform for video surveillance cameras, street theater, to entrap/frame people.

        Well there are a lot of singularity’s to prostitution stings and gang-stalking and both operate in the same way and the performers that perform for video surveillance do so for the purpose of entrapping/framing their target.

        The same way police take over a hotel and surrounding area for a prostitution sting is the same way police gang-stalk individuals because police will take over the surrounding area of their target, if the targets apartment building only has several apartments then police will over a period of a couple months will take over all those apartments and will have full control over the surrounding area.

        Once police do this they begin staging crimes, performing for video surveillance cameras, and will harass and menace their targets while they stage their street theater for the video surveillance.

        The same way police will dress up like prostitutes to frame/entrap someone is the same with gang-stalking, only gang-stalkers will dress up liker their target in order to frame their target for crimes.

        It is already common knowledge that under cover officer’s lie and perform for video surveillance and that they even dress up like prostitutes and stage crimes to frame people, well under cover police that gang-stalk individuals also have no qualms dressing up like their target and staging crimes.

        I have my wife’s lover who happens to be a cop on video outside my apartment dressed up like me and he died his hair my collar and was dressed up like me hanging out in front of my apartment and he was committing felony crimes while his partners were taking photogenic photo’s of him from the sides and from the back to frame me for his crimes.

        So it is personal on their part to frame me and they use the same tactics they use when police do prostitution stings to frame.

        • This is not only happening in the U.S. This is happening worldwide – in India, England, Italy, France, Belgium, Thailand, etc., etc. So it’s part of governments getting together to silence people who they think will not be obedient little twerps. It’s exactly how the Holocaust began, turning neighbor against neighbor, and eventually leading to all citizens becoming targets. You have a right to your opinion. I’m not saying you don’t, but police are only part of the problem.

          • I agree that other country’s have the same problems, but I do not speak on them because I am not a first hand witness to how things are done in other country’s.

            All I am saying is that it is police that start and organize these activity’s and that they recruit other people into it.

            I do know t5hat every country you mentioned also has it’s police forces and I would not be surprised that their police forces also gang-stalk people.

            But to disagree with me when I point out actual facts of police operations of which are common knowledge such as prostitution stings does not seem right to me.

            I am not disagreeing with you, but you are disagreeing with me, it is fine if you want to call gang-stalk gang-stalking, but to disagree on that point and to ignore everything else I point out seems strange to me.

            Police do in fact use street theater when they do prostitution stings and they do that street theater for video surveillance, so why is it hard to understand that police when gang-stalking people will also do street theater using under cover officer’s dressed up as doubles, it’s not far fetched since everyone knows police will dress up as prostitutes to frame/entrap people.

            From what I have witnessed I know police start this gang-stalking and organize it and fund it and it’s all done under the pretense of an investigation.

            The very term “investigation” itself is a vague term that never really gets properly defined by police or by news reporters, and details of police investigations are never disclosed to the public because police do not want people knowing how they do things.

      • After taking the ti9me to read several dozen of your blog posts I find it very hard to believe that you disagree with me on most of what I said.

        I discovered that you yourself admit to are targeted by people that are organized and do things just like under cover officer’s do, they take over the surrounding area of their target in order to harass and menace their victims and to get it on video surveillance, you yourself admit in other posts they do this to you.

        You admit that where ever you go you are followed and that they group up against you and provoke you for their video surveillance so that they can record you defending yourself, that’s no different than under cover5 officer’s harassing people on the streets to buy drugs from them for video surveillance, either way it is organized officer’s that gang up on their targets this way.

        You yourself admit on some of your posts that police and doctors will not help you or anyone being gang-stalked so you yourself admit police are a part of it and thus protect gang-stalkers from prosecution.

        You yourself admit gang-stalkers do street theater while in groups to harass/menace you, well it is common knowledge that police do street theater to harass/menace people on the streets using under cover officer’s that dress up like prostitutes and or act like drug dealers inn order to frame/entrap people on the streets, that is just common knowledge and anyone can Google all kinds of examples of those operations.

        You yourself admit that they break into your home and police ignore your complaints thus covering up your felony complaints and it is common knowledge that police do all kinds of break ins all the time under the pretense of doing investigations, and you yourself admit police do nothing to the people breaking into your home so you admit they are involved in it at the very least as accomplices by helping the people that break in to your home.

        After reading a couple dozen posts of yours I find that you agree with most everything I say, with the exception that you simply refuse to admit police are in fact gang-stalkers, that’s about all I can find that you disagree with me on, everything else I posted you do in fact agree with me based on your past posts.

        You even agree that landlords/apartment managers are also gang-stalkers and help the gang-stalkers.

        So you are in fact, based on all your past posts, are agreeing with me, with the only exception that you refuse to admit and declare that police themselves are gang-stalkers and that they organize these activity’s.

        So I find it odd that you refuse to label them criminals and 4efuse to admit police do indeed do these things, you use generic terms such as “perps” and “gang-stalkers” to describe the criminals actions, but you are not downright declaring them criminals even though you describe criminal acts against you done by them.

        Sorry but based on what I read on most of the posts I read on your blog I find that you agree with most everything I say with the exception of downright accusing police of gang-stalking and refuse to admit police organize such activity’s, even though you agree police help/protect gang-stalkers from prosecution.

        To just describe them as “perps” and “gang-stalkers” is generic and the idea that you cannot pin down actual people with actual names that do this to you seems odd considering the severe felony charges you charge them with.

        If your home is being broken into by gang-stalkers and p9olice don’t care and do nothing about it then they are guilty as accomplices, but you do not in any posts I read accuse police of criminal wrong doing.

        That is basically the only thing I find that you disagree with me on, based on what I read from your posts you appear to try to distract from the fact that police are helping them and you refuse to label them as accomplices.

        Is it so hard to admit local ;police are corrupt and that they organize these activity’s and that they use their poli8ce powers to target/destroy their victims? because based on what you described you are a victim of gang-stalking and you freely admit police will not help you.

        • I agree with you that police are corrupt. I never wrote otherwise. I disagree with you that they are the authors of gang stalking. They’re just part of a larger group of people.

          • So far you admit police are thugs and are corrupt, but you still refuse to label police as perps at all and refuse to name police as gang-stalkers.

            I am a first hand witness to officer’s admitting they do this to people and that they are the ones that organize it and fund it and start it all, and that they have many bros and girlfriends that join into it WITH them.

            Based on what I read about your past posts on your webpage you yourself admit the gang-stalkers are organize and surround your home and do street theater around you, well that’s what police do when they stage drug busts and prostitution stings, so I do not understand why you do not suspect your local police of stalking you.

            Yes there are many many people not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, but it is always started and organized and funded by police.

            The mere fact that you admit gang-stalkers br5eak into your home and police do nothing to help you should automatically cause yo8u to suspect them all by itself.

            I am still trying to find where you in fact disagree with most of everything I say because after reading a couple dozen posts of yours you appear to in fact agree with almost everything I said on one of my posts on your webpage.

            I am not trying t5o offend you or insult you or anything, I just find it odd that you say you are a victim of gang-stalking and describe in a lot of details what gang-stalkers are doing to you and much of what you describe is things that are commonly kno0wn that police do to people, and yet to do not seem to suspect police of being gang-stalkers.

            You seem willing to admit police are a part of the problem, but you still do not want to admit that police do in fact gang-stalk people.

            I find that odd since it is common knowledge that police do train officer’s how to do street theater for police operations and that they target people when they do street theater, yet you do not seem to suspect police of doing street theater.

            • Actually, Neverending is right. It is run by the Government. The police are run by and funded by the government so they are only part of a larger picture. Other branches of government participate as well.

  3. I’m glad there are some good things about your apartment, and I’m glad you can zap those nuts (no pun WAS intended, but it’s pretty funny if you apply one) above you. Lol

    • You name it, I’ve tried it. They get keys from the managers of wherever they live, so we have very little chance of having a safe place to live. I just try to live my life the best way I can and go about my business. I’m not going to become a hermit. They would like me to become one, but I’m going to keep fighting them as much as I can. In my opinion, nothing’s has been won by being sweet and quiet. And may every one of the b—–s end up in hell!

      • That’s true about the keys, and if you try paddle locks or anything they will get into those without damage, too. I suspect the local law enforcement has master keys for every type of lock there is and when they aren’t using them to break in, themselves, they are lending them to GS’ers.

      • Well there are definitely devices that can secure doors from the inside, they’re called Travel locks, they’re fairly cheap and don’t actually make any permanent modifications to the door, I think I’ve also seen devices that let you secure a door from outside too, can’t remember what they’re called though, either way good luck.

        • I’ve tried a lot of devices and they’ve gotten in, so I sort of gave up on locks and what they do. But I’m going to start looking again for something a little more secure than the cheap lock the complex put. A child can open my door the way it is. Thanks.

      • Apartment managers always cooperate with police investigations and they give police keys to tenants apartments and are mums the word on it to the tenant/target.

        Police departments and county sheriff’s regularly have meetings once or twice a year with landlords/apartment managers and the public are not welcome to those private meetings.

        Landlords/apartment managers are known to pal around with law officer’s and tend to be seen with law officer’s on average of once or twice a week and many times you can catch apartment managers talking to police officer’s in the parking lot.

        Landlord/apartment managers have a constant working relationship with law officer’s and are seen with law officer’s on a regular basis.

        You still don’t suspect police of organizing gang-stalking? because it is police that pal up to apartment managers and it is police that train under cover officer’s to do street theater.

  4. I’m speechless, is this a third world country? No one had a truck to help you move? I thought being color perped was bad on the days I wear color and not black….little idiots with suitcases???? Are these perps even human?

      • Retards! I wore orange on Fri and so did the perps. I feel for you that you could not rent a U Haul or something. I knew someone with a truck who moved me for free when I moved into this apt but that was many years ago and now I have no one. If I were to move I would have to wander thru miles of red tape and probably take the clothes on my back as you since I gave up my license in frustration after not driving for years and only have an ID.

          • Mine is worse than usual as well. They came crawling out of the cracks lately. Had a “perp convoy” pass my apt when I was inside. Have had people coming by making devil signs at me. My nightmares are back.

            • Don’t even look out the window at them. That’s what they want, your attention. Just make sure you protect yourself from outside and try to ignore the idiots. That’s all they are, idiiots! Be careful.

              • I used to live with closed shades but I got too depressed by lack of light. If it gets too bad during Bible Study I will sit on the floor with the computer and they can’t see me there and I can continue. It’s my right to see sunlight and enjoy nice days I ain’t living in a cave if I can help it.

                  • Sit on the floor or back from the window. And if you wish to look out the window or go outside it’s your RIGHT. I was so scared in the beginning I had those big old fashioned shades and put SHEETS in front of them but kept hearing Voice to Skull tracking my movements plus the perp upstairs stomping over my head all day and night.

              • Yup, that’s what curtains are for, and I use mine. They don’t do drive-bys to annoy us, because we don’t watch them. They still park in front and try to mess with our computer, but I fix that by pulling the plug on the modem and off goes the car or truck, or grabbing a paper and pen and going out to write their plate number down and off goes the car or truck. We don’t see them drive up through the window. We can her the engine running.

                  • I know nothing about cameras, but cell phones are good for safety, YET they broadcast where you are via GPS all the time.

                    • I like your Psalm selection VERY much. I have just done a blog – may the heads of those who surround me be covered with the trouble their lips have caused. I would love to see your selection from those Psalms. It would be helpful for other Targets too. Best wishes. Clair

                    • They are mostly what David prayed to God when Saul was after him. Maybe I’ll look those Psalms up later. The Psalms are for the faithful to use when they are under oppression. It’s comforting, sometimes. One Psalm, if you play it out loud will send any perps hanging around packing. Psalm 109


                    • I was taken aback by 109 as well. It’s very harsh. But so are they. When they hang out across the street and stare in my window I play its audio. It is the only thing that makes them go away. Even the demons believe and tremble.

                    • Mmmm. I didn’t say I didn’t LIKE it- it cheered me up no end. But back in the real world if you really believe that prayer has power you need to exercise the same care as with any other act. “Vengeance is mine saith The Lord” well, yes and no. If it is going to happen I would prefer a Divine to do it as they will do a most thorough job. But you can get tired of waiting.

                    • Let God do it, as we have no idea of the vastness of the resources of the evil one. Playing a perp for a fool here and there is cute but big time retribution comes from the Lord.

                    • I figure since they know were we are at all times anyway, not having a cell phone isn’t going to stop them tracking me.

                    • Can’t help reply to this Blackbird. They can track you with your clock or anything electrical in your card. I don’t have a phone and they were tracking me by the alarm clock I carried around with me. I carried it, because, otherwise, they’d steal it and I would have no idea of the time. I took out the batteries and now, they track me by my transistor radio.

                    • I can’t afford one or I’d have one for safety even though you can possibly get tumors from them.

                    • Everyone around here acts like they have an intimate relationship with their phones/pdf’s/whatever they are that do all that stuff. I think their phone is more important to them than anything.

  5. I cant mention any good things about my apartment but glad you can ne .at last you moved! get settled in and try to ignore them tc x

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