The old man

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. R...

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Red chalk. 33 × 21 cm. Turin, Royal Library ( 15571). NOTE This image is in red chalk. Do not revert to the black and white image. Deutsch: Kopf eines bärtigen Mannes, sog. Selbstbildnis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got on the bus and sat three seats away from an old man.  I looked over at him and he looked very lonely.  He looked as if he didn’t take care of himself.  He hadn’t shaved in a while and his hair looked dirty.  He wore clothes that didn’t match and hadn’t seen a washing machine in a long time. He wore a red and green shirt with white shorts, and long white socks with ankle length black socks, and black work shoes.

I just kept looking at him. I wondered about his life, and then it came to me. I hadn’t drawn anybody in a while, but looking at him, made me want to draw. I went into my handbag and found a white sheet of paper.

I quickly began drawing his face, hat, messy hair, mismatch clothes. I was drawing his huge bulk, but someone sat down next to him and prevented me from drawing the man.

I put my paper aside.

And then the man got up. He stood right in front of me, surrounded by people waiting to get off. I quickly began drawing him again. I looked at the drawing, liked it and made a few corrections. I liked the drawing so much I decided to take it home and hang it in my apartment.

I kept looking at the man. I had a feeling no one ever paid attention to him.

Just before the bus came to a full stop, I handed the man the drawing. He looked at it and did a double-take. A drawing of him? He got off the bus and stopped to look at the drawing. He smiled, began walking and kept looking at the drawing.

When I handed him the drawing, he did not see me. He just saw my hand. He does not know who handed him the drawing.

I sat on the bus and suddenly realized it was also my stop. I got off and watched the old man as he walked away still looking at the drawing.

It made me feel good to know that the old man realized that someone thought he was interesting enough to
draw him.

I walked away with a smile on my face.

6 thoughts on “The old man

  1. Great positive story. I’m glad you can still find the creative side of yourself, and also are willing to share with the world. I have become quite bitter towards the poor, as I see them so brainwashed and overly eager to assist in the gang stalking activities just for a simple hand out.

    • Don’t worry. Not all poor people are easily turned into perps. Keep in mind there are rich people who do it too. I know it’s hard, but try to keep in mind there are still a lot of people with integrity out there. I have to remind myself of that daily to get through. It’s easy to get angry. I am too.

      • That’s even better then. It’s about time someone you encountered in the real (not virtual) world gave you some sort encouragement, even if he didn’t know who he was making feel good. Who’s to say even if he did know who you were, he wouldn’t have liked you anyway? There are still some people who don’t swollow their lies and BS. I know a few here.

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