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Gang Stalking- Perverts not getting “action” at home feel need to let me know.

I’m calling the last 8-9 days “Penis Week”. Why, you wonder? Well, it’s been  8-9 days that I’ve had men showing me their penis or playing with their penis. So it’s been 8-9 days of men showing me their penis. It began with a homeless man letting me see him pee. And then when I was in the library, one of the hackers sitting in front of me, began playing with himself. And then Saturday, I was on the bus and a man tried to hit me electronically with his phone.  He looked at his phone as if to figure out why he couldn’t hit me. Then he got angry.  He retaliated by playing with his “privates” . Of  course, that made him feel better.  He felt like a real man. I said to him ( I did try to keep my mouth shut), “Oh, you can’t hit me so you have to touch yourself to show me you’re a man”‘ That really, really made him angry.  He clenched his fist and looked at me. He looked as if he wanted to hit me in the face. He called me a few names I won’t repeat here. He looked as if he has anger issues. I left the back of the bus and went up front near the bus driver. Of course, I’m no safer near the bus driver, but at least I get can  off the bus quickly.  And then walking home, a man came toward me. As he came closer and closer, he put his hand to his penis and came toward me playing with himself.  And then I got to the complex where I live, near the park, and a man passed by me holding his penis.

I must tell you, I’m sick of all the perverts.  How low can any man get? I don’t think they can get any lower.  I’m sure this is going to keep happening. It’s been happening to me now for about 2 years. It began in Wal-Mart with 3 men and I wrote about the incident. And now it’s become a thing all the perverts do when they have nothing better to get me with. When they can’t hit me electronically with their phones, or do something that I don’t let annoy me, they turn to touching themselves.  I guess they’re not getting any action at home and feel the need to let me know they’re not.

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Gsang Stalking – Perps are the most disgusting people on earth!!

I’ve told you about the perverts who like to do disgusting things to me, or show me.

I walked toward the traffic light. I saw ahead of me a man and a boy of about 3-4 years olds. When I got closer, I saw the little boy trying to hold on to a plastic bottle of water.  His father(?) was talking to him and telling him something. The little boy turned the bottle toward me. The bottle was arrowhead  water.  It seemed as if the little boy had a problem with the weight of the bottle. I said to the boy, “It’s okay. That’s the water I drink. I think your father wants me to see the name of the brand of water I drink. It’s okay you can put down if it’s too heavy. I’ve seen it.”

The light turned green and they got way ahead of me. I had to carry that rolling suitcase everywhere with me and it holds me back. So they both stopped by the bus, behind where none of the bus passengers could see them. As I passed the bus shelter, I saw the man again with the little boy. The man was facing the little boy and talking to him in a very low voice. It took me a second to realize that the little boy was trying to unzip his pants. The little boy looked up at me still slowly unzipping his pants. The little boy did not want to unzip his pants and show me his penis. His father was telling him to do it. I saw red. What a disgusting piece of shit this man is I thought. He’s trying to get his son to unzip his pants and to have him show me his penis. I stopped and I said to the man, “He’s a nice little boy. Why don’t you stop corrupting his mind!”  The little boy never unzipped his pants all the way. He knew not to do it. The man told me to “shut up”.

I walked away quickly because for the first time in my life I wanted my fist to meet the man’s face.

How sick can a father be? How can he do this to a little innocent boy? Who knows, maybe he’s molesting his own son? It made me really angry that this little boy has to be terrorized like this by his father. If I can call a man like this a father?!!

I thought about the little boy all day. I feel as if I didn’t help him at all. I failed that little boy yesterday and it haunts me. Maybe I should’ve called the cops, but I don’t carry a phone around. And the father would’ve denied he was telling his son to do such an awful thing.

If I ever see this man again with the little boy, you might get a blog from me from a jail cell. Next time, I won’t hesitate to do something to help this little boy.

It makes me sick that this little boy has to live with such a scumbag of a father.

The perps are really sick individuals. They’ll do anything to their sons and daughters to make a buck. The bastards all belong in a prison cell.

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Gang Stalking – America – a nation of moochers?

This blog has nothing to do with gang stalking – just a warning.

This is a scene I saw while waiting at the bus stop.

I sat on the bench next to a  black woman. A white man walked toward the bus stop. He stopped in front of the black woman and ignored me. The man carried a manila envelope with him. He opened it and showed the woman something. After showing her whatever it was, he said to her,” I have a doctor’s appointment in half an hour. I have to prove to the doctor that there’s something wrong with my right foot and I can’t walk. Can you do me a favor and watch me walk and tell me if it looks natural.” The man said something about getting on Social Security. There was nothing wrong with the man’s walk.

The woman nodded “yes”.

He walked away from her with his right foot turned toward the right.

The woman said, “No, it doesn’t look natural. It looks fake. You have to turn the right foot in such a way that it looks natural.”

The man again walked away from her and practiced his walking.

He said, “How does this look?”

The woman answered, “Much better. You’re getting the hang of it.”

The man practiced walking back and forth with his right foot turned in such a way that he looked flawed. I also watched. He looked like a cripple.

Finally, the black woman said, “Hey, you got it. Right on.”  The man smiled.

The bus pulled up and we all got on. The man practiced his cripple walk on the bus.

I sat on the bus a little ashamed of what America has become. America has become a nation of moochers. No one wants to work. They all want to stay home and live off someone else.

And I thought to myself  –  It’s too bad I don’t know that doctor’s name. I’d call him up and tell him what’s up.

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Gang Stalking – Sticking out my tongue on the bus.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me on the bus.

I was on the bus and my stop was coming up, so I  walked up to the front to be closer to my stop.  The bus was full and when I got to the front I had to face an Asian man. From the moment I got up to the front, the man watched me. After a while, I got annoyed,  and I gave him mean looks. He kept on looking.  I finally scrunched up my face in a way that said “What the ‘F’ are you looking at?” He kept on looking. Finally, he took his tongue and moved it around his mouth in the way a kid sticks his tongue out at another kid. I took out my tongue and stuck it out the same way.  He began to laugh. He found it funny. So the two of us stood in the bus sticking our tongues out at each other. A smile crossed his face, and we both begun to laugh.  A man standing next to me also began to laugh because he’d been watching both of us acting like kids.  All three  of  were laughing like 3-year-olds. The people on the bus  could not figure out what was happening on the bus and got very curious and stopped talking.  My bus came, I got off the bus with a smile on my face. And I left the two men on the bus still laughing.  One of the funniest days I’ve had on the bus.

It was good to laugh for a change.

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Gang Stalking – Be careful when using public transit.


logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, I just want to do…well, I better not continue.

I got on the bus as usual, paid my fare and sat in the back of the bus.  I didn’t move from the spot once.  I got off the bus and headed for another bus.  I’d put my I.D. and bus pass into the deep pockets of my jeans. But my I.D. was missing again. This is the second time in less than two weeks that I’ve had my bus I.D. stolen.  I don’t know how they do it. My jeans’ pockets are very deep. And every time I lose my I.D., I have to pay the bus company $5.00 to replace it. It’s always some stupid thing with the perps. I swear I’ve never seen a bunch of men act like such babies.  I’m sure one of the babies took my I.D. There was a man sitting near me and he kept looking my way. I turned away and made sure I didn’t get to look at this face again. It’s like some sort of magnet’s used to draw out the I.D. I didn’t feel anything and I know that I put my I.D. in my pocket. I always double-check to make sure I have both my bus pass and my I.D. in the same pocket, so I don’t have a problem searching for it when the bus arrives. So in three months, I’ve had my I.D. stolen three times! And each time the same thing’s happened. It disappears from my pocket. It just makes me angry that I have to keep spending money to replace my I.D., plus I have to pay to get on the bus and pay full fare.

I hope the jerk who stole my I.D. loses his. Idiot!

Just a short rant today.

I don’t know if I’ll be typing my blog Saturday and Sunday. I don’t think I can take a whole week of the perps hacking my computer,  and acting like 2-year-olds.


Gang Stalking -And life continues as if nothing’s changed, but it has.

Lighter, photo taken in Japan. This kind of Li...

Lighter, photo taken in Japan. This kind of Lighter is cheap priced and sometimes distributed free in sales promotion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the bus

On the bus (Photo credit: joshua_putnam)

Darth Gimp Cordless Phone

Darth Gimp Cordless Phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I was on the bus and the perps began using their phones to hit me as soon as I got on.  A man sat next to me using his phone. He must think I don’t know what they use their phone for.  Anyway, I let him go on hitting me for a while. I don’t feel the electricity from the phone, because I’ve learned how to protect myself, but it still annoys me that these perps are trying to harm me.  I said to myself  “okay, Ive had enough of your garbage”.  I took out my little gadget and began doing to him what he was doing to me.  The man was sitting with his legs crossed and I had a very good shot at his you know what.  I took aim and hit him over and over.  He’d had enough.  He screamed at me to stop what I was doing because I was hurting him.   I stopped. I know that’s a very sensitive area for men, but what gets me is that he can hurt me and it doesn’t matter, but don’t dare hurt him!  I said to him, “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it, can you?”  He didn’t look at me. He put away his phone and took out a cigarette lighter, kept twirling it around. Then he’d take out phone and aim the phone at the cigarette lighter, but not press the button. I think he was trying to make the cigarette lighter fire up and he was going to throw it at me.  He kept twirling his lighter, and I took the bag I was carrying and had it ready to protect myself if he did something crazy. I kept my eyes on him all the time I was on the bus.  He came to his stop and avoided looking at me. I think I hurt his manhood.  He had to beg  a woman to stop to  protect his jewels. In my former life as a normal human being, I never would have thought of doing something like this, but times change. And I’ve changed. It’s like second nature for me now. It’s all about protecting myself, that comes first, and damn someone who tries to harm me. They soon find out I’m no pushover. I’ve become a lot tougher than I used to be. I had to change.  My life changed, I had to change.  There’s no ands, buts, ifs about it.  And life continues as if nothing’s changed, but it has.

I’m back at the Flamingo library.  I don’t see any remodeling changes at all.  Maybe they changed how the computers work, but the perps are still hacking me, so they didn’t change that.

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Gang stalking – Street Theater, and lots of it!

English: Suitcase made with cloth material.

English: Suitcase made with cloth material. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry, I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments. It took me 5 days to move. I moved by suitcase. I put some things in my suitcase, took them to my new apartment and went back and forth for five days doing this. I didn’t have enough things to hire someone to move me, so I used my suitcase. I thought I had nothing to move, but once I started to move things, things added up. I can tell you, after 5 days of doing this, I’m pooped.

Anyway, if you want to know how bad it is out there for us targets, try renting a new apartment or moving. What an experience! It was worse than the last time I moved.

I experienced a lot of car, suitcase and pail theater. Everywhere I went perps surrounded me. I could go nowhere without a group of them showing up. They showed up imitating me lugging a suitcase, carrying pails, and white cars showing up at every light. They were everywhere like roaches looking for food and I was the food. The busses were full of idiots carrying suitcases. And the car theater. White cars would show up and surround me. And if it wasn’t white, it was red. And the car imitators would always show up when I got to the street corner. And those who lugged suitcases would imitate me having trouble dragging the heavy suitcase around. They would actually stop in the middle of the sidewalk and do tricks with their suitcases. They looked so stupid!

Since I’ve moved into my new apartment, someone has broken into it every day. They’ve left my door open two times. One day I came home and found all my lights on. Another day, all my cabinet doors were open. At nighttime, my apartment is an icebox. They turn blowers on from other apartments and make the place an icebox. And the binding that goes around the front door that keeps out the cold been removed. There was a big hole under my kitchen sink, which I had them repair. As I walk around the carpeted apartment, I can feel wires under the carpet. This lets them know where I am at any moment. It’s a bad job they did of hiding the wires. And, of course, the sinks have no stoppers. They never put in stoppers. It’s to encourage roaches and other vermin to enter the apartment. When I left my last apartment, the roaches had the run of the place. I kind of gave up on trying to keep them out. I just them run wild. And, of course, the air conditioner never works. Every time I turn on the heater, it gives out hot air for about a minute and then turns cold. So, nothing’s changed. It’s the same s–t all over again. Only thing is, I no longer have to look at those faces I couldn’t stand to look at. I’m making it a point not to look at any of them. I turn my face every time I see one of them coming toward me. And they’ve began imitating me doing the face turn. Good! I don’t have to look at their stupid faces!

And the people above me, stomp their feet at night and try to hit me with electricity. The first night, they stomped around like crazy. The next night, I got out my little gadget and, boy, did they stop stomping around. Their stomping around let me know where they were and I’d aim for them. I can imagine the man above me getting hit in a certain spot. Did I laugh! They think twice about stomping around now.

There a few good things about this new apartment, but I’m not going to mention them. If I did, they’d make sure that the complex got rid of them.

So, sorry for not responding to your comments sooner. It’s good to be writing my blog again. And thanks for continuing to read my blog and making comments even when I don’t respond. Love you all. Take care of yourselves.

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Gang Stalking – I do unto others as they do unto me.

Fun with an Argon-ion and a He-Ne laser. Most ...

Fun with an Argon-ion and a He-Ne laser. Most of these photos are from around 2000-2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lasers (Photo credit: dmuth)

I have no water tonight. Every day it’s something else. Every week, they turn off my water almost all day, and then usually turn it on at 5 p.m. Today the water was on long enough for me to take a shower and then it went off.  But it didn’t go back on at  5 p.m.  So  I can’t use the toilet. No water, no toilet. This is always happening. I bet I’m the only one whose water is off. I bet everyone else’s water is on, unless they’re a target.

And my gang stalking has gotten worse. It used to be that I’d have groups of people follow me, but separately.  Now, they’re no longer alone.  I get groups of  5 – 10 people at a time now.  They surround me from every direction in such a way that it’s almost impossible for me to get out of their circle.  But as I’ve told you, I’m good at escaping.  I usually find an out and escape.  You should see their faces. Most of the time, they stand around not knowing what to do. But it’s getting sickening to have all the perps constantly around. Don’t they people have anything better to do with their lives?  What a bunch of losers!  That’s why they do the work they do.  They don’t know how to do anything else.

It looks like I have new neighbors in apartment 204.  The FBI wannabes are no longer. Well, that’s not exactly true.  The woman is still here, but the man who came with her is no longer around anymore. He wasn’t that bad.  But she’s a bitch.  Now, it seems, her mother’s moved in with her and also her brother.   I think it’s her brother.   I often see the brother watching t.v.  I look from my window and  can see the big television set.   I can see from my window that they’re watching targets. One time, as I I watched from my window, I caught the brother watching  targets on the street (that’s how big the t.v. is).  He didn’t see me, but when he did, he quickly got up and closed the blinds.  The brother was watching targets and  hitting them.

If you have a t.v., you can do the same thing.  You need VCR, or whatever it’s called now, put in a tape and record what’s going on. When you’re recording, you can use a laser to hit the perps.  You  watch the perps through the t.v., take  laser and aim.  You can then watch the perps  jump when you hit them.  And they’ll have no idea it’s coming from your home.

You can buy very inexpensive lasers at almost any store.  If you have a 99 cent store near you, you can buy a laser for 99 cents.  You can also use the laser to protect yourself when you’re out.  You have to be sneaky about it, just as they are. After the perps get hit a few times, they’ll think twice about hitting you back.  I do it when I’m on the bus all the time.  They hit me, I hit them right back.  The best spot I’ve found is their feet.  I aim at their foot and see them move their foot quickly out of the way.  I  believe in doing unto others as they do unto to me.  If someone’s nice, I’m nice.  If they’re nasty, I’m nasty.  It might not work for you, but it works for me.

I hope the tip above helps you in some way.  It’s really works. Try it.

That’s it for tonight.  Sleep tight.

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Gang Stalking – “This is so stupid!!!”


stupids.info (Photo credit: Viajar24h.com)

English: Flag of Mesa, Arizona

English: Flag of Mesa, Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. P...

English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. Português: Imagems vectorial da placa de Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


DSC01078 (Photo credit: Gangles87)

Oh, God, will this horror ever end?

I have slightly elevated blood pressure (who wouldn’t with all the stress we have to put up with) and I go to CVS to get the medication. I once had a problem at the store with a customer who hit me with his phone. I wrote about it in another blog.  Anyway, the pharmacist was definitely on the customer’s size.  Ever since then, there’s been a change in the store security.  A camera is now installed behind where the pharmacist stands, two glass dividers were put in so I can’t touch her, and a security camera is now in the entrance when I walk in.

I recently told the woman off, because she’s a perp.  And I know she’s the one who probably made up a story about me being violent. I can just imagine what story she invented.  They always embellish what’s happened to make us seem violent.

Now, I’ve noticed that every time I go into CVS, she never serves me until a manager is nearby.  That happened yesterday, she kept doing everything except helping me.  And then I saw the manager move supply around  in front of her.  The pharmacy woman immediately went into her sweet persona.   So I went over to the manager, stood in front of him and put the right side of my face to the side, put my right hand to my face, and in the sweetest voice, dripping with sarcasm, said, “Oh, do you have to be here before she helps me?” He laughed.  And I continued, “Oh, she’s such a phony!”

I can just imagine what lies this woman told about me.  I’ve been going to CVS for a few years now, and have never been violent, nor even come close.  The perps like to make up stories about us so they can look good when they attend their weekly meeting with the other perps.  The more violent the story they tell, the more attention they get.   There are a lot of Americans who perp us, but there are also a lot of aliens.  This woman is from Hungry.  It must make her feel good that she belongs to a group the government considers so important.

I would not return to CVS, but as with everything in a target’s life, the same thing will happen no matter what drug store I use.

There’s just no winning.  We’re outnumbered.  How can we beat a corrupt government with millions to spend on targeting us?

I remember when I left Las Vegas, I went to live in Mesa, Arizona.  The first day I was in Mesa, I was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus.  Two men came near the bus stop, one man said, “There she is.  Just do what we told you to do.”  The second man left and the man sat next to me.  I got up, crossed the street to the bus stop on the other side.  I sat watching the man.  I heard the man say, “This is so stupid!”  He had his hand on his hip and looked very puzzled.  He again said, “This is so stupid?  I’m not going to go after somebody and do what they told do me to do.”   He just sat, looking back and forth with a very annoyed expression.  He would lift his hands up and put them down,  repeat, “This is so stupid?”  He kept repeating the same thing over and over. He never bothered me and never looked at me.  He seemed to be in a state of shock.  My bus came, I got on the bus and heard the man said, “This is so stupid. I’m not going to chase anyone around and hurt them. This is so stupid!”

I’ve never forgotten this man. I can see his face every time I run into a perp.  Why are they all so stupid?  Why can’t they think for themselves as this man did?

I thought of this man as I stood in the CVS store waiting for the CVS pharmacist to get my prescription order ready.

Why is this woman so stupid?  Why can’t she think for herself? Why can’t any of the perps?

And to the decent man, I say, “Thank you.”

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The old man

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. R...

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Red chalk. 33 × 21 cm. Turin, Royal Library (inv.no. 15571). NOTE This image is in red chalk. Do not revert to the black and white image. Deutsch: Kopf eines bärtigen Mannes, sog. Selbstbildnis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got on the bus and sat three seats away from an old man.  I looked over at him and he looked very lonely.  He looked as if he didn’t take care of himself.  He hadn’t shaved in a while and his hair looked dirty.  He wore clothes that didn’t match and hadn’t seen a washing machine in a long time. He wore a red and green shirt with white shorts, and long white socks with ankle length black socks, and black work shoes.

I just kept looking at him. I wondered about his life, and then it came to me. I hadn’t drawn anybody in a while, but looking at him, made me want to draw. I went into my handbag and found a white sheet of paper.

I quickly began drawing his face, hat, messy hair, mismatch clothes. I was drawing his huge bulk, but someone sat down next to him and prevented me from drawing the man.

I put my paper aside.

And then the man got up. He stood right in front of me, surrounded by people waiting to get off. I quickly began drawing him again. I looked at the drawing, liked it and made a few corrections. I liked the drawing so much I decided to take it home and hang it in my apartment.

I kept looking at the man. I had a feeling no one ever paid attention to him.

Just before the bus came to a full stop, I handed the man the drawing. He looked at it and did a double-take. A drawing of him? He got off the bus and stopped to look at the drawing. He smiled, began walking and kept looking at the drawing.

When I handed him the drawing, he did not see me. He just saw my hand. He does not know who handed him the drawing.

I sat on the bus and suddenly realized it was also my stop. I got off and watched the old man as he walked away still looking at the drawing.

It made me feel good to know that the old man realized that someone thought he was interesting enough to
draw him.

I walked away with a smile on my face.