Gang Stalking- If we targets want freedom, we’re going to have to fight for it!

What’s being done to us targets is horrific. No human being should have to live the way we do.

I’ve suggested that we targets go to Washington and March in front of the White House – no takers. Targets couldn’t afford to go or weren’t interested in marching.

I began to write a blog to let the world know  what is happening to citizens in the U.S., I’ve barely made a ripple. The only ones who read my blog are other targets, non-targets could care less. The non-targets think it’s never going to happen to them. Well, we’ll see. When non-targets become targets, I’m going to ignore them just as they ignored me.

I’ve written letters to government officials and haven’t gotten any replies back. What are these  people doing with their time? Certainly not passing legislation. No laws are being enacted in Washington. It seems the legislators are always going on vacation. You know, they need a break all that hard work they’re not doing.

Whenever I get a chance to speak with someone, I mention what’s happening to me and other targets, people just yawn. And, of course, give me the crazy look. Oh, she’s crazy!

I’ve   written flyers and passed them out, got  no responses.

I stood on street corners holding a sign telling people about gang stalking. I got nasty stares and was told I’m crazy.  Very few people were sympathetic.

I wore t-shirts letting people know what’s happening to me and other citizens. No one ever made comments,  except, of course, to give me dirty looks, and call me a bitch.

I’ve run out  of  ideas as to what to do. None of the ideas I’ve used were any good. But I’m sick of living the way I’m living. There’s got to be a way we targets can get together to stop what’s happening to us. I’ve always believed where there’s a will, there’s a way. We targets have to get together to stop what’s happening to us. We can’t sit around and hope someone comes along to help, because it’s not going to happen. We  targets have to do it!

So I’m asking for ideas.  Do any of you targets have any ideas on how we can stop what’s happening to us?  Please think about it and let me know  of  any ideas you have.

What’s happening to us targets has to stop!  We ‘re  human beings and should be living like human beings not animals.

So, targets, put on your thinking caps and send me your ideas. If we want freedom, we’re going to have to fight for it! Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- If we targets want freedom, we’re going to have to fight for it!

  1. Hi Neverending,

    I don’t know if you’ve been receiving my replies to your blog entries but if you want to contact an honest Talkshoe radio host, Renata Murry would be glad to share her activism ideas with you.

    You can contact her at and she also has an interesting and informative blog at:

    By the way, ,do you have a Facebook page for other TIs?

    As far as trying to reach out to politicians and the rest of the corrupt system-Its been infiltrated from the local to federal levels.
    These are people fully aware of the danger of chemtrails, Flouride in water, deadly vaccines, radiation from Fukushima, targeting, the yearly total of tens of thousands of KIDS WHO ARE KIDNAPPED THAT GO UNREPORTED by the mainstream media just as SRA and targeting and job mobbing go unreported by both the mainstream and most of the alternative media;Whore government ass slave sellout traitors from Alex Jones to Vinnie Eastwood, Amy Goodman, Bill Maher, they’re all controlled opposition and not ONE of them has covered gang stalking.

    That POS, Pete Santelli DID have a show on gang stalking and has “expert” guest was an inarticulate, babbling moron.
    The girl I mentioned, Renata would have made an IDEAL guest on his show.

    Coast To Coast had two well known “whistelblowers” on covering the energy weapons and SOME basic targeting but they did not get to the meat and potatoes of gang stalking.

    Aside from the experimentation (but why when they already have the human mind and body figured out?!)-
    Aside from the financial gain and the sadistic pleasure, the power trip, why is gang stalking never going away?

    Just look at the school bullying epidemic-Created of course-Its gang stalking plain and simple.
    Dividing and conquering by making people suspect, distrust;Spy on each other is just a relatively small part of how this world is being poisoned by a handful of psychopaths and their armies of sociopathic asshole followers who are ruining the world for everyone including themselves.

    Scott D. Snitzer in Buffalo, New York

    • I don’t have a gang stalking site, but I’m in different groups with people who are victims. Some of them aren’t, of course, they just get on to make fun of us targets. No I haven’t received blog entries from you lately. I think they deleted them. A lot of times I’ll get on and see that there are 6 or 7 comments and by the time I hit comments, there’s only 1 message left.

      • Neverending,

        Just to make sure you got Renata’s website:

        If its any consolation you probably have over 1000 readers to your blog.
        Not everyone subscribes.

        Have you sent flyers to the pieces of s–t perping you at your apartment complex?

        Can you imagine the amount of planning and work that has gone into keeping targeted individuals separated and suspicious of each other?

        All of the misleading websites, You Tube and other videos and blogs that are controlled opposition?

        Because this is illegal from the local to international levels.

        Because the criminals who created this program and enforce it like any other POS criminal would never admit their guilt.

        There are those fortunate TIs who have found other TIs in their area and/or network with TIs out of state and internationally.

        But these motherf—-rs would pull out all stops to prevent a serious TI gathering and local and national news networks would not go NEAR a serious TI gathering-That’s MY take at least.

        What matters is that people with guts like yourself who are trying to get the truth out in a society which seems to thrive on lies, suffering, anger and paranoia.

        Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Greg Camanche story still looms with federation resistance, Jeff Polleck it appears that sites try to ultimately disscourage group to unite as one group a specific natiomal site make a corporation out of it grant funding, donations mandatory target participation excetera 4500 targets can make a difference

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