Gamg Stalking – Crocodile tears for perpetrators.

You think as a target you have it bad, bad, bad?  In some ways you’re better off than some of the perpetrators.  But the life of some of the perp is no bed of roses. They, too, have to do things they don’t like once they become  perps.

You see, once a perp signs on to become a harasser of a target, his life will change. The ones whose life will change  the most are what I call apartment/house perps.

This type of perp is the one who harasses you in your home. His job is to watch you 24/7 and not ever let you out of his sight.  He’s the one who is responsible for spraying you with chemicals at night, loud noise in your home, stomping his feet, and any other things he can do to make your life as miserable as possible.

This type perp has to be home any time we’re home.  He can’t leave his home unless the target leaves his home. And he has to back before target gets home.

When the perp is at home, he cannot cook. He cannot use the bathroom, nor flush if he does. He probably uses a potty to do his business. This perp has to stay awake at night so he can harass you all night, keep you from having a good sleep, spray chemicals at you, etc. The perp cannot watch t.v., listen to the radio, unless he uses the radio and t.v. to harass target with loud sounds to annoy target.

He cannot leave the apartment without permission. He has to have someone watch the target.  Usually, it’s a couple who will be perps, so that way there will always be someone around to cover the one who has to do something.

Perps do not get holidays off. Ever! There’s no such thing as a holiday for an apartment/house perp.

His life is watching the target 24/7. No time off for anything.

So while the life of target is bad, we have a certain freedom  apartment/house perps don’t.  At least we can go out when we want, cook, flush toilet, listen to radio, watch t.v. The perp does not this luxury.

And do  I feel sorry for the perpetrators? No. Not at all. They chose this life. They’re getting what they deserve.

And if these perps accomplish their goal of driving a target insane,  get them to commit a crime, or become a terrorist, or kill someone, they probably get a very good reward in return.

They get absolutely no sympathy from, maybe crocodile tears, that’s it

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13 thoughts on “Gamg Stalking – Crocodile tears for perpetrators.

  1. NE !!! have moved its happening agaIN! gangstalking on foot parked out side with three muslims in a ! they started shouting shit at me an woundt leave i ignorged them but has i was going in i bumped into a gate duhhh. So yeh i am ready am not ever leaving soo .the only man who knows were i am is removal man even on first day i didnt move in yet one of the neighbours was on his phone saying am crazy girl crazy !

    • Hav just gone to a funfair tho 🙂 that was crazy but fun i had to come back to this i say i am not moving so get fcked no tears from me not even a drop

    • You’re gong to hear that a lot, especially when you move into a new place. Start off right by ignoring everything they do. If you ignore the idiots long enough, they get tired of getting no feedback. Good luck in your new place. And if they start getting to you, get a notebook and write down everything you feel. It’ll let all the anger out you can’t express to the idiots.

      • Thanks ne.i have a notepad and other things .nothing cud be worse than were i was! .hows it going for you have been reading ya posts has it calmed down abit from last time i spoke to you

  2. The lives of cockroaches aren’t so great either, but when they stalk me at night in my kitchen, I kill them without mercy and the problem is solved. The same should happen to people who choose to be gang stalkers.The front door to my house enters my kitchen. Come in and get me gang stalker. Bang bang,you’re dead.

    • It’s good to be prepared for anything. Use Borax, the roaches hate the stuff. Don’t put too much out, they’ll just step over it. Just use enough so they have to walk into the stuff.

  3. Local perps work in shifts.  They are paid – in new car leases, in rent/utilities and living expenses. drugs and money.    Their life doesn’t seem that hard.  For instance, the four Indian perps who live adjacent to me do not work – they split their part of around-the-clock attacks between themselves which amounts to little more than 2-4 hours per day. They drive a high-end Lexus SUV and are constantly bringing home very nice items for their apartment.  The prime perp who lives below me shares (and trains) her workload of weaponized ground-penetrating radar and gas attacks with a supposed ‘daughter’ and many transient perps, who come and go from her apartment day and night.  At least 8 apartments are immediately involved in, and share, perping duties.   Perps who serve for more than 4 months are allowed weekends off and also weeks off for ‘vacations’.  ALL of them drive new cars, and have been observed to trade-up as they become more experienced at domestic terrorism.   If there is hardship, it lies only in enforced silence (although the controllers and observers seem to have cable-TV and video games) and inadvertant exposure to microwave and infra-sound radiation and gases that leak into surrounding apartments from their in-wall (drop tubing powered by large aquarium pumps) gas distribution systems.   These are sadistic felons practicing slow murder by proxy torture.  I have zero sympathy for them.  

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