Gang Stalking – Political signs can get you “in hot water”.

Every day I do something  and then go out and watch how many perps are doing it. Just before I came into the library, I decided to do an exercise. I put my two hands against the wall and pushed my arms back and forth against the wall.   Jeez, by the time I got to the library, they were already doing the exercise. I love getting the perps to do what I want. Hilarious! Plus, it lets me know if there’s a camera in that spot where I do the exercise. So I have to go home and fix my light again, really cover it well this time.

I want to remind you to be careful with people who hold political signs. A few times, I’ve stopped to talk to some of them. I realize now that it’s a set-up. Those signs are used to  set us up. These people might even be wired-tapped.  Anything you say is probably recorded. Now, in the same spot of Maryland Parkway and Flamingo, a black Panther is holding a political sign. Why don’t these sign holders go to the  Las Vegas Strip and hold the signs there? They’d  get a lot more attention.  Why is it always my neighborhood?  The way the black panther ‘s dressed gives him away. I looked at some pictures of black panthers and they don’t dress anything like this guy. He looks more like an actor dressed up for an acting gig. So I doubt the man is a real Black Panther. He’s probably been hired from  an agency, or is a FBI informant, maybe a FBI man.  He’s definitely a set-up. The real black panthers were a tough bunch. The guy standing on the street corner looks like an actor dressed as a Black Panther.

You really can’t tell who is behind these signs.  Usually, if it’s a group, it’ll have the name of the organization.  None of the signs I’ve seen have the name of the group or organization.  I’m sure since I mentioned this, I’ll be seeing  signs with some made-up organization. So it’s better to keep your mouth shut and say nothing. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

The people who run the perp program know I’m a political junkie.  They know I always vote (by the way, if we were criminals, we wouldn’t be allowed to vote. It  proves that we’re not criminals.). They know that I’ve stood on street corners getting people to sign petitions for causes I believe in.

Be careful around your friends, watch what you say, because you don’t ever really know someone. If you have doubts about anything , keep your mouth shut!! !

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Political signs can get you “in hot water”.

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  2. Thank you for the advice. I too am a victim of targeted harassment. I have no idea why I have been selected. Your blog has been an informative source of useful advice for me and I will continue following your updates as they are posted. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to share any information.

    Thank you,

    William Bahl
    36895 Marriot Dr
    Sterling, Alaska 99672

    • None of us really know why we’ve been selected, but if it’s based on what the Nazis did, then we’ve been selected because we tend to go our own way and do our own thing without worrying about what someone else thinks. And basically, government doesn’t like that. They want groupthink kind of people. People who go along with whatevers told to them. They never question anything.

      • I agree. Their assault on me continues daily. I too find the this form of harassment and constant violation totally unacceptable, however, I have no way of making them stop. Again, I appreciate your blog updates and any suggestions you may have with how to deal with these people, whomever they may be.

        • Well, it’s definitely the government. Who else could bring together such groups as schools, colleges, corporate, libraries, etc. The government! I’ve written over 1000 blogs, so read through my blog and there’s a lot of information I’ve included.

      • Groupthink and also hivemind i call it means same thing .no body thinks for themselves no one questions they life or the world .whimps i was in a course last year the lady teaching was getting all exicted saying hive mind (we was working in a group) i knew what it ment so i just thought what a load of rubbish .

          • She was part of the hive .but they was plenty of hives in the room to do that ….( the students in the classroom) jerks they were all males to .all being hivey one even followed me on break listening to my convo’ laughiing taking pics of my backside saying things like babe station which is a porno channel by the way i only found out wen they talking on phone about it i didnt know my jeans were that loose well they was not that loose falling off me but maybe you cud see something no one told me NOTHING because of all the stress of being a target of course i lossed weight they know who i am that place is being used for gangstalking it was fine at first now its not and its next to a soup homeless thing perps they to .but i did stay the whole day and didnt leave you got a goody bag an free lunch am staying lol.

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