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      • Yes, I thought it was especially interesting that he shares my opinion that they do all that to those those kids to traumatise them into being depressed and disturbed so that they can give them drugs later to mess them up further. I also found it interesting that all those school shootings and the Batman one were done by kids that were on or coming off of those nasty drugs. And 3 and 4 year olds being diagnosed with bi-polar! Oh my! What kind of people can do that? I suppose the same ones who mess up our lives would have no qualms about hurting all those little kids.

        • It’s disgusting what’s happening to kids today. They act normal, like running around, tagging each other, play make-believe with guns, and right away, they’re put on antidepressants, or have the police called on them. I’m glad I’m not growing up today. We sure we grew up free. Now kids are treated like criminals for any little thing they do.

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